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ABBEE0CAEI1IQ72.YAKA0CAEI1I.Q72,ABE,200,2000 My Dear, I'm a man of very simple interests.
ABBEE0CAEI1IQ74.YAKA0CAEI1I.Q74,ABE,200,2000 Don't I wish, pretty child. Don't I wish!
ABBEE0CAEI1IQ76.YAKA0CAEI1I.Q76,ABE,200,2000 Ah! Yes! There *are* things afoot, Madmoiselle.
ABBEE0CAEI1IQ78.YAKA0CAEI1I.Q78,ABE,200,2000 There are always diggers. But those who desire true illumination must look deeper than the soil.
ABBEE0CAEI1IQ7A.YAKA0CAEI1I.Q7A,ABE,200,2000 My Dear, I will tell you anything you like. But perhaps we would be more comfortable in my little house. Come.
ABBEE0CF6L18EX1.YAKA0CF6L18.EX1,ABE Allô! C'est Arnaud à l'appareil. Il faut que je parle au Grand Maître. Mais bien sûr que c'est urgent!
ABBEE0CF6L18EX2.YAKA0CF6L18.EX2,ABE Allo? Je regrette de vous déranger, Monsieur, mais je viens d'avoir la visite plutôt pénible de deux hommes du Prince James!
ABBEE0CF6L18EX3.YAKA0CF6L18.EX3,ABE Ils prétendent qu'on a enlevé le fils du Prince James! Ils disent avoir suivi les kidnappeurs à la trace jusqu'à la gare de Couiza. Et ils semblent convaincus que nous y sommes pour quelque chose.
ABBEE0CF6L18EX4.YAKA0CF6L18.EX4,ABE C'est bien ce que je leur ai dit! Mais je . . . je voulais vous l'entendre dire vous-même. Mais alors, qui a . . . ?
ABBEE0CF6L18EX5.YAKA0CF6L18.EX5,ABE Mais c'est nous qu'ils accusent. Ils menacent de boycotter les pourparlers tant que le bambin ne leur aura pas été retourné.
ABBEE0CF6L18EX6.YAKA0CF6L18.EX6,ABE Je n'en sais rien, je vous jure! Ça ne peut être que des ennemis personnels du Prince . . . c'est peut-être les Anglais . . . ?
ABBEE0CF6L18EX7.YAKA0CF6L18.EX7,ABE Oui. Merci. Bien entendu . . . je m'en occupe de mon côté. Au revoir.
ABBEE0CFG51K5I1.YAKA0CFG51K.5I1 Oui? Qui est-ce?
ABBEE0CFG51K5I3.YAKA0CFG51K.5I3 Oui . . . Yes. Who are you?
ABBEE0CFG51K5I7.YAKA0CFG51K.5I7 Who are you?
ABBEE0CFG51K5I9.YAKA0CFG51K.5I9 You are hurting me.
ABBEE0CFG51K5IB.YAKA0CFG51K.5IB I don't know what you . . .
ABBEE0CFG51K5ID.YAKA0CFG51K.5ID I don't know what you are talking about!
ABBEE0CFG51K5IF.YAKA0CFG51K.5IF You don't think *we* had anything to do with it? That's preposterous!
ABBEE0CFG51K5IJ.YAKA0CFG51K.5IJ Well I . . . I have no idea. I swear to you, 'the Order' had nothing to do with it!
ABBEE0CFG51K5IL.YAKA0CFG51K.5IL No! Well . . .! Why would they bring the infant here, then? If they *were* going to do something so . . . so outrageous, I assure you, they would not bring him to Rennes-le-Château. You are mistaken, Sir!
ABBEE0CFG51K5IN.YAKA0CFG51K.5IN But one thing has nothing to do with the other. Surely Prince James has other . . .
ABBEE0DP1A170G2.YAKA0DP1A17.0G2 Interesting, isn't it? All four of the Magdalen statues still exist.
