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GABRIELE014ED3S6J2.YAKA014ED3S.6J2 This is Gabriel Knight calling for Prince James.
GABRIELE014ED3S6J5.YAKA014ED3S.6J5 I know you must be frantic. Let me explain. Last night someone came into the bedroom through the window and took your son. I followed them, but I couldn't catch up.
GABRIELE014ED3S6J6.YAKA014ED3S.6J6 They went to the train station and boarded a train for Toulouse. I believe they got off at a little place called Couiza. I'm still tryin' to track what happened next.
GABRIELE014ED3S6J8.YAKA014ED3S.6J8 Yes! You know it?
GABRIELE014ED3S6JB.YAKA014ED3S.6JB Wait a minute! What makes you think the night visitors weren't involved?
GABRIELE014ED3S6JD.YAKA014ED3S.6JD That's not important.
GABRIELE01KED3S4U2.YAKA01KED3S.4U2 Prince James? This is Gabriel Knight.
GABRIELE01KED3S4U4.YAKA01KED3S.4U4 She did. You haven't heard from your men, have you?
GABRIELE01KED3S4U6.YAKA01KED3S.4U6 Yes, they dropped Grace at the hotel and took off. But I'm afraid I have bad news.
GABRIELE01KED3S4U8.YAKA01KED3S.4U8 Sir, your men were found dead this morning. It appears to have happened sometime in the night.
GABRIELE01KED3S4UA.YAKA01KED3S.4UA I don't either. Let me tell you how they were found.
GABRIELE01KED3S4UB.YAKA01KED3S.4UB There's this landmark out here called the 'armchair of the devil'. This morning . . . . . . Completely drained. I didn't see any footprints. None at all.
GABRIELE01KED3S4UE.YAKA01KED3S.4UE Have you received any blackmail or ransom notices?
GABRIELE01KED3S4UG.YAKA01KED3S.4UG Well, Sir . . . I'm still looking into it. We're gonna find your son. Is there . . . anything else I should know?
GABRIELE01KED3S4UI.YAKA01KED3S.4UI Because I'm willin' to do whatever I can, but it'd be a lot easier if I knew . . .
GABRIELE01KED3S4UK.YAKA01KED3S.4UK Hello? Prince James? Lord Stewart? Hel . . .
GABRIELE01KED3S882.YAKA01KED3S.882 Mesmi? This is Gabriel Knight.
GABRIELE01KED3S886.YAKA01KED3S.886 Hello, Prince James. I'm afraid I have some pretty bad news. Sir, your men were found dead this morning.
GABRIELE01KED3S888.YAKA01KED3S.888 I can tell you everything I know about it.
GABRIELE01KED3S88A.YAKA01KED3S.88A Well, they left here last night about . . . . . . Drained into the ground. We found two pools. It . . . hell, it looked ritualistic to me.
GABRIELE01KED3S88C.YAKA01KED3S.88C Nor do I, but the killin' still revolved around *blood*. I think . . .
GABRIELE01KED3S88E.YAKA01KED3S.88E Yeah. I'm kinda gettin' that picture. But if I'm to . . .
GABRIELE01KED3S88I.YAKA01KED3S.88I I'd be a lot more successful if you told me *everything*.
GABRIELE0486L18OK2.YAKA0486L18.OK2 It's not? Gosh darn it! Those two staircases from the lobby keep getting' me all muddled.
GABRIELE0486L18OK4.YAKA0486L18.OK4 There ya go! Good idea.
GABRIELE04N6L3WO62.YAKA04N6L3W.O62 I noticed y'all comin' in here. Is Mr. Wilkes okay?
GABRIELE0526J137N1.YAKA0526J13.7N1 Thanks for the info, Mr. Chester.
GABRIELE0526J137N3.YAKA0526J13.7N3 No, I don't mind. Thanks again.
GABRIELE0526J13NW1.YAKA0526J13.NW1 I have to run. Could I come back later?
GABRIELE0526L3W292.YAKA0526L3W.292 No thank you.
GABRIELE0527G0EPF1.YAKA0527G0E.PF1 The Abbé mentioned that you're working on a book.
GABRIELE0527G0EPF3.YAKA0527G0E.PF3 And you're writing about the Templars?
GABRIELE0527G0EPF5.YAKA0527G0E.PF5 A sabbatical from what?
GABRIELE0527G2E241.YAKA0527G2E.241 So you think the Templars found the holy grail in Jerusalem and brought it back here?
GABRIELE0527G2E245.YAKA0527G2E.245 So you . . . *do* think they found the grail?
GABRIELE0527G2E247.YAKA0527G2E.247 What's the holy grail an allegory of?
GABRIELE0527G2E291.YAKA0527G2E.291 Madame Girard mentioned that the holy grail is sometimes linked to the Templars.
GABRIELE0527G2E293.YAKA0527G2E.293 She said somethin' about them actually *findin'* the grail in the Holy Land. Do you think that's possible?
GABRIELE0527G36PF1.YAKA0527G36.PF1 Is there any reason to think the Templars left somethin' *here* specifically?
GABRIELE0527G4WOL1.YAKA0527G4W.OL1 If the Templars smuggled out their treasure, wouldn't that sort of blow the grail theory?
GABRIELE0527G4WPF1.YAKA0527G4W.PF1 The Templars had a lot of wealth, right? Gold, money, land?
GABRIELE0527G4WPF3.YAKA0527G4W.PF3 And that's one possibility for the alleged local treasure? The Templar stash?
GABRIELE0527G4WPF5.YAKA0527G4W.PF5 You don't think so?
GABRIELE0527G4WPF7.YAKA0527G4W.PF7 To where?
GABRIELE0527G55241.YAKA0527G55.241 Why were the Templars accused of heresy?
GABRIELE0527G55244.YAKA0527G55.244 Secrets?
GABRIELE0527G55246.YAKA0527G55.246 Was that true?
GABRIELE0527G55249.YAKA0527G55.249 And they dissolved completely after that?
GABRIELE0527G55291.YAKA0527G55.291 I read in the museum that several of the Templar founders and a grand master were from this region?
GABRIELE05K6J13NW1.YAKA05K6J13.NW1 I have to step out for a moment. But we're not quite finished here.
GABRIELE05K6L3W292.YAKA05K6L3W.292 I appreciate that.
GABRIELE05K6L4RJQ1.YAKA05K7G1W.3O5 Are you a Freemason, Mr. Chester?
GABRIELE05K6L4RJQ3.YAKA05K7G1W.3O7 I think you know those men *and* Prince James. And I think you know the real reason those men were here. I'm tryin' to help Prince James myself, even if that means pissin' people off.
GABRIELE05K6L4RJQ5.YAKA05K7G1W.3O9 Right. Well thanks for your time.
GABRIELE05K7G1W3O1.YAKA05K7G1W.3O1 About those two men who stopped here last night?
GABRIELE05K7G1W3O3.YAKA05K7G1W.3O3 This may sound strange, but I was takin' a walk by the parking area next door? And I thought I saw you all exchange an awfully complicated handshake. For two guys who stopped for directions, that is.
GABRIELE05K7G1W3O5.YAKA05K7G1W.3O5 Are you a Freemason, Mr. Chester?
GABRIELE05K7G1W3O7.YAKA05K7G1W.3O7 I think you know those men *and* Prince James. And I think you know the real reason those men were here. I'm tryin' to help Prince James myself, even if that means pissin' people off.
GABRIELE05K7G1W3O9.YAKA05K7G1W.3O9 Right. Well thanks for your time.
GABRIELE05K7G1WH81.YAKA05K7G1W.3O1 About those two men who stopped here last night?
GABRIELE05K7G1WH82.YAKA05K7G1W.3O3 This may sound strange, but I was takin' a walk by the parking area next door? And I thought I saw you all exchange an awfully complicated handshake. For two guys who stopped for directions, that is.
GABRIELE05K7G1WH84.YAKA05K7G1W.H84 I have unusually good eyes.
GABRIELE05K7G3A241.YAKA05K7G3A.241 Perhaps it's unclear who I'm talkin' about. You must know them, because after they dropped off Grace last night they came here. I saw you let them in.
GABRIELE05K7G3A243.YAKA05K7G3A.243 Two men. Last night.
GABRIELE05K7G3A246.YAKA05K7G3A.246 Not for *you* I s'pose.
GABRIELE05K7G3A291.YAKA05K7G3A.291 You know, a friend of mine, Grace, she drove into town yesterday with a couple of guys . . . friends of Prince James of Albany.
GABRIELE05K7G3A292.YAKA05K7G3A.292 *Real* nice guys. Scottish, I think.
GABRIELE05K7G3A294.YAKA05K7G3A.294 Mallory and MacDougall I believe their names were.
GABRIELE05K7G3A296.YAKA05K7G3A.296 I was wonderin' if you knew 'em.
GABRIELE05K7G3A941.YAKA05K7G3A.941 Do you have any idea where Mallory and MacDougall are now?
GABRIELE05K7G3A943.YAKA05K7G3A.943 Yup.
GABRIELE05K7G3A945.YAKA05K7G3A.945 They're dead. Their bodies were found at the devil's armchair. Just down the road.
GABRIELE05K7G3A947.YAKA05K7G3A.947 You seem surprised.
GABRIELE05N6J13411.YAKA05N6J13.411 I have to go.
GABRIELE05N6L3W292.YAKA05N6L3W.292 Good.
GABRIELE05N6L3W294.YAKA05N6L3W.294 See now . . . that's the problem with secrets and lies. It's impossible to tell which ones might be relevant until you dig 'em up and take a good whiff.
GABRIELE05N6L3W296.YAKA05N6L3W.296 I'm gettin' confused; Am I s'posed to watch out for thin ice or hot water?
GABRIELE05N7G28DU1.YAKA05N7G28.DU1 Prince James implied that the kidnappin' was political. Would the manuscript have anythin' to do with it?
GABRIELE05N7G28DU3.YAKA05N7G28.DU3 The throne? *What* throne?
GABRIELE05N7G31OT1.YAKA05N7G31.OT1 The manuscript promotes Prince James as king of what? Scotland?
GABRIELE05N7G31OT3.YAKA05N7G31.OT3 Best candidate for what? Are you talkin' about Scottish independence?
GABRIELE05N7G31OT5.YAKA05N7G31.OT5 England?
GABRIELE05N7G31OT7.YAKA05N7G31.OT7 Well what then?
GABRIELE05N7G36DU1.YAKA05N7G36.DU1 Here's what I don't get. Why are you workin' on this manuscript *here*? Obviously you don't need the Templar vibes.
GABRIELE05N7G36DU3.YAKA05N7G36.DU3 For what? Treasure hunters?
GABRIELE05N7G36DU5.YAKA05N7G36.DU5 But why you?
GABRIELE05N7G36DU7.YAKA05N7G36.DU7 And you figured they'd never suspect you'd work on it *here*.
GABRIELE05N7G3N411.YAKA05N7G3N.411 Do you know Montreaux, the owner of the local vineyard?
GABRIELE05N7G3N413.YAKA05N7G3N.413 Is he one of yours, by any chance?
GABRIELE05N7G3Q411.YAKA05N7G3Q.411 I wanted to talk to you about your Bloodline manuscript.
GABRIELE05N7G3Q413.YAKA05N7G3Q.413 I followed you last night and dug it up.
GABRIELE05N7G3Q415.YAKA05N7G3Q.415 I hope you can appreciate my motivation. I was in the room when Prince James' son was taken. There's very little I wouldn't do to find him.
GABRIELE05N7G3Q418.YAKA05N7G3Q.418 It's not incriminatin' in that regard, no.
GABRIELE05N7G3Q41A.YAKA05N7G3Q.41A I didn't think it was good for it -- bein' out in that damp ground.
GABRIELE05N7G3Q41C.YAKA05N7G3Q.41C Yeah. I will. It's at the hotel at the moment, though.
GABRIELE05N7G3Q41E.YAKA05N7G3Q.41E I will. No problem.