ABBEE0DP1A170G4.YAKA0DP1A17.0G4 It is possible. But Magdalen has not been represented with a skull anywhere *else* in the Languedoc.
ABBEE0DP1A170G5.YAKA0DP1A17.0G5 Besides, Saunière placed that statue so prominently. . . Some believe that everything he did in the church relates to the treasure somehow.
ABBEE0DP1A1G0G2.YAKA0DP1A1G.0G2 Oh, yes! If you stand at the church and look East, the sun rises directly over Château de Blanchefort.
ABBEE0DP1A1G0G4.YAKA0DP1A1G.0G4 Mademoiselle! But of course!
ABBEE0DP1A1G0G6.YAKA0DP1A1G.0G6 But you see, Blanchefort and the church were built on far older ruins. Have you considered that the church site, *too*, may have been positioned deliberately?
ABBEE0DP1A1G0G7.YAKA0DP1A1G.0G7 It would not be the first time the ancients played with light and astronomy. Look at Stonehenge! Or the great pyramids!
ABBEE0DP1A4W412.YAKA0DP1A4W.412 I know there is, my child.
ABBEE0DP6L3W291.YAKA0DP6L3W.291 Miss Nakimura. Good evening.
ABBEE0DP6L3W293.YAKA0DP6L3W.293 Thank you. Please, sit down.
ABBEE0DP6L3W6R1.YAKA0DP6L3W.6R1 Come in, Miss Nakimura.
ABBEE0DPBC20PF2.YAKA0DPBC20.PF2 It's a pleasure to be of service, Mademoiselle.
ABBEE0DPBH1B292.YAKA0DPBH1B.292 Oh, yes! I have the priviledge to know him. He is François, the present Duke of Lorraine. Do you know the family?
ABBEE0DPBH1B294.YAKA0DPBH1B.294 Well, naturally!
ABBEE0DPMD44292.YAKA0DPMD44.292 Yes, but I'm afraid I never lend books to anyone. With such a transient population, they never return.
ABBEE0PB1A39412.YAKA0PB1A39.412 Not much. It is an old estate that has been rebuilt. The current owner is a Monsieur Montreaux.
ABBEE0PB1A3N6E2.YAKA0PB1A3N.6E2 No, unfortunately. Wonderful wine, Château de Serres, but very expensive, yes? It is not often within my budget to pay a visit.
ABBEE0Z61A07LO2.YAKA0Z61A07.LO2 Hmmm . . . Yes. It *is* an interesting piece. Or so I've heard. Lovely day, isn't it?
ABBEE185757NYO2.YAKA185757N.YO2 Not at the moment, but I have some on order. If Monsieur would check back tomorrow?
ABBEE18C1A34PF2.YAKA18C1A34.PF2 Good afternoon, Mr. Knight.
ABBEE18C1A34PF4.YAKA18C1A34.PF4 People call me the abbé, yes. The name's Arnaud. Abbé Arnaud.
ABBEE18C1A554F2.YAKA18C1A55.4F2 I know the basic history. There are a few Templars buried in the cemetery, you know.
ABBEE18C1A554F3.YAKA18C1A55.4F3 But . . . uh . . . yes. I think I'll refer you to a young scholar staying in the house near Château de Blanchefort. His name is Larry Chester. He says he's working on a Templar book.
ABBEE18C1A554F5.YAKA18C1A55.4F5 And let me know if he's helpful at all. Will you?
ABBEE18C1A5KAT3.YAKA18C1A5K.AT3 Excellent question, Mr. Knight.
ABBEE18C6L3W402.YAKA18C6L3W.402 May I be of service, Monsieur?
ABBEE18C6L3W404.YAKA18C6L3W.404 It means 'By this sign shall you conquer it.'
ABBEE18C6L3W406.YAKA18C6L3W.406 I am aware that there's been a slight modification, yes.
ABBEE18C6L3W408.YAKA18C6L3W.408 Monsieur, the Abbé Saunière designed this statue. What he meant by this, or by any of the decorations in the church, we can only surmise.