GABRIELE0746344BT2.YAKA0746344.BT2 San gréal? Wasn't that what the two men on the train said?
GABRIELE0746344BT3.YAKA0746344.BT3 Why would they be talkin' about the holy grail? And what does the grail have to do with Rennes-le-Château?
GABRIELE074760S241.YAKA074760S.241 So what's this tour group *do* anyway?
GABRIELE074760S243.YAKA074760S.243 How come you're not guidin' 'em right now?
GABRIELE074760S245.YAKA074760S.245 Oh. Well. I'll still think about it.
GABRIELE074760S6X1.YAKA074760S.6X1 Hey. I bet you're Madeline Buthane, right?
GABRIELE074760S6X3.YAKA074760S.6X3 Actually, it was a friend of mine. You know Mosely? From your tour? We go way back.
GABRIELE074760S6X5.YAKA074760S.6X5 What accent?
GABRIELE074760S6X7.YAKA074760S.6X7 Oooh yeah! My name is Knight, Gabriel Knight. And I was wonderin' how much you'd charge me to, you know, kinda hang with the group -- given that I'm paying for my own hotel and all.
GABRIELE074760S6X9.YAKA074760S.6X9 Kinda steep, innit?
GABRIELE074760S6XB.YAKA074760S.6XB I'll think about it.
GABRIELE074760SAL1.YAKA074760S.AL1 Well, hi. You must be Madeline Buthane.
GABRIELE074760SAL3.YAKA074760S.AL3 Gabriel Knight. You know Mosely? From your tour? We go way back.
GABRIELE074760SAL5.YAKA074760S.6X5 What accent?
GABRIELE074760SAL7.YAKA074760S.AL7 Oooh Yeah. And, I was wonderin' how much you'd charge me to, you know, kinda hang with the group -- given that I'm paying for my own hotel and all.
GABRIELE074760SAL9.YAKA074760S.6X9 Kinda steep, innit?
GABRIELE074760SALB.YAKA074760S.ALB I'll think about it.
GABRIELE07476394Y1.YAKA0747639.4Y1 So . . . You here on vacation?
GABRIELE07476394Y3.YAKA0747639.4Y3 Not really.
GABRIELE0747639IX1.YAKA0747639.IX1 Well, hello! Need some help?
GABRIELE0747639IX3.YAKA0747639.IX3 You have a map out.
GABRIELE0747639IX5.YAKA0747639.IX5 It could happen.
GABRIELE074764O011.YAKA074764O.011 Who all came in the van?
GABRIELE074764OI91.YAKA074764O.I91 When did y'all get in?
GABRIELE074764OI93.YAKA074764O.I93 Late?
GABRIELE074764OI95.YAKA074764O.I95 Just curious how long it took. You drove it?
GABRIELE074764WC01.YAKA074764W.C01 So you're the expert, right? What's your theory about 'the treasure of Rennes-le-Château'?
GABRIELE07F2M1BPF2.YAKA07F2M1B.PF2 Why? Is my hair messed up?
GABRIELE07F2M1BPF3.YAKA07F2M1B.PF3 I'm Knight. Prince James told me to be expectin' you.
GABRIELE07F2M1BPF5.YAKA07F2M1B.PF5 Yeah. I have a room. Come on up.
GABRIELE099125L991.YAKA099125L.991 Say, you got a passport, Mose?
GABRIELE099125L993.YAKA099125L.993 Just want to make sure you keep it on ya. You know what they say about hotel rooms in Europe.
GABRIELE099125L995.YAKA099125L.995 Um . . . Don't leave your passports in them.
GABRIELE099127K291.YAKA099127K.291 Want one of these, Mose?
GABRIELE099127K294.YAKA099127K.294 No problem. Lard butt.
GABRIELE099127K6R1.YAKA099127K.6R1 Want another one?
GABRIELE099DC20C61.YAKA099DC20.C61 See ya.
GABRIELE09C1202J61.YAKA09C1202.J61 Gracie's doin' fine, since you asked.
GABRIELE09C1202J63.YAKA09C1202.J63 We're not sleepin' together.
GABRIELE09C1202J65.YAKA09C1202.J65 I dunno. We've come close a couple a times, but I get all . . . freaked out or somethin'.
GABRIELE09C1202J67.YAKA09C1202.J67 Look, Gracie's a doll, but she's *livin'* with me. If I slept with her and then I changed my mind, what would I do? Throw her out?
GABRIELE09C1202J69.YAKA09C1202.J69 Oh, God.
GABRIELE09C1202J6B.YAKA09C1202.J6B Even if I *did* wanna get married, I'm not sure it would be Gracie. She's like a chair, you know?
GABRIELE09C1202J6C.YAKA09C1202.J6C Say you see this really great chair. And you like the chair and your mother likes the chair and everyone says you should buy the chair.
GABRIELE09C1202J6D.YAKA09C1202.J6D But you know that if you take it home *everything* else would have to go. You know, like the chair is Louis the Fourteenth and the rest of your place is IKEA.
GABRIELE09C120IEO1.YAKA09C120I.EO1 You didn't see the kidnappers in the area last night, did you?
GABRIELE09C120IO41.YAKA09C120I.O41 Did you notice two men with a trunk when you came into town last night?
GABRIELE09C120SPF1.YAKA09C120S.PF1 So how'd you find out about this tour anyway?
GABRIELE09C120SPF3.YAKA09C120S.PF3 A travel magazine? Since when do you read *travel* magazines?
GABRIELE09C120SPF5.YAKA09C120S.PF5 Cosmos pollutin' is more like it.
GABRIELE09C12282A1.YAKA09C1228.O41 Have you heard a baby cryin' since you've arrived?
GABRIELE09C1228O41.YAKA09C1228.O41 Have you heard a baby cryin' since you've arrived?
GABRIELE09C122EI61.YAKA09C122E.I61 When I was knocked out on the train? I thought I heard one of the men say 'San Grael'. I think that means 'holy grail.'
GABRIELE09C122EI63.YAKA09C122E.I63 Yeah. Weird, huh?
GABRIELE09C122EO41.YAKA09C122E.O41 Mose, do you know anythin' about the holy grail?
GABRIELE09C122EO44.YAKA09C122E.O44 Me? Not much.
GABRIELE09C122NJ61.YAKA09C122N.J61 About this Schattenjäger thing?
GABRIELE09C122NJ62.YAKA09C122N.J62 You know we had that big case last year . . .
GABRIELE09C122NJ64.YAKA09C122N.J64 Heh-heh. Yeah. Anyway, since then Grace and Gerde have been gettin' all organized on me. Gracie even did this computer program called SIDNEY? S'posed to help when we're in the field. 'Course, I'll never use it, but I can't tell her that.
GABRIELE09C122NJ66.YAKA09C122N.J66 Yeah, I've been workin' out. Grace says I need to be in shape to chase the bad guys. I point to *you* as a example in contrary. Then she points out that you never *get* the bad guys.
GABRIELE09C122NJ69.YAKA09C122N.J69 No. The journals go way back to 900 AD and it looks like it was an old family tradition even then.
GABRIELE09C122NJ6A.YAKA09C122N.J6A I dunno. Grace found a few other groups of 'shadow hunters' and they seem pretty decent. There's a whole ashram in India where they train monks for this kind of thing. Grace has been buggin' me about goin'.
GABRIELE09C122NJ6C.YAKA09C122N.J6C Shit. I'm not a "Lost Horizons" kinda guy.
GABRIELE09C122NJ6E.YAKA09C122N.J6E Screw you, Mostly.
GABRIELE09C123FPF1.YAKA09C123F.PF1 All right. This is what happened. A couple of weeks ago Grace and I got this invitation in the mail . . .
GABRIELE09C123FPF2.YAKA09C123F.PF2 . . . I was passed out for a while. I'm not even sure how long. When I got up we were at the Couiza station. The conductor *saw* the two men get off.
GABRIELE09C123FPF3.YAKA09C123F.PF3 They've got to be around here somewhere.
GABRIELE09C123FPF5.YAKA09C123F.PF5 I'm glad you appreciate it.
GABRIELE09C123FPF7.YAKA09C123F.PF7 Nothin' funny about it. The 'Night Visitors' Prince James calls 'em, but they take blood. Sounds like vampires to me.
GABRIELE09C123FPF9.YAKA09C123F.PF9 Mose, you have *no* idea.
GABRIELE09C123FPFB.YAKA09C123F.PFB I'm gonna figure out what's goin' on, that's what. First of all, there's your tour group.
GABRIELE09C123FPFD.YAKA09C123F.PFD Y'all got in last night, didn't you? Maybe one of you was on that train. Or maybe someone in your little group is here for a hand-off of the kid. I'd be the perfect cover story.
GABRIELE09C123FPFF.YAKA09C123F.PFF Or maybe *not*, which is why I gotta go check out the area, too. Soon as I get some wheels.
GABRIELE09C123FPFH.YAKA09C123F.PFH I'll tell ya. Don't rush me.
GABRIELE09C124W241.YAKA09C124W.241 Wait a minute. You never said what you think about the treasure. Is that why you came? To find the treasure?
GABRIELE09C124W243.YAKA09C124W.243 But what do you . . .
GABRIELE09C124W245.YAKA09C124W.245 I *wasn't* speaking about Madeline, I was talkin' about the treasure.
GABRIELE09C124W291.YAKA09C124W.291 So what about the treasure of Rennes-le-Château? You have a theory?
GABRIELE09C124W293.YAKA09C124W.293 Madeline says everybody has a theory.
GABRIELE09C124W295.YAKA09C124W.295 Yeah.
GABRIELE09C6L3W402.YAKA09C6L3W.402 I'll tell ya. Don't worry about it.
GABRIELE09C6L3W403.YAKA09C6L3W.403 What about you? Since when do you take European tours?
GABRIELE09C6L3W405.YAKA09C6L3W.405 Apparently not.
GABRIELE09C6L3WCA2.YAKA09C6L3W.CA2 Just wanted to finish our conversation.
GABRIELE09C6L3WPS2.YAKA09C6L3W.PS2 Oh, nothin'.
GABRIELE09CDC20NP1.YAKA09CDC20.NP1 I'm gonna go.
GABRIELE09CDC20PE1.YAKA09CDC20.PE1 I'm gonna take off. Ya wanna look around with me this afternoon?
GABRIELE09CDC20PE3.YAKA09CDC20.PE3 What could you have to do? You're on vacation!
GABRIELE09CDC20PE5.YAKA09CDC20.PE5 Never started even.
GABRIELE09CDC20PE9.YAKA09CDC20.PE9 Mose. I've got news for ya. You can't *get* anymore average.
GABRIELE09CDC20PEB.YAKA09CDC20.PEB All right. All right. Mums the word.
GABRIELE09L3K44HJ1.YAKA09L3K44.HJ1 Gosh, you can sit at that desk and write! You can . . . write can't you?
GABRIELE09LLZ44HJ1.YAKA09LLZ44.HJ1 Nice lightbulb. I see you've got the grand suite here.
GABRIELE09LLZ44HJ3.YAKA09LLZ44.HJ3 Indeed. In fact, if he spends as much on food as *you* do, he must.
GABRIELE09N1202411.YAKA09N1202.411 Well, I really did it this time.
GABRIELE09N1202413.YAKA09N1202.413 Yeah.
GABRIELE09N1202415.YAKA09N1202.415 Ah, come on! How 'bout some support here?
GABRIELE09N1202417.YAKA09N1202.417 It was an accident.
GABRIELE09N1202419.YAKA09N1202.419 What about Madeline?
GABRIELE09N120241C.YAKA09N1202.41C Ah knock it off! I feel bad enough! I just don't know how to act. I mean . . . God, she's like my sister or somethin'.
GABRIELE09N120241F.YAKA09N1202.41F Nah.
GABRIELE09N120241I.YAKA09N1202.41I Ohhh!
GABRIELE09N120241K.YAKA09N1202.41K Okay.
GABRIELE0A86L18191.YAKA0A86L18.191 Hi! Um . . . I got a bit delirious just now. I thought this was my room, but it's not. Sorry.
GABRIELE0A86L18193.YAKA0A86L18.193 Oh, no. Don't worry about me.
GABRIELE0E31239411.YAKA0E31239.411 Hey, Mose.
GABRIELE0E31239414.YAKA0E31239.414 Diggin' for truffles?
GABRIELE0E31239417.YAKA0E31239.417 Same one as Madeline, apparently.
GABRIELE0E31239419.YAKA0E31239.419 And where'd this theory come from, anyway?
GABRIELE0E3123941B.YAKA0E31239.41B I was in your logic class, remember?
GABRIELE0E3123941D.YAKA0E31239.41D I didn't hear Grace come in last night. Up late?
GABRIELE0E3123941F.YAKA0E31239.41F Did you do somethin' stupid?
GABRIELE0E3123941H.YAKA0E31239.41H Whaddya mean, 'she knows how I feel about her'? I feel great about her.
GABRIELE0E3123941J.YAKA0E31239.41J What are you *talkin'* about? I treat Gracie like a . . . like a . . .
GABRIELE0E3123941L.YAKA0E31239.41L Like a *queen*. I treat her like a *queen*, ya moron.
GABRIELE0E3123941M.YAKA0E31239.41M Ah, hell.
GABRIELE0EA120HL21.YAKA0EA120H.L21 I saw your moped in the parkin' lot. Nice bike.
GABRIELE0EA120HL24.YAKA0EA120H.L24 You should. Really. You shouldn't have to put up with that.
GABRIELE0EA120HL26.YAKA0EA120H.L26 Oh, one of the bigger bikes. It's a little rough.
GABRIELE0EA1239241.YAKA0EA1239.241 So why are you lookin' around *here*?
GABRIELE0EA1239243.YAKA0EA1239.243 How'd you know 'L'Homme Mort' meant 'The Dead Man'? Your French is worse than mine.
GABRIELE0EA1239245.YAKA0EA1239.245 I'm goin'.
GABRIELE0EA1239292.YAKA0EA1239.292 It's 'Gabriel', ya flat foot. What're ya doin' here?
GABRIELE0EA1239294.YAKA0EA1239.294 I thought you said you were busy this afternoon.
GABRIELE0EA1239296.YAKA0EA1239.296 Okay. All right. Forget I mentioned it.
GABRIELE0F45P0IDJ1.YAKA0F45P0I.DJ1 Say, were you around last night?
GABRIELE0F45P0IDJ3.YAKA0F45P0I.DJ3 Oh. You didn't happen to see anyone comin' into town, did ya? Late? Around eleven?
GABRIELE0F45P0IDJ5.YAKA0F45P0I.DJ5 Yeah. And what an incentive that is, too.
GABRIELE0F45P2E421.YAKA0F45P2E.421 Say, does the holy grail have somethin' to do with this area?
GABRIELE0F45P2E423.YAKA0F45P2E.423 Uh-huh. And what would the connection be exactly?
GABRIELE0F45P2E425.YAKA0F45P2E.425 Sacred Christian treasure -- like the holy grail?
GABRIELE0F45P2E427.YAKA0F45P2E.427 Huh-uh.
GABRIELE0F45P34PF1.YAKA0F45P34.PF1 Hi, how are ya? You run this place?
GABRIELE0F45P34PF3.YAKA0F45P34.PF3 Nice ta meet ya. The name's Knight.
GABRIELE0F45P34PF5.YAKA0F45P34.PF5 And you are . . . ?
GABRIELE0F45P34PF7.YAKA0F45P34.PF7 There might be.
GABRIELE0F45P4W241.YAKA0F45P4W.241 Okay. So what are some of the *possible* treasures?
GABRIELE0F45P4W244.YAKA0F45P4W.244 Yeah. I gotcha. The Templars too, right?
GABRIELE0F45P4W246.YAKA0F45P4W.246 Um . . . Aren't *you* French in this region?
GABRIELE0F45P4W941.YAKA0F45P4W.941 Any other theories on the possible treasure?
GABRIELE0F45P4W944.YAKA0F45P4W.944 Yes?
GABRIELE0F45P4WJF1.YAKA0F45P4W.JF1 There's s'pose to be some kinda treasure buried around here, right?
GABRIELE0F45P4WJF3.YAKA0F45P4W.JF3 Well what kinda treasure is it?
GABRIELE0F45P55EQ1.YAKA0F45P55.EQ1 You mentioned Templars -- as in the Knights Templars? Were they really from this . . .
GABRIELE0F4E00SP11.YAKA0F4E00S.P11 Are you with the tour group?
GABRIELE0F4E00SP15.YAKA0F4E00S.P15 Oh, I'm, uh, I'm a friend of Mosely's.
GABRIELE0F4E02E3P1.YAKA0F4E02E.3P1 You wouldn't by any chance be here lookin' for the holy grail, would ya?
GABRIELE0F4E02E3P3.YAKA0F4E02E.3P3 You mean . . . everyone on the tour?
GABRIELE0F4E02E3P5.YAKA0F4E02E.3P5 What is it?
GABRIELE0F4E034PF1.YAKA0F4E034.PF1 Good mornin', Ladies.
GABRIELE0F4E034PF3.YAKA0F4E034.PF3 I try. The name's Knight. Gabriel Knight.
GABRIELE0F4E04WP11.YAKA0F4E04W.P11 Are you all here lookin' for the treasure?
GABRIELE0F4E04WP15.YAKA0F4E04W.P15 Oh yeah? Ya got a theory? Lemme hear it.
GABRIELE0F4E04WP17.YAKA0F4E04W.P17 No. I didn't . . .
GABRIELE0F4E04WP19.YAKA0F4E04W.P19 Hardly. It's just the whole idea of a . . .
GABRIELE0F4E04WP1B.YAKA0F4E04W.P1B About the treasure? Ah, no. I don't.
GABRIELE0FL5P16MA1.YAKA0FL5P16.MA1 So where *did* Saunière get his money from?
GABRIELE0FL5P28DJ1.YAKA0FL5P28.DJ1 Have you heard a baby cryin' in the past twenty-four hours?
GABRIELE0FL5P36DJ1.YAKA0FL5P36.DJ1 Is there anythin' special I should know about the town?
GABRIELE0GNA215291.YAKA0GNA215.291 Hi, Emilio.
GABRIELE0GNA215293.YAKA0GNA215.293 So whatcha doin' up here?
GABRIELE0GNA215295.YAKA0GNA215.295 Funny. Most people prefer Tour Magdala or Blanchefort to . . . meditate.
GABRIELE0HKB44H292.YAKA0HKB44H.292 Uh . . . hi. I have no idea what you just said but I . . .
GABRIELE0HKDG0F411.YAKA0HKDG0F.411 Hi. I'm with We-Do-Poopoo? We're a diaper service, and I was wonderin' if you have any little tikes runnin' around.
GABRIELE0HKDG0F413.YAKA0HKDG0F.413 Just checkin' the neighborhood. I follow my . . .
GABRIELE0HKDG1C411.YAKA0HKDG1C.411 I sell car polish? It's particularly effective for black sedans.
GABRIELE0HKDG1C412.YAKA0HKDG1C.412 You wouldn't happen to have a black sedan, would ya?
GABRIELE0HKDG22411.YAKA0HKDG22.411 Um . . .wrong place. Never mind.
GABRIELE0HKDG27P61.YAKA0HKDG27.P61 What is it I want . . . uh, good question. Let's see . . .
GABRIELE0HKDG27P62.YAKA0HKDG27.P62 I deserved that.
GABRIELE0HKDG4M411.YAKA0HKDG4M.411 I'm here doin' a blood drive?
GABRIELE0HKDG4M413.YAKA0HKDG4M.413 Yeah. You wouldn't happen to have any unused blood lyin' around, would ya?
GABRIELE0HKDG5HBG1.YAKA0HKDG5H.BG1 My name's Knight. I'm a reporter? I'm doin' a feature on Languedoc wineries, and I'd love to include you in my spread.
GABRIELE0HKDG5HBG4.YAKA0HKDG5H.BG4 Nice of you to see me, Mr. Montreaux. I shoulda made an appointment, but I get better results just knockin' about. The best places don't advertise.
GABRIELE0NK120IQP1.YAKA0NK120I.QP1 It had to be the kidnappers, don't ya think?
GABRIELE0NK120SDA1.YAKA0NK120S.DA1 Notice anythin' suspicious when the group saw the dead bodies?
GABRIELE0NK120SDA5.YAKA0NK120S.DA5 Oh? And why are *you* so interested?
GABRIELE0NK120YQP1.YAKA0NK120Y.QP1 Could be vampires.
GABRIELE0NK120YQP3.YAKA0NK120Y.QP3 That would be Stoker. Bram Stoker.
GABRIELE0NK1239291.YAKA0NK1239.291 Wow. Pretty damn grim.
GABRIELE0NK1239293.YAKA0NK1239.293 Not at all.
GABRIELE0NK1239295.YAKA0NK1239.295 Yeah, for once.
GABRIELE0NK123AD11.YAKA0NK123A.D11 About who mighta done it?
GABRIELE0NK124VQP1.YAKA0NK124V.QP1 I haven't got the first clue who did this.
GABRIELE0NK1252QP1.YAKA0NK1252.QP1 They *did* run a flagpole up the Abbé's butt. Maybe he did it.
GABRIELE0NK1252QP3.YAKA0NK1252.QP3 It could be a ruse.
GABRIELE0NK1252QP5.YAKA0NK1252.QP5 He *did* seem intimidated at the church. He coulda called someone in, though.
GABRIELE0NK2K0LT01.YAKA0NK2K0L.T01 Knee prints! Of course!
GABRIELE0NK2K0LT02.YAKA0NK2K0L.T02 The assassins must have made them kneel and then . . .
GABRIELE0NK2K0LT15.YAKA0NK2K0L.T15 Nothin'. Must be my imagination.
GABRIELE0NK2K0LT17.YAKA0NK2K0L.T17 Yeah. I do know that.
GABRIELE0NK2K44291.YAKA0NK2K44.291 There're two slightly curved indentations here . . .
GABRIELE0NK2K44293.YAKA0NK2K44.293 I don't think so. Wrong shape.
GABRIELE0NK3X0LFN1.YAKA0NK3X0L.FN1 They're both *completely* white.
GABRIELE0NK3X0LFN5.YAKA0NK3X0L.FN5 Maybe they've got *really* big mouths. Like you.
GABRIELE0NK4M0L291.YAKA0NK4M0L.291 That's a clean gash.
GABRIELE0NK6L22331.YAKA0NK6L22.331 I think that's about it. Guess I'll head out.
GABRIELE0NK6L22337.YAKA0NK6L22.337 Why doncha call me Gabriel? This 'Monsieur' stuff is so . . . *French*.
GABRIELE0NK6L22339.YAKA0NK6L22.339 I came to keep Mose company. He's a bit squeamish you know. Never could stand the sight of blood.
GABRIELE0NK6L2233C.YAKA0NK6L22.33C Oh, there's more all right. In my . . .
GABRIELE0NK6L2233E.YAKA0NK6L22.33E HEAD. So what brings *you* here, Madeline?
GABRIELE0NK6L2233G.YAKA0NK6L22.33G Your wish is my command.
GABRIELE0NK6L2233K.YAKA0NK6L22.33K Oh! See, Gracie -- my *assistant* -- caught a ride with them from Paris. But she didn't *know* them.
GABRIELE0NK6L2233M.YAKA0NK6L22.33M Ah, come on! There's no need to waste their time. Maybe you and I can go over it more thoroughly later.
GABRIELE0NK6L2233P.YAKA0NK6L22.33P Tootle-oo.
GABRIELE0NK9B0L291.YAKA0NK9B0L.291 I don't see any blood.