ABBEE18C6L3W40A.YAKA18C6L3W.40A Monsieur.
ABBEE18I1A0J472.YAKA18I1A0J.472 Ah, but the Magdalen cult was quite strong in the old days, particularly in this part of the world!
ABBEE18I1A0J474.YAKA18I1A0J.474 The Magdalen journeyed to the South of France after the death of Jesus. She lived here for many years. In fact, you can visit her remains at a church near Marseilles.
ABBEE18I1A0JCR2.YAKA18I1A0J.CR2 I assure you, it is unique. St. Mary Magdalen's is quite ancient, but Abbé Saunière restored it in the 1890's. It is *his* spirit you see around you.
ABBEE18I1A2E472.YAKA18I1A2E.472 It is possible.
ABBEE18I1A2ECR2.YAKA18I1A2E.CR2 The connection is nearly as old as the grail legend itself! What have you read on the subject?
ABBEE18I1A2ECR4.YAKA18I1A2E.CR4 A *vessel* that contains the blood of Christ, yes.
ABBEE18I1A2EL82.YAKA18I1A2E.L82 Besides myself? Hmmm. No one that I can think of. Of course, the treasure seekers who visit the valley are often interested in the grail.
ABBEE18I1A4WCR2.YAKA18I1A4W.CR2 Of course there's a treasure! But it will not be found by just anyone. 'Let those who have ears, hear.'
ABBEE18I1A5KB32.YAKA18I1A5K.B32 A cult of devotion! It's still quite strong in this area, despite the best efforts of the Catholic Church.
ABBEE18I1A5KB33.YAKA18I1A5K.B33 Did you know that most of the famous 'Black Madonna' images were not images of the Virgin Mary at all, but of the Magdalen?
ABBEE18I1A5KB34.YAKA18I1A5K.B34 The Church wanted to downplay the role of Mary Magdalen, so they called her a prostitute and insisted that all the Black Madonnas were really the Virgin Mary.
ABBEE1F11A39292.YAKA1F11A39.292 Miss Nakimura! Good morning.
ABBEE1F11A39294.YAKA1F11A39.294 Fine. I . . . uh . . . I saw two hawks this morning.
ABBEE1F11A39296.YAKA1F11A39.296 No! No of course not.
ABBEE1F11A39298.YAKA1F11A39.298 Yes. Excuse me.
ABBEE1F61A34PF2.YAKA1F61A34.PF2 Oh. Bonjour.
ABBEE1F61A34PF4.YAKA1F61A34.PF4 Of course. I was just . . . eh . . . taking my morning walk. The birdwatching in this area is superb.
ABBEE1F61A34PF6.YAKA1F61A34.PF6 No. I'm Abbé Arnaud, curator of the church. And yourself, Mademoiselle?
ABBEE1F61A34PF8.YAKA1F61A34.PF8 Ah! Quelle chance! I was just thinking that I would like to take a drive but my car is a miserable beast.
ABBEE1F61A34PFA.YAKA1F61A34.PFA Ah! Ms. Buthane. Of course. Yes, I believe she would make room for me.
ABBEE1F61A34PFB.YAKA1F61A34.PFB Thank you for the suggestion, Miss . . .
ABBEE1F61A34PFD.YAKA1F61A34.PFD Yes. Thank you Miss Nakimura. I hope to see you later.
ABBEE1FJ1A316H2.YAKA1FJ1A31.6H2 What could *you* understand about such matters? We have been working for *centuries* to get the bloodline on the throne of France.
ABBEE1FJ1A316H3.YAKA1FJ1A31.6H3 Do you know, we almost succeeded? Marie Antoinette was Desposyni, and she had a son who would have been king.
ABBEE1FJ1A316H4.YAKA1FJ1A31.6H4 But the damned revolution ruined everything!
ABBEE1FJ1A316H6.YAKA1FJ1A31.6H6 In Scotland, perhaps. Not in France! Not over the European Union! The Hapsburg-Lorraines are a *much* more critical line. Besides, we could hardly accept a *Scot* on the throne.