GABRIELE0NKAK0L291.YAKA0NKAK0L.291 Considering how friable the ground looks, I'd say that was a lot of blood soaked up, wouldn't you?
GABRIELE0NKAK0L293.YAKA0NKAK0L.293 Which explains why there's no blood near the bodies.
GABRIELE0NKAK0L295.YAKA0NKAK0L.295 They obviously drained the blood here on purpose. The question is, why?
GABRIELE0NKAK0L297.YAKA0NKAK0L.297 Not necessarily. Maybe they're just picky eaters.
GABRIELE0NKAK44291.YAKA0NKAK44.291 Shit! Mose, get over here!
GABRIELE0NKAK44294.YAKA0NKAK44.294 I think it's what you think it is. Looks like it.
GABRIELE0NKAK56412.YAKA0NKAK56.412 Not much. Earthy. Dead.
GABRIELE0NKAK56413.YAKA0NKAK56.413 Anyway, sure doesn't smell like wine.
GABRIELE0O23B0IP81.YAKA0O23B0I.P81 Did two men with a trunk come in from Paris yesterday evenin'?
GABRIELE0O23B0IP83.YAKA0O23B0I.P83 Do ya know where they went?
GABRIELE0O23B2L8A1.YAKA0O23B2L.8A1 What other trains had passengers disembark last night?
GABRIELE0O23B2L8A3.YAKA0O23B2L.8A3 Great. Thanks.
GABRIELE0O23B34PF1.YAKA0O23B34.PF1 Hello there, Mademoiselle.
GABRIELE0O23B34PF3.YAKA0O23B34.PF3 I'm already there. I wanna ask you a few questions.
GABRIELE0O23B53P81.YAKA0O23B53.P81 Do you have a record of a man gettin' off the Naples train last night?
GABRIELE0O23B53P83.YAKA0O23B53.P83 Is that so? What trains *did* come in?
GABRIELE0PK6L3W404.YAKA0PK6L3W.404 Gosh, it shows, huh?
GABRIELE0PK6L3W406.YAKA0PK6L3W.406 Hell, I'd drink dust if I could.
GABRIELE0PK6L3W40A.YAKA0PK6L3W.40A Everythin's all right I hope?
GABRIELE0PK6L3W40F.YAKA0PK6L3W.40F Right. Nothin' worse than suffocated wine.
GABRIELE0PK6L4RGB5.YAKA0PK6L4R.GB5 Well thanks for the interview, Mr. Montreaux.
GABRIELE0PKAJ0A411.YAKA0PKAJ0A.411 Do you know anythin' about the murder?
GABRIELE0PKAJ0Q241.YAKA0PKAJ0Q.241 What kind of trainin' do you need to be a viticulturist?
GABRIELE0PKAJ0Q291.YAKA0PKAJ0Q.291 Are you from this area, Mr. Montreaux?
GABRIELE0PKAJ0Q294.YAKA0PKAJ0Q.294 You got kids?
GABRIELE0PKAJ0Q297.YAKA0PKAJ0Q.297 Ah . . . no.
GABRIELE0PKAJ0Q299.YAKA0PKAJ0Q.299 It's not the kid part I mind so much as the marriage part.
GABRIELE0PKAJ0Q29B.YAKA0PKAJ0Q.29B Boy do we live in different worlds.
GABRIELE0PKAJ2E411.YAKA0PKAJ2E.411 I ran into an interestin' tourist angle today -- seems the holy grail is s'posed to be around here.
GABRIELE0PKAJ2E414.YAKA0PKAJ2E.414 All of those are related to the grail?
GABRIELE0PKAJ2E416.YAKA0PKAJ2E.416 Not really.
GABRIELE0PKAJ2E418.YAKA0PKAJ2E.418 Huh. But I thought with the *grail* it was actually the *blood* . . . the *blood* in the grail that was the . . . um . . . you know, the immortal thing.
GABRIELE0PKAJ2E41A.YAKA0PKAJ2E.41A The juice of the forbidden fruit?
GABRIELE0PKAJ2E41C.YAKA0PKAJ2E.41C Well, hell. I'm just as lost as I can be.
GABRIELE0PKAJ37241.YAKA0PKAJ37.241 I'd like to hear more about your breedin' program.
GABRIELE0PKAJ37243.YAKA0PKAJ37.243 For my ears only.
GABRIELE0PKAJ37247.YAKA0PKAJ37.247 Don't you ever get where you're goin'?
GABRIELE0PKAJ37249.YAKA0PKAJ37.249 Wow! That's *good*.
GABRIELE0PKAJ3724C.YAKA0PKAJ37.24C Then again, there *is* somethin' to be said for spontaneity.
GABRIELE0PKAJ37291.YAKA0PKAJ37.291 What exactly is viticulture?
GABRIELE0PKAJ37293.YAKA0PKAJ37.293 Oh yeah. I mean, what's *your* definition.
GABRIELE0PKAJ37296.YAKA0PKAJ37.296 I'm fascinated.
GABRIELE0PKAJ37941.YAKA0PKAJ37.941 Ya know, hearin' you talk, it reminds me of somethin' . . . what is it?
GABRIELE0PKAJ37943.YAKA0PKAJ37.943 Nope, that's not it. It was 'Ask Mr. Science'. Y'all get that program here?
GABRIELE0PKAJ37945.YAKA0PKAJ37.945 Well they had this bit about DNA. Kinda how DNA has this funny pasta shape? But it's really billions and billions of instructions, kinda? You get into DNA with your breedin' program at all?
GABRIELE0PKAJ37947.YAKA0PKAJ37.947 I'll be darned!
GABRIELE0PKAJ4W411.YAKA0PKAJ4W.411 Do you believe the stories about a 'local treasure?'
GABRIELE0Q24K4H292.YAKA0Q24K4H.292 I hope so. The name's Knight, Gabriel Knight. The abbé at Rennes-le-Château recommended you as a Templar scholar.
GABRIELE0Q24K4H294.YAKA0Q24K4H.294 Yup. He said, 'Go talk to Larry Chester about the Templars'. Then he said, 'And let me know what you think.'
GABRIELE0QK4K4H292.YAKA0QK4K4H.292 I'm not here about the Templars, actually. May I come in?
GABRIELE0QN4K4H292.YAKA0QN4K4H.292 Oh, I think you do. *Mr. Sinclair*.
GABRIELE0T77P1I351.YAKA0T77P1I.351 . . . so a monkey walks into a bar . . .
GABRIELE0T77P1I3A1.YAKA0T77P1I.3A1 . . . It all comes down to really *knowin'* a person.
GABRIELE0T77P39293.YAKA0T77P39.293 You find out anythin' yet?
GABRIELE0T77P39295.YAKA0T77P39.295 I'm *workin'* on it.
GABRIELE0TF5Y39291.YAKA0TF5Y39.291 Evenin', Gents. Out on the town tonight?
GABRIELE0TF5Y39294.YAKA0TF5Y39.294 No thanks. I was just drivin' around and thought I saw signs of life. Carry on.
GABRIELE0TLBA39291.YAKA0TLBA39.291 Hey. How's business?
GABRIELE0U34B32412.YAKA0U34B32.412 'Most Holy and Sacred Bloodline' by Larry Sinclair.
GABRIELE0U34B32413.YAKA0U34B32.413 Well, well.
GABRIELE0VJ5M39292.YAKA0VJ5M39.292 You need to slow down before you hit oil.
GABRIELE0VJ5M39294.YAKA0VJ5M39.294 Nothin', huh?
GABRIELE0VJ5M39296.YAKA0VJ5M39.296 Does she really need money that badly?
GABRIELE0VJ5M39299.YAKA0VJ5M39.299 Good luck.
GABRIELE0VK4V228O1.YAKA0VK4V22.8O1 Well, guess I'll leave you to it. See ya.
GABRIELE0VK5M119X1.YAKA0VK5M11.9X1 Does Lady Howard still perform?
GABRIELE0VK5M11CK1.YAKA0VK5M11.CK1 So how come Lady Howard's not with you. Kinda joined at the hip, aren't you?
GABRIELE0VK5M11K21.YAKA0VK5M11.K21 How did you meet Lady Howard anyway?
GABRIELE0VK5M39291.YAKA0VK5M39.291 Hi, Estelle, Everythin' okay?
GABRIELE0VK5M39293.YAKA0VK5M39.293 Me? Huh-uh. I just stopped to see if you needed help.
GABRIELE0VK5M39295.YAKA0VK5M39.295 Don't mention it.
GABRIELE0VK5M4ICK1.YAKA0VK5M4I.CK1 So what's out here?
GABRIELE0VK5M4ICK3.YAKA0VK5M4I.CK3 Doesn't look like *anythin'* to me. But then, you wouldn't be here if that was the case, now would ya?
GABRIELE0VK5M4ICK5.YAKA0VK5M4I.CK5 Ah! That's kinda rude, innit? It was a perfectly friendly question.
GABRIELE0VK5M4IK21.YAKA0VK5M4I.K21 So is this the spot you and Lady Howard are bettin' your treasure-huntin' dollars on, huh?
GABRIELE0VK5M4IK23.YAKA0VK5M4I.K23 Just curious.
GABRIELE0VK5M4WOQ1.YAKA0VK5M4W.OQ1 I don't believe in the treasure, myself. All that stuff about ciphers and nonsense.
GABRIELE0VK5M4WOQ3.YAKA0VK5M4W.OQ3 I'm not sayin' he didn't find *somethin*. But what if he took all there was?
GABRIELE0VK5M4WOQ5.YAKA0VK5M4W.OQ5 'We've got to find it'? Why is that, Miss Stiles?
GABRIELE0VNE039291.YAKA0VNE039.291 Mornin', Ladies.
GABRIELE0VNE039293.YAKA0VNE039.293 Just passin' by. I see you've narrowed down your theory.
GABRIELE0VNE039297.YAKA0VNE039.297 I wasn't offerin' any.
GABRIELE0ZAA239292.YAKA0ZAA239.292 Back at ya. You look comfortable.
GABRIELE11K6L3W683.YAKA11K6L3W.683 Get on. Just make sure those hush-puppies don't mar the chrome.
GABRIELE11K6L3W685.YAKA11K6L3W.685 And you could touch your toes once. Shit happens.
GABRIELE1227639291.YAKA1227639.291 Fancy meetin' a girl like you in a place like this.
GABRIELE1227639293.YAKA1227639.293 Sight seein' are we?
GABRIELE1227639295.YAKA1227639.295 Tomorrow? You mean for that tour thing? So what's so special about this place?
GABRIELE1227639297.YAKA1227639.297 Ya gotta point there.
GABRIELE12A7639H01.YAKA12A7639.H01 Still here, huh?
GABRIELE12A7639H03.YAKA12A7639.H03 Yeah. I can see that. Helluva place to think.
GABRIELE12A7639H04.YAKA12A7639.H04 Gosh. Maybe I should rent some property around here. Just so I could stand out here every time *I* wanted to think.
GABRIELE12A7639H05.YAKA12A7639.H05 You can just feel those thinkin' vibes.
GABRIELE12A7639H07.YAKA12A7639.H07 Yeah, but that's true of just about anywhere really.
GABRIELE174AY0W5Z1.YAKA174AY0W.5Z1 Oh, great!
GABRIELE174AY0W5Z2.YAKA174AY0W.5Z2 Hey! How 'bout some coff-fay out here? Mer-sea?
GABRIELE174AY0W5Z4.YAKA174AY0W.5Z4 Thanks, Buddy.
GABRIELE174AY0W5Z6.YAKA174AY0W.5Z6 Mosely? Is that YOU?
GABRIELE174AY0W5Z8.YAKA174AY0W.5Z8 What am I doin' here? What are YOU doin' here?
GABRIELE174AY0W5ZA.YAKA174AY0W.5ZA What kinda tour group?
GABRIELE174AY0W5ZC.YAKA174AY0W.5ZC And you guys came HERE?
GABRIELE174AY0W5ZE.YAKA174AY0W.5ZE Treasure? What treasure?