ABBEE1FJ1A356H2.YAKA1FJ1A35.6H2 Yes. But so are the Freemasons.
ABBEE1FJ1A356H3.YAKA1FJ1A35.6H3 Naturally, we have an advantage, being French.
ABBEE1FJ1A356H5.YAKA1FJ1A35.6H5 Far more learned ears than yours have been denied that knowledge.
ABBEE1FJ1A356H7.YAKA1FJ1A35.6H7 Really! Quel toupet!
ABBEE1FJ1A3N6H2.YAKA1FJ1A3N.6H2 Not at all. Why?
ABBEE1FJ1A4W6H2.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H2 Beyond. Measure.
ABBEE1FJ1A4W6H4.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H4 The Templars lived a long time ago . . .
ABBEE1FJ1A4W6H6.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H6 There are certain disadvantages to keeping information in the hands of a chosen few.
ABBEE1FJ1A4W6H7.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H7 When the French Revolution occurred, the abbé here was the guardian. He was forced to flee to Spain. His records were lost for decades.
ABBEE1FJ1A4W6H8.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H8 Then Saunière rediscovered them. He was a greedy bastard. And he was tormented by the Great Secret.
ABBEE1FJ1A4W6H9.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H9 He offered fragments of the documents for exorbitant sums. He fabricated and destroyed evidence and died without revealing what he knew.
ABBEE1FJ1A4W6HB.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6HB There is a season for everything. And the season for the unveiling is coming *very* soon. One way or another, the treasure *will* come to light.
ABBEE1FJ1A4W6HD.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6HD One day soon, you shall know.
ABBEE1FJ1A5OPF2.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF2 Hello, Mr. Knight.
ABBEE1FJ1A5OPF4.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF4 And what is that?
ABBEE1FJ1A5OPF6.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF6 Where did you hear such a thing?
ABBEE1FJ1A5OPF8.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF8 I see. Well. I'm not really surprised, though I would have expected more . . . polish from Prince James' agents.
ABBEE1FJ1A5OPF9.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF9 C'est n'a pas d'importance. You will learn nothing from me. The Priory would never stoop to kidnapping a child.
ABBEE1FJ1A5OPFB.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PFB I have nothing to say to *you* about the Priory, Mr. Knight. But whatever you hear from Prince James, remember, it is *their* side of the story.
ABBEE1FJ6L3WE01.YAKA1FJ6L3W.E01 You have returned.
ABBEE1FJ6L4RGB1.YAKA1FJ6L4R.GB1 Now excuse me, Mr. Knight. Oh -- and I *do* wish you luck in finding the infant.
ABBEE1FJBG22NW2.YAKA1FJBG22.NW2 As you wish.
ABBEE1FK1A3A292.YAKA1FK1A3A.292 Surely, you have heard, Mr. Knight!
ABBEE1FK1A3A294.YAKA1FK1A3A.294 My goodness, Man, we found two men . . . that is to say, the entire tour group stumbled upon . . . Well, two men have been brutally murdered!
ABBEE1FK1A3A296.YAKA1FK1A3A.296 You are not surprised?
ABBEE1FK1A3A298.YAKA1FK1A3A.298 I don't know what you mean.
ABBEE1FK1A3A29A.YAKA1FK1A3A.29A No, never.
ABBEE1FK1A3A29C.YAKA1FK1A3A.29C You toy with me. You *have* heard. I don't appreciate your games, Mr. Knight.
ABBEE1FK1A3A29E.YAKA1FK1A3A.29E Then let us terminate this discussion, eh? It has been a most trying day as it is.
ABBEE1HE4Y4P2Y3.YAKA1HE4Y4P.2Y3 I came over to see if anyone knew . . . . I felt so strange tonight.
ABBEE1HE4Y4P2Y7.YAKA1HE4Y4P.2Y7 That is fabulous news, but who . . .