GABRIELE174AY0W5ZG.YAKA174AY0W.5ZG Geez! Nice to see you, too.
GABRIELE174AY0W5ZI.YAKA174AY0W.5ZI Um . . . I came to see you!
GABRIELE174AY0W5ZK.YAKA174AY0W.5ZK Sure. I called your number at the po . . .
GABRIELE174AY0W5ZR.YAKA174AY0W.5ZR No problem.
GABRIELE17C3D34PF1.YAKA17C3D34.PF1 Hi. I don't think we've met. I'm Gabriel Knight.
GABRIELE17C3D34PF3.YAKA17C3D34.PF3 Australian?
GABRIELE17C3D34PF5.YAKA17C3D34.PF5 If you mean American, yeah, but there're certain branches of my family tree that'd shoot you for that one. Are you with the tour?
GABRIELE17C3D34PF7.YAKA17C3D34.PF7 Oh. Sure. We'll . . . uh . . . we'll talk later.
GABRIELE17C7639PF1.YAKA17C7639.PF1 Hey, Madeline. How's lunch?
GABRIELE17C7639PF3.YAKA17C7639.PF3 Oh, if I get hungry, I'll eat. Don't worry about it.
GABRIELE17CE039401.YAKA17CE039.401 Hi, Ladies.
GABRIELE17CE039404.YAKA17CE039.404 How's lunch?
GABRIELE17CE039408.YAKA17CE039.408 Thanks for the advice.
GABRIELE17F3D39PF1.YAKA17F3D39.PF1 Evenin', Wilkes.
GABRIELE17F3D39PF3.YAKA17F3D39.PF3 Oh, I'm still lookin'. How's the food?
GABRIELE17F3D39PF5.YAKA17F3D39.PF5 Ah! That *does* sound delightful. I'll . . . uh . . . I'll just be over here.
GABRIELE17F761IOO9.YAKA17F761I.OO9 Hell, that's all right. Go ahead. I wouldn't wanna interrupt your conversation.
GABRIELE17F761IOOC.YAKA17F761I.OOC Sorry, Babe. I really am in the middle of somethin'. Maybe we can get together . . . later?
GABRIELE17F761IOOH.YAKA17F761I.OOH Beats me. If I see him, I'll let him know you want him. You ladies take care now.
GABRIELE17F8Y39PF1.YAKA17F8Y39.PF1 Good evening, Signore.
GABRIELE17P121IOO4.YAKA17P121I.OO4 Gonna eat?
GABRIELE185757NYO1.YAKA185757N.YO1 Ya got any of these in English?
GABRIELE185757NYO3.YAKA185757N.YO3 Sure.
GABRIELE18C1A34PF1.YAKA18C1A34.PF1 Hey. How are ya? The name's Knight.
GABRIELE18C1A34PF3.YAKA18C1A34.PF3 Are you the priest here, or . . .
GABRIELE18C1A554F1.YAKA18C1A55.4F1 Do you know much about the Templars?
GABRIELE18C1A554F4.YAKA18C1A55.4F4 Okay. Thanks.
GABRIELE18C1A554F6.YAKA18C1A55.4F6 Sure.
GABRIELE18C1A5KAT1.YAKA18C1A5K.AT1 But . . . the Black Madonnas usually show a mother and child, don't they? If the woman's Mary Magdalen, who's the child?
GABRIELE18C8Y0J7O1.YAKA18C8Y0J.7O1 So what do ya think of the church?
GABRIELE18C8Y0J7O3.YAKA18C8Y0J.7O3 It's not a church?
GABRIELE18C8Y2E7O1.YAKA18C8Y2E.7O1 Do you know anythin' about the holy grail bein' around here?
GABRIELE18C8Y34PF1.YAKA18C8Y34.PF1 Hi. Are you with the tour?
GABRIELE18C8Y34PF3.YAKA18C8Y34.PF3 My name's Knight. My friend, Mosely, is on your tour.
GABRIELE18C8Y34PF5.YAKA18C8Y34.PF5 Nice ta meet ya. How do you like the tour so far?
GABRIELE18C8Y4O7O1.YAKA18C8Y4O.7O1 Did you get in late last night, Senor Buchelli?
GABRIELE18C8Y4O7O3.YAKA18C8Y4O.7O3 Did you drive or . . .
GABRIELE18C8Y4O7O5.YAKA18C8Y4O.7O5 Oh, yeah? I came in last night by train. What train were *you* on?
GABRIELE18C8Y4W7O1.YAKA18C8Y4W.7O1 Did you . . . uh . . . did you come to look for the treasure?
GABRIELE18C8Y4W7O3.YAKA18C8Y4W.7O3 You don't think there is a treasure?
GABRIELE18C8Y4W7O5.YAKA18C8Y4W.7O5 Then how come you took the tour?
GABRIELE18C8Y4W7O7.YAKA18C8Y4W.7O7 No. Not really.
GABRIELE18C8Y4W7O9.YAKA18C8Y4W.7O9 Oh. Yeah! The *history*, sure.
GABRIELE18I1A0J471.YAKA18I1A0J.471 You don't see churches dedicated to Mary Magdalen very often.
GABRIELE18I1A0J473.YAKA18I1A0J.473 Oh, yeah? Why's that?
GABRIELE18I1A0J475.YAKA18I1A0J.475 Huh. I had no idea.
GABRIELE18I1A0JCR1.YAKA18I1A0J.CR1 This is quite a place. I haven't seen many churches this . . . uh . . . colorful.
GABRIELE18I1A2E471.YAKA18I1A2E.471 Do you think the holy grail is behind the treasure of Rennes-le-Château?
GABRIELE18I1A2ECR1.YAKA18I1A2E.CR1 The holy grail has been linked to this area, is that right?
GABRIELE18I1A2ECR3.YAKA18I1A2E.CR3 Not much. Arthurian legends aren't really my thing. But it's s'posed to be a cup that contained the blood of Christ, innit?
GABRIELE18I1A2EL81.YAKA18I1A2E.L81 Do you know of anyone in this area that has a particular interest in the grail?
GABRIELE18I1A4WCR1.YAKA18I1A4W.CR1 Do *you* think that there's a treasure around here?
GABRIELE18I1A5KB31.YAKA18I1A5K.B31 What do you mean by the 'Magdalen Cult'?
GABRIELE18NBC4H292.YAKA18NBC4H.292 Oh. Okay. Thanks.
GABRIELE1A86L3W402.YAKA1A86L3W.402 Uh, hey there . . . Roxanne. I decided not to go. But don't mind me. Carry on.
GABRIELE1A96L1IOO2.YAKA1A96L1I.OO2 Dog breath.
GABRIELE1AN6L3WD22.YAKA1AN6L3W.D22 I won't. Thanks.
GABRIELE1AN8220IJ2.YAKA1AN8220.IJ2 What are you doin'?
GABRIELE1AN8220IJ8.YAKA1AN8220.IJ8 This place is a fruit bin.
GABRIELE1B93D040N1.YAKA1B93D04.0N1 Look! It's a giant worm! Get out the harpoons!
GABRIELE1B93D040N3.YAKA1B93D04.0N3 A seismic survey machine? What's it do?
GABRIELE1B93D047A1.YAKA1B93D04.7A1 Say, mind if I ask about your machine?
GABRIELE1B93D047A3.YAKA1B93D04.7A3 Ah, come on! What is it? You tryin' to call a giant sandworm or what?
GABRIELE1B93D047A5.YAKA1B93D04.7A5 Yeah, so is a worm thumper.
GABRIELE1B93D04NA1.YAKA1B93D04.NA1 So. See anythin' headed this way? Should we head for the rocks?
GABRIELE1B93D2EHE1.YAKA1B93D2E.HE1 So . . . you don't think the treasure's related to the grail?
GABRIELE1B93D2EHE5.YAKA1B93D2E.HE5 Gee. There's an idea.
GABRIELE1B93D342Q1.YAKA1B93D34.2Q1 Hi. You must be Wilkes.
GABRIELE1B93D342Q3.YAKA1B93D34.2Q3 You're with the tour group, right? I saw your name. My name's Knight, Gabriel Knight. I'm a friend of Mosely's.
GABRIELE1B93D39HZ1.YAKA1B93D39.HZ1 Hey, Wilkes. How's it goin'?
GABRIELE1B93D39HZ3.YAKA1B93D39.HZ3 Just takin' in the sights. Ler-mit-tage. Cute.
GABRIELE1B93D4W7A1.YAKA1B93D4W.7A1 You really think there's a treasure out here?
GABRIELE1B93D4W7A3.YAKA1B93D4W.7A3 Yeah? What do ya think it is?
GABRIELE1B93D4W7A7.YAKA1B93D4W.7A7 I guess so.
GABRIELE1B93D4WNA1.YAKA1B93D4W.NA1 You seem pretty sure about findin' that treasure.
GABRIELE1CA3D0GBA1.YAKA1CA3D0G.BA1 Havin' better luck with sand worms here?
GABRIELE1CA3D0GBA3.YAKA1CA3D0G.BA3 If you find the treasure, I'll laugh out of any orifice you desire.
GABRIELE1CA3D398L1.YAKA1CA3D39.8L1 Got a new spot, huh?
GABRIELE1CA3D398L3.YAKA1CA3D39.8L3 Nope. Just saw the bike and wondered what was goin' on.
GABRIELE1CA3D398L5.YAKA1CA3D39.8L5 Ooh. Oscar Wilde watch out.
GABRIELE1CA3D5BKO1.YAKA1CA3D5B.KO1 So. Is there somethin' special about this place?
GABRIELE1CA3D5BKO3.YAKA1CA3D5B.KO3 I kinda figured out that part.
GABRIELE1CA3D5BKO5.YAKA1CA3D5B.KO5 Are the names s'posed to mean somethin'?
GABRIELE1DNBI2F0L1.YAKA1DNBI2F.0L1 Excuse me, Roxanne?
GABRIELE1DNBI2F0L3.YAKA1DNBI2F.0L3 What's up this mornin'? I saw you talkin' to Jean.
GABRIELE1DNBI2F0L6.YAKA1DNBI2F.0L6 Gee, that sounds bad. Why don't you let me take a look?
GABRIELE1DNBI2F0L8.YAKA1DNBI2F.0L8 Roxanne, this could be serious. Mr. Wilkes would want us to make sure he's not in any trouble.
GABRIELE1DNBI2F0LA.YAKA1DNBI2F.0LA Personally, I've learned never to underestimate a woman.
GABRIELE1DNBI2F7V3.YAKA1DNBI2F.7V3 About Mr. Wilkes . . . You know somethin'? I've learned to trust a woman's instincts.
GABRIELE1DNBI2F7V5.YAKA1DNBI2F.7V5 Sure. So . . . what got you upset this mornin'?
GABRIELE1DNBI2F7V8.YAKA1DNBI2F.0L6 Gee, that sounds bad. Why don't you let me take a look?
GABRIELE1DNBI2F7VA.YAKA1DNBI2F.0L8 Roxanne, this could be serious. Mr. Wilkes would want us to make sure he's not in any trouble.
GABRIELE1DNBI2F7VC.YAKA1DNBI2F.0LA Personally, I've learned never to underestimate a woman.
GABRIELE1DNBI2FD93.YAKA1DNBI2F.D93 Not exactly. But don't worry. We'll find him.
GABRIELE1DNBI5D411.YAKA1DNBI5D.411 Say, Roxanne. My pants are a little dirty. Would you be able to clean 'em for me?
GABRIELE1DNBI5D413.YAKA1DNBI5D.413 I was kinda hopin' you'd do it while I wait.
GABRIELE1DNBI5D415.YAKA1DNBI5D.415 Call me Gabriel.
GABRIELE1DNBI5D417.YAKA1DNBI5D.417 Yeah. I'm a kidder.
GABRIELE1E4401IBI2.YAKA1E4401I.BI2 Thanks.
GABRIELE1E4A2345Z1.YAKA1E4A234.5Z1 Hey, how are ya? My name's Knight, Gabriel Knight.
GABRIELE1E4A2345Z3.YAKA1E4A234.5Z3 Emilio. Great. Are you a guest of the hotel?
GABRIELE1E4A2345Z5.YAKA1E4A234.5Z5 So am I.
GABRIELE1E4A2345Z7.YAKA1E4A234.5Z7 Yeah. I guess so.
GABRIELE1E4A234971.YAKA1E4A234.971 Hey. How ya doin'? My name is Knight, Gabriel Knight.
GABRIELE1E4A234973.YAKA1E4A234.973 Emilio. Interestin' name. Where ya from anyway?
GABRIELE1E4A234975.YAKA1E4A234.975 Huh. Hey, you with that tour group by any chance?
GABRIELE1E4A24O3Z1.YAKA1E4A24O.3Z1 Nice place, huh? Did you get in last night?
GABRIELE1E4A24O3Z3.YAKA1E4A24O.3Z3 Not too late, I hope.
GABRIELE1E4A24O3Z5.YAKA1E4A24O.3Z5 Did ya drive in?
GABRIELE1E4A24WNR1.YAKA1E4A24W.NR1 Are you a treasure hunter, Emilio?
GABRIELE1E4A24WNR3.YAKA1E4A24W.NR3 Well, that's true enough. So what do you think the treasure is?
GABRIELE1E4CU0S0H1.YAKA1E4CU0S.0H1 You've got a tour group stayin' here?
GABRIELE1E4CU0S0H4.YAKA1E4CU0S.0H4 Yeah. I'm lucky as all get out.
GABRIELE1E4CU4OCZ1.YAKA1E4CU4O.CZ1 I was peekin' at the hotel register? You wouldn't by any chance recall the actual *times* people checked in, would ya?
GABRIELE1E4CU4W971.YAKA1E4CU4W.971 I hear there's s'posed to be a treasure around here. You know anythin' about it?
GABRIELE1E5CU0I241.YAKA1E5CU0I.241 Maybe somebody else who works here might have seen the two men?
GABRIELE1E5CU0I291.YAKA1E5CU0I.291 Say, Jean, have you seen two men with a large trunk around the hotel? Maybe checkin' in?
GABRIELE1E5CU0S1M1.YAKA1E5CU0S.1M1 Do you know anythin' about the tour group, Jean?
GABRIELE1E5CU36PF1.YAKA1E5CU36.PF1 Is there anythin' I should know about the town?
GABRIELE1E86L1IAC2.YAKA1E86L1I.AC2 I did not go with the tour, no. You're quick, Jean.
GABRIELE1E86L1IAC4.YAKA1E86L1I.AC4 That's all right, Jeanie babe. I've gone longer without repastin'.
GABRIELE1E86L1IAC6.YAKA1E86L1I.AC6 Don't sweat it.
GABRIELE1E86L3W8Z4.YAKA1E86L3W.8Z4 No, you see I just . . . I got mixed up and thought my room was . . .
GABRIELE1E86L3W8Z6.YAKA1E86L3W.8Z6 Oh! Yeah. See, I couldn't find the mayo and . . . well, you know a sandwich just isn't a sandwich without the white stuff.
GABRIELE1E86L3W8Z8.YAKA1E86L3W.8Z8 Hmmm. I 's'pose I could stand a nibble or two.
GABRIELE1E8CU08A91.YAKA1E8CU08.A91 Say, Jean? I was wonderin' if you could tell me about the other guest rooms.
GABRIELE1E8CU08A93.YAKA1E8CU08.A93 Monsieur is peachy, thanks. But I was thinkin' Gracie and I might come back sometime. You know.
GABRIELE1E8CU08A96.YAKA1E8CU08.A96 So there are four rooms on the dumb waiter?
GABRIELE1E8CU08A98.YAKA1E8CU08.A98 But no dumb waiter.
GABRIELE1E8CU08A9A.YAKA1E8CU08.A9A What about Mosely's room?
GABRIELE1E8CU1M7C1.YAKA1E8CU1M.7C1 Hey, Jean. You know, I *am* feelin' a bit peckish.
GABRIELE1E8CU1M7C3.YAKA1E8CU1M.7C3 No! Really, I can take care of myself. That is, if you don't mind me goin' into the kitchen. I can make a sandwich or somethin'.
GABRIELE1E8CU1M7C7.YAKA1E8CU1M.7C7 Get over yourself.
GABRIELE1E9E01B3N1.YAKA1E9E01B.3N1 I noticed you all movin' suitcases around upstairs. Was there a problem with your room?
GABRIELE1E9E01B3N9.YAKA1E9E01B.3N9 Yeah. I've . . . uh . . . heard that.
GABRIELE1EF1Y0IPF1.YAKA1EF1Y0I.PF1 You didn't see two men with a trunk last night, did you? Maybe outside in the parking lot? Or drivin' around town?
GABRIELE1EF1Y28PF1.YAKA1EF1Y28.PF1 Did you see -- or hear -- a baby last night?
GABRIELE1EF1Y4OPF1.YAKA1EF1Y4O.PF1 I was lookin' at the register. Do you remember exactly when people arrived last night?
GABRIELE1EF1Y4OPF5.YAKA1EF1Y4O.PF5 What time did Buchelli get here?
GABRIELE1EF1Y4OPF7.YAKA1EF1Y4O.PF7 Nervous? What do you get nervous about?
GABRIELE1EF401I4N2.YAKA1EF401I.4N2 It is, actually. Thanks for askin'.
GABRIELE1EFA239PF2.YAKA1EFA239.PF2 What's up tonight, Emilio?
GABRIELE1EFA239PF4.YAKA1EFA239.PF4 Uh . . . Not really. Nothin' special, that is.
GABRIELE1EK3D39E21.YAKA1EK3D39.E21 Hey, Wilkes.
GABRIELE1EK3D39E23.YAKA1EK3D39.E23 Slept in.
GABRIELE1EK3D39E25.YAKA1EK3D39.E25 I heard.
GABRIELE1EK3D39E29.YAKA1EK3D39.E29 Throats cut?
GABRIELE1EK3D39E2B.YAKA1EK3D39.E2B No, thanks. But I appreciate the info.
GABRIELE1EK401IJ03.YAKA1EK401I.J03 It does kinda suck, dunnit?
GABRIELE1EK401IJ05.YAKA1EK401I.J05 I have a way of missin' the boat. Is that all you've heard about it?
GABRIELE1EK401IJ07.YAKA1EK401I.J07 Maybe not all of 'em.
GABRIELE1EKCU7H5A1.YAKA1EKCU7H.5A1 Say, Jean -- do you guys do wake-up calls? Maybe you could have Simone buzz the room for me about 2 a.m.?
GABRIELE1EKCU7H5A3.YAKA1EKCU7H.5A3 You won't let me down now, will ya?
GABRIELE1ELCU390Z1.YAKA1ELCU39.0Z1 How's life, Jean?
GABRIELE1ELCU397W1.YAKA1ELCU39.7W1 Have you noticed anythin' peculiar goin' on with the guests?
GABRIELE1ELCU39FP1.YAKA1ELCU39.FP1 I just want you to know, you're doin' a *great* job.
GABRIELE1ELCU39FP3.YAKA1ELCU39.FP3 Don't mention it.
GABRIELE1ENCU2F431.YAKA1ENCU2F.431 Have you seen Wilkes yet, Jean?
GABRIELE1ENCU390L1.YAKA1ENCU39.0L1 Is everythin' okay, Jean? Roxanne looked kind of upset.
GABRIELE1ENCU390L3.YAKA1ENCU39.0L3 What kinda feelings?
GABRIELE1ENCU390L6.YAKA1ENCU39.0L6 No. I haven't.
GABRIELE1EP6L3WEA4.YAKA1EP6L3W.EA4 Ah, she's busy with her research. She'll be in the room for . . .
GABRIELE1EP6L3WEA5.YAKA1EP6L3W.EA5 Oh. Hey, Grace. Wanna go to Rennes-les-Bains with us?
GABRIELE1EP6L3WEA9.YAKA1EP6L3W.EA9 Uh-uh. We *need* you, right Madeline?
GABRIELE1EP6L3WEAC.YAKA1EP6L3W.EAC Don't work too hard. Get some dinner.
GABRIELE1EPC71I662.YAKA1EPC71I.662 I'm not. That doesn't mean I care to watch *you* belly up to the trough.
GABRIELE1EPC71I663.YAKA1EPC71I.663 Besides, you're just settin' yourself up for a fall. Gracie doesn't like you that way.
GABRIELE1EPC71I665.YAKA1EPC71I.665 I dunno. Younger, maybe. Good lookin'. A *nice* guy. She deserves a nice guy.
GABRIELE1EPC71I667.YAKA1EPC71I.667 Ah, that's purely chemical. Poor kid. See, I've got this pheromone thing goin' on.
GABRIELE1EPC71I669.YAKA1EPC71I.669 Ha. Ha. You never could stand my success with women.
GABRIELE1EPC71I66B.YAKA1EPC71I.66B Ah, back off, Lancelot!
GABRIELE1EPC71I66H.YAKA1EPC71I.66H We can make room.
GABRIELE1EPC71I66J.YAKA1EPC71I.66J Wouldn't miss it.
GABRIELE1EPC71I66N.YAKA1EPC71I.66N Pheromones.
GABRIELE1EPC71I66P.YAKA1EPC71I.66P Why not? Sex worked for Bond.
GABRIELE1EPC71I66R.YAKA1EPC71I.66R Yeah. What'd I tell ya? Havin' her around is like wearin' a freakin' chastity belt.
GABRIELE1EPC71I66S.YAKA1EPC71I.66S But *Madeline* doesn't have a roommate.
GABRIELE1F98Y39291.YAKA1F98Y39.291 Signore Buchelli. Hey, what's up?
GABRIELE1F98Y39293.YAKA1F98Y39.293 Yeah. 'Specially with binocs. See anythin' interestin'?
GABRIELE1F98Y39295.YAKA1F98Y39.295 Oh. Right. That.
GABRIELE1FJ1A316H1.YAKA1FJ1A31.6H1 The Priory *does* have issues with Prince James though, dunnit? *Political* issues?
GABRIELE1FJ1A316H5.YAKA1FJ1A31.6H5 Yeah. Revolutions can really fuck-up your long-term conspiracies. I take it the Priory doesn't like the idea of the Stewarts regainin' power?
GABRIELE1FJ1A316H7.YAKA1FJ1A31.6H7 I see your point. Those bagpipes can get annoyin'.
GABRIELE1FJ1A356H1.YAKA1FJ1A35.6H1 The Priory's tryin' to get official permission to excavate in the area, innin' that right?
GABRIELE1FJ1A356H4.YAKA1FJ1A35.6H4 And what, exactly, are you plannin' to excavate?
GABRIELE1FJ1A356H6.YAKA1FJ1A35.6H6 Really? Includin' yours? Have they told *you* what it is?
GABRIELE1FJ1A3N6H1.YAKA1FJ1A3N.6H1 Excelsior Montreaux, the owner of Château de Serres. Is he a Priory member, too?
GABRIELE1FJ1A3N6H3.YAKA1FJ1A3N.6H3 Just wonderin'.
GABRIELE1FJ1A4W6H1.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H1 So there really *is* a treasure?
GABRIELE1FJ1A4W6H3.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H3 So why don't you just go in and take it?
GABRIELE1FJ1A4W6H5.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6H5 You don't know where it is! Do you?
GABRIELE1FJ1A4W6HA.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6HA That's why you've leaked information, innit? You hoped someone would solve the riddle *for* you.
GABRIELE1FJ1A4W6HC.YAKA1FJ1A4W.6HC What *is* it you're so determined to unveil?
GABRIELE1FJ1A5OPF1.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF1 Excuse me, Mr. Arnaud.
GABRIELE1FJ1A5OPF3.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF3 I've been meanin' to ask you somethin'.
GABRIELE1FJ1A5OPF5.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF5 I've been meanin' to ask you about your association with the Priory of Sion.
GABRIELE1FJ1A5OPF7.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PF7 Prince James' men. See, I'm workin' for Prince James. I came here to see about the kidnappin' myself.
GABRIELE1FJ1A5OPFA.YAKA1FJ1A5O.PFA And tell me, what sorts of things *would* the Priory stoop to?
GABRIELE1FJBG22NW1.YAKA1FJBG22.NW1 I'll talk to you later.
GABRIELE1FK1A3A291.YAKA1FK1A3A.291 Good afternoon, Abbé Arnaud. How was the tour?
GABRIELE1FK1A3A297.YAKA1FK1A3A.297 Should I be?
GABRIELE1FK1A3A299.YAKA1FK1A3A.299 You ever meet these two men?
GABRIELE1FK1A3A29B.YAKA1FK1A3A.29B And you don't know who might of . . . you know . . .
GABRIELE1FK1A3A29D.YAKA1FK1A3A.29D Not much for games myself.
GABRIELE1H34Y4P4PK.YAKA1H34Y4P.4PK Wha . . . ?
GABRIELE1H34Y4P4PP.YAKA1H34Y4P.4PP It's all right.
GABRIELE1H44Y4PV79.YAKA1H44Y4P.V79 Did two men with a trunk get off here, by any chance?
GABRIELE1H44Y4PV7B.YAKA1H44Y4P.V7B Which way did they go?
GABRIELE1H44Y4PV7D.YAKA1H44Y4P.V7D Oh. Where are we anyway?
GABRIELE1H44Y4PV7G.YAKA1H44Y4P.V7G 'preciate it.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4P2Y5.YAKA1HE4Y4P.2Y5 The baby is safe.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4P2Y8.YAKA1HE4Y4P.2Y8 Tell 'em, Mose.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4P2YF.YAKA1HE4Y4P.2YF Odd. I'm just startin' to realize how much I . . . *didn't* . . . mean it. Excuse me.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4P2YI.YAKA1HE4Y4P.2YI Grace, you'll never believe . . .
GABRIELE1HE4Y4PTF1.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TF1 . . . So they chased me for miles! Good thing I had the Harley.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4PTF3.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TF3 Yeah. Vanity works, too.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4PTFK.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TFK Wait a minute -- this is about the *kid*. I'm not puttin' my butt on the line so you guys can get rich.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4PTFN.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TFN Hmmm. Just don't get too far ahead of me, bucko. Now let's see that map.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4PV9C.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9C Just . . . uh . . . just glad Charlie's okay.
GABRIELE1HE4Y4PV9F.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9F Nooo! . . . What's he up to?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P0D1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.0D1 The second thief couldn't hold onto it either. It was stolen for the *third* time by . . .
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P0P1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.0P1 Of course we can. Can't we, Grace?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P4X1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4X1 Great. We've got that settled.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P4X2.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4X1 Great. We've got that settled.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P4X7.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4X7 All right. But if I don't find that manuscript, I'll be comin' to see ya, *Signore*.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P4XB.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XB 'Kay. I'll check it out. Thanks.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P4XD.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XD I'll come up and see it later, all right? Right now I've got much bigger problems.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P592.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.592 Just a minute, Gracie. Why don't you take a seat?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P593.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.593 All right. Fun time's over. I wanna know what's goin' on and I wanna know *now*.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P596.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.596 Then lemme give ya a *clue*. Earlier today I had a certain unpublished manuscript in my room. Someone *took* that manuscript and that someone was . . .
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P855.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.855 Goddamn it! I've *got* to find that manuscript!
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P857.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.857 (SIGH) That's somethin' at least. I'll check it out.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P859.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.859 Not now, Grace. I'll come up later.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4P8K1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.8K1 Shortly afterwards it was stolen from the first thief by . . .
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQ7.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQ7 Mademoiselle Buthane? What's your excuse?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQ9.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQ9 Don't you? Let's consider the fact that you have *way* too much equipment for a tour guide.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQB.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQB And lethal. My guess is French Internal Secret Service.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQD.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQD And you, Signore? Or should I call you *Father*?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQF.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQF But you're not just a priest are you? You came on a train from Rome, yet you lied --you said it was Naples. Why tell such a pointless fabrication unless you were hidin' somethin'? Like the fact that you're with the Vatican?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQH.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQH But stealin' manuscripts *is*.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQJ.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQJ Sure. I'm a private investigator. I'm here about the kidnappin' of Prince James of Albany's infant son.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQM.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQM You really didn't know? Either of you?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PIQR.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQR That's why you were given this assignment?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PKT2.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.KT2 Madeline Buthane.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PKT3.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.KT3 Victorio Buchelli.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PKT5.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.KT5 Someone from the hotel.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PKT6.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.KT6 I'm not.. sure who it was.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PO82.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O82 Doesn't look it.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PO85.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O85 I doubt they invented one strong enough for Madeline.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PO86.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O86 Thanks for finding the manuscript. Where was it?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PO88.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O88 Good job, Grace. As usual.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PO8C.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O8C I'll . . . come up later, okay?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS92.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S92 I noticed! Well I didn't see a buzzer down at the gate so I had to come up. I hate to bother y'all, but I'm leavin' the area today? And I *really* need to ask Mr. Montreaux just a few more teensy questions.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS96.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S96 Boy, I've had some of those! This is probably *really* inconvenient, but I'm leavin' France today? And I was hopin' to feature Serres in my article. You made quite an impression on me.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS98.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S98 Oh, yeah! What I was *really* hopin' was to snag a few more bottles of that Merlot? My editors won't let me give anythin' five stars unless they've tasted it, and boy, that Merlot deserves five stars.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9B.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9B I'm guessin' you guys have a wine cellar -- am I right?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9D.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9D Could we go down *there* and get the wine? It'd make a much more romantic openin' for my article. I could just make it up but, as you said yourself, God is in the details.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9G.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9G Wow! I *knew* this place would be great!
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9H.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9H I was readin' about those Roman mines they had around here? Does this cellar attach to anythin' like that?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9K.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9K I've been thinkin' about what you said? About how the breedin' of grapes is like the breedin' of people?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9M.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9M Oh, it's a terrific analogy! Maybe even the angle on my new story. So would you say this Merlot is like, say, a *King* of wines? (LAUGHS) Or just a courtier?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9O.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9O Look at that! God, am I an idiot!
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9X.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9X Right. (CLEARS THROAT NERVOUSLY) Gosh, look at the time. I have that flight to catch. I'll just . . .
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PS9Y.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.S9Y I'll . . . uh . . . thanks. See myself out.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTD7.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQ7 Mademoiselle Buthane? What's your excuse?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTD9.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQ9 Don't you? Let's consider the fact that you have *way* too much equipment for a tour guide.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTDB.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQB And lethal. My guess is French Internal Secret Service.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTDD.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.TDD And you, Signore? You aren't interested in the treasure. In fact, you have no *apparent* reason for being here at all.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTDF.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQH But stealin' manuscripts *is*.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTDH.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQJ Sure. I'm a private investigator. I'm here about the kidnappin' of Prince James of Albany's infant son.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTDK.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQM You really didn't know? Either of you?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTDN.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.TDN Then *why* were you given this assignment, Ms. Buthane?
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTE1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4X1 Great. We've got that settled.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTE6.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4X7 All right. But if I don't find that manuscript, I'll be comin' to see ya, *Signore*.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTEA.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XB 'Kay. I'll check it out. Thanks.
GABRIELE1HJ4Y4PTEC.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XD I'll come up and see it later, all right? Right now I've got much bigger problems.
GABRIELE1HL4Y4P1U5.YAKA1HL4Y4P.1U5 Yeah, but *what*? What's the secret of Rennes-le-Château?
GABRIELE1HN4Y4PKC4.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KC4 Yeah. Kinda inevitable.
GABRIELE1HN4Y4PKC6.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KC6 Did you have breakfast?
GABRIELE1HN4Y4PKCG.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCG Our friend Larry Chester buried it last night. Or should I say Larry *Sinclair*.
GABRIELE1HN4Y4PKCJ.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCJ Did you read it, then?
GABRIELE1HN4Y4PKCL.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCL Oh. Well, would you mind readin' it? I've gotta figure out why Sinclair lied, and why he felt compelled to play Jolly Roger last night.
GABRIELE1HN4Y4PKCN.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCN Grace'll do it. Why the hell are you so interested anyway?
GABRIELE1HN4Y4PKCP.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCP Wait . . . um . . . Grace, I'll grab a shower later so . . . you know, the room's all yours.
GABRIELE1HP4Y4PQW3.YAKA1HP4Y4P.QW3 Hi! Um . . . I just got back and I was tryin' to . . . What're you doin' with Wilkes, Grace?
GABRIELE1J2AW0I241.YAKA1J2AW0I.241 Could you just tell me *exactly* what you saw? Two men with a trunk came out of the train station and . . .
GABRIELE1J2AW0I291.YAKA1J2AW0I.291 You were here last night. Did *you* see two men with a trunk come out of the station? Just before I did?
GABRIELE1J2AW0I293.YAKA1J2AW0I.293 No? What'd they do?
GABRIELE1J2AW0I295.YAKA1J2AW0I.295 Yes, but *how*? Did they have a car parked here?
GABRIELE1J2AW34PF3.YAKA1J2AW34.PF3 Sure. Um . . . You took me over to Rennes-le-Château, right?
GABRIELE1J2AW34PF6.YAKA1J2AW34.PF6 Yes! Well. Thanks for joggin' my memory.
GABRIELE1J2AW3CAD3.YAKA1J2AW3C.AD3 What kinda car?
GABRIELE1J2AW3CAD5.YAKA1J2AW3C.AD5 What was the make?
GABRIELE1J2AW3CAD7.YAKA1J2AW3C.AD7 You want *more* money?
GABRIELE1J2AW3CAD9.YAKA1J2AW3C.AD9 Oh. Well, what about color?
GABRIELE1J2AW3CADD.YAKA1J2AW3C.ADD Hmmm . . . One more thing -- which way did they go?
GABRIELE1LF442V291.YAKA1LF442V.291 Hey, Grace. What's this picture doin' here?
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3U4.YAKA1LF6L3W.3U4 I checked at the train station. The taxi driver saw the two men and the trunk. They were picked up by a black sedan. He didn't get the model but he said it looked expensive.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3U6.YAKA1LF6L3W.3U6 They headed for the main valley loop.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3U8.YAKA1LF6L3W.3U8 I haven't seen any trace of the baby. But there's a tour group stayin' here. Most of them arrived last night. None of them are the men from the train, but they might be linked somehow.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3U9.YAKA1LF6L3W.3U9 Emilio Baza and a Signore Buchelli arrived at the hotel around the time of the Paris train. Buchelli claims he came in on a train from Naples, but Couiza doesn't have a Naples route.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3UB.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UB Wait. There's somethin' I didn't tell Prince James on the phone.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3UD.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UD When I was comin' to on the train I heard one of the kidnappers say somethin' in French. I remember the words 'san greal'. It means 'holy grail.'
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3UE.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UE Do you have any idea what the holy grail might have to do with Prince James' son?
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3UM.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UM Yeah. That's his prerogative.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3UO.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UO Who says they weren't? I *saw* them. There was somethin' not right about 'em at all.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3US.YAKA1LF6L3W.3US I don't think Prince James has the grail. Look, there's this whole treasure-hunting thing linked to this town. I don't have time to explain. Could you please hook up SIDNEY and check out the grail and vampires?
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3UU.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UU And . . . um . . . Looks like you might have to stay with me. The hotel's booked up.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3UW.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UW No! That's fine. You must have been really worried. Sorry, Gracie.
GABRIELE1LF6L3W3UX.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UX I'm gonna go keep an eye on my replacements.
GABRIELE1LF6L3WQ55.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q55 Actually, it would be a good chance to do some snoopin' around here. Besides, it sounds like a monumental snore.
GABRIELE1LF6L3WQ57.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q57 What people *think* about the treasure, sure. As for the treasure itself, it sounds like a snark hunt. Right, Mose?
GABRIELE1LF6L3WQ5A.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q5A I didn't say they weren't connected, I'm just more interested in the suspects than diggin' around in the dirt. Right, Mose?
GABRIELE1LF6L3WQ5D.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q5D Fine. Now could we talk about, oh let's see, the *case* for a minute?
GABRIELE1LF6L4RGO4.YAKA1LF6L4R.GO4 How do *you* know it's Freemason?
GABRIELE1LF6L4RGO6.YAKA1LF6L4R.GO6 Yeah. Like the location of all the Dunkin' Donuts in town.
GABRIELE1LF6L4RK14.YAKA1LF6L4R.K14 That's true, Gracie. Life is good.
GABRIELE1LF6L4RK15.YAKA1LF6L4R.K15 Come on, poster boy.
GABRIELE1LF6L4RM31.YAKA1LF6L4R.M31 I'm . . . not really sure. It was pretty complicated -- like some kinda secret password or somethin'.
GABRIELE1LF6L4RM35.YAKA1LF6L4R.M35 How would *you* know?
GABRIELE1LFB50TJK1.YAKA1LFB50T.JK1 I saw Madeline downstairs. She was lookin' for ya, Mose.
GABRIELE1LFB51W701.YAKA1LFB51W.701 Let's see if I can remember it.
GABRIELE1LFB552II1.YAKA1LFB552.II1 If Prince James' men are Freemasons, then what about the Abbé? Who's 'the Order'?
GABRIELE1LFB552II3.YAKA1LFB552.II3 Who's the natural enemy of the Freemasons?
GABRIELE1LFB552II6.YAKA1LFB552.II6 There ya go. The Abbé *is* a priest.
GABRIELE1LFB552II8.YAKA1LFB552.II8 Gracie, I think you have an idealized view of the Catholic Church.
GABRIELE1LFB552IIA.YAKA1LFB552.IIA Hmmm. Maybe. I'll look into it.
GABRIELE1LFB55IPF1.YAKA1LFB55I.PF1 I followed Prince James' men tonight.
GABRIELE1LFB55IPF3.YAKA1LFB55I.PF3 First they had a little chat with the local Abbé. Accused him of takin' the baby. The Abbé swore 'the Order' had nothin' to do with it.
GABRIELE1LFB55IPF5.YAKA1LFB55I.PF5 Then they went to see Larry Chester out by Blanchefort. The guy's s'pose to be a British scholar, but Mallory and MacDougall knocked on his door and gave him this weird freakin' handshake.
GABRIELE1LFB57YPP1.YAKA1LFB57Y.PP1 Am I missing' somethin'? Why would Prince James send Freemasons down here?
GABRIELE1LFB57YPP4.YAKA1LFB57Y.PP4 How the hell would you know, Mr. New Orleans?
GABRIELE1LFDC20F21.YAKA1LFDC20.F21 I'll be back.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS61.YAKA1LJ173F.S61 Can we talk about the case for a minute?
GABRIELE1LJ173FS63.YAKA1LJ173F.S63 I've been thinkin' about our list of suspects. Larry and Prince James are Freemasons. The Abbé is Priory. I think we can cross 'em off.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS65.YAKA1LJ173F.S65 Yeah. Makes ya think about renouncin' your U.S. citizenship, dunnit?
GABRIELE1LJ173FS67.YAKA1LJ173F.S67 There's still Emilio -- and the two British gals.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS6B.YAKA1LJ173F.S6B I agree. He's our best suspect at the moment. I'll go check out Serres again. In the meantime, you keep an eye on Emilio, Lady Howard, and Estelle.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS71.YAKA1LJ173F.S61 Can we talk about the case for a minute?
GABRIELE1LJ173FS73.YAKA1LJ173F.S73 I've been thinkin' about the list of suspects. I haven't been able to pin down everyone yet -- particuarly Madeline, Buchelli, and that bean-head, Mosely.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS75.YAKA1LJ173F.S75 But I have the feelin' that those three aren't involved in the kidnappin'.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS77.YAKA1LJ173F.S77 Prince James and Larry are Freemasons and the Abbé's Priory. I *don't* think the Priory did it. There's just no reason for them to do somethin' so . . . alienatin'.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS79.YAKA1LJ173F.S79 Thanks. I know a couple.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS7B.YAKA1LJ173F.S7B Yeah -- he's an odd one. Always sneakin' around. Plus Lady Howard and Estelle.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS7D.YAKA1LJ173F.S7D I know. But they're hidin' *somethin'*.
GABRIELE1LJ173FS7G.YAKA1LJ173F.S6B I agree. He's our best suspect at the moment. I'll go check out Serres again. In the meantime, you keep an eye on Emilio, Lady Howard, and Estelle.
GABRIELE1LJ173QEK1.YAKA1LJ173Q.EK1 Where'd you say the manuscript might be again?
GABRIELE1LJ173QRY1.YAKA1LJ173Q.RY1 Hey, Gracie. I found the manuscript. Your instincts were spot on -- it was buried in a hole behind that orange rock.
GABRIELE1LJ173QRY3.YAKA1LJ173Q.RY3 No kiddin'.
GABRIELE1LJ175X411.YAKA1LJ175X.411 You've made some progress with SIDNEY, you said?
GABRIELE1LJ175X413.YAKA1LJ175X.413 Well, what'd you find out?
GABRIELE1LJ175X415.YAKA1LJ175X.415 That *does* sound promisin'. Maybe we can go over it later. I have a few last things I wanna do first.
GABRIELE1LK1710CG1.YAKA1LK1710.CG1 Is anyone actually buyin' this stuff about Jesus having descendents?
GABRIELE1LK1710CG4.YAKA1LK1710.CG4 That's what they say.
GABRIELE1LK1710CG6.YAKA1LK1710.CG6 The Merovingians are supposed to be descendents of Jesus?
GABRIELE1LK1710CGB.YAKA1LK1710.CGB Gee those wacky popes -- ya just can't trust 'em.
GABRIELE1LK1710FF1.YAKA1LK1710.FF1 What's this got to do with the Templars and Freemasons and Priory of Sion again?
GABRIELE1LK1710FF4.YAKA1LK1710.FF4 Proof? Like what? A 2000 year old birth certificate with the father listed as 'the son of God'?
GABRIELE1LK1710FF8.YAKA1LK1710.FF8 Like Martin Luther and the Catholics.
GABRIELE1LK1710FFA.YAKA1LK1710.FFA The Professor and Mr. Howell.
GABRIELE1LK171XHI1.YAKA1LK171X.HI1 I know it's difficult, but come back from the light, Gracie . . . come back, come back.
GABRIELE1LK171XHI3.YAKA1LK171X.HI3 So what's it . . .
GABRIELE1LK171XHI7.YAKA1LK171X.HI7 Go on, Grace. Tell *us* about the book.
GABRIELE1LK172ELI1.YAKA1LK172E.LI1 So what's this grail theory you mentioned?
GABRIELE1LK172ELI7.YAKA1LK172E.LI7 And that secret is?
GABRIELE1LK1739241.YAKA1LK1739.241 Excited about this new case?
GABRIELE1LK1739243.YAKA1LK1739.243 Yeah. Me too.
GABRIELE1LK1739291.YAKA1LK1739.291 So how you feelin'?
GABRIELE1LK1739293.YAKA1LK1739.293 Yeah? Guess you were pretty worried when I disappeared from Prince James' house.
GABRIELE1LK1739295.YAKA1LK1739.295 There just wasn't time, Gracie.
GABRIELE1LK1739IG1.YAKA1LK1739.IG1 So how's the book?
GABRIELE1LK1739K61.YAKA1LK1739.K61 I'd kinda like to know what the book says.
GABRIELE1LK174W6L1.YAKA1LK174W.6L1 How does this relate to the treasure?
GABRIELE1LK174W6L4.YAKA1LK174W.6L4 Well. It's a theory.
GABRIELE1LK1752QT1.YAKA1LK1752.QT1 Here's a random thought. That whole argument between Prince James' men and the Abbé? If the men were Freemasons, could the Abbé be Priory?
GABRIELE1LK1752QT3.YAKA1LK1752.QT3 Montreaux?
GABRIELE1LK1752QT5.YAKA1LK1752.QT5 Hmmm . . . I'll have to check it out.
GABRIELE1LK1752QT9.YAKA1LK1752.QT9 Reagan and Bush.
GABRIELE1LK1752QTB.YAKA1LK1752.QTB Siegfried and Roy.
GABRIELE1LK175OKJ1.YAKA1LK175O.KJ1 So what's the Priory's agenda?
GABRIELE1LK175OLI1.YAKA1LK175O.LI1 I'm not sure I wanna know but . . . Who -- or what -- is 'the Priory?'
GABRIELE1LK175OLI4.YAKA1LK175O.LI4 What's that got to do with now?
GABRIELE1LK175OPK1.YAKA1LK175O.PK1 So what's the Priory's agenda in Rennes-le-Château?
GABRIELE1LK177Y4G1.YAKA1LK177Y.4G1 What's this got to do with the Templars and the Freemasons?
GABRIELE1LK177Y4G3.YAKA1LK177Y.4G3 What's that got to do with Rennes-le-Château?
GABRIELE1LK1H59412.YAKA1LK1H59.412 Playin' harmonica.
GABRIELE1LK1H59414.YAKA1LK1H59.414 The guy's about as innocent as a French dance troop. I don't know *what* he's guilty of, but he's guilty of somethin'.
GABRIELE1LK1H59416.YAKA1LK1H59.416 Well, gee. Guess he can't be a suspect then, can he?
GABRIELE1LK1H59418.YAKA1LK1H59.418 'Kay. Thanks.
GABRIELE1LK6L3W3G1.YAKA1LK6L3W.3G1 Grace, aliens just landed outside. They've got your mother.
GABRIELE1LK6L3W612.YAKA1LK6L3W.612 I am. In a minute.
GABRIELE1LK6L3W621.YAKA1LK6L3W.621 OOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!
GABRIELE1LK6L3W6S1.YAKA1LK6L3W.6S1 What is it?
GABRIELE1LK6L3W6S6.YAKA1LK6L3W.6S6 The tour group found the bodies?
GABRIELE1LK6L3W6S8.YAKA1LK6L3W.6S8 Notice anythin' suspicious about people's reactions?
GABRIELE1LK6L3W6SB.YAKA1LK6L3W.6SB It might be more productive if you stay here and keep an eye on things. You don't mind, do you?
GABRIELE1LK6L3W6SD.YAKA1LK6L3W.6SD Thata girl. I'll be back soon.
GABRIELE1LK6L3W6SF.YAKA1LK6L3W.6SF Hmmm. I'll go check it out.
GABRIELE1LK6L3WE61.YAKA1LK6L3W.E61 How's it goin'.
GABRIELE1LK6L3WIL3.YAKA1LK6L3W.IL3 Thank you, oh guardian of the clock.
GABRIELE1LK6L3WIL5.YAKA1LK6L3W.IL5 You mean at Château de Serres? You're right -- the guy's probably into one of these secret societies. You shouldda heard him go on about alchemy. But . . . I dunno. He seemed more bookish than anything.
GABRIELE1LK6L3WIL7.YAKA1LK6L3W.IL7 Speaking of which, Larry Chester is definitely lying. He said MacDougal and Mallory just 'stopped by' last night for directions. I couldn't get him to crack.
GABRIELE1LK6L3WILB.YAKA1LK6L3W.ILB So that's what it takes.
GABRIELE1LK6L3WILD.YAKA1LK6L3W.ILD So are we gonna eat or what? I'm starved.
GABRIELE1LK6L3WILH.YAKA1LK6L3W.ILH No, I think that's a *great* idea. In fact, I think we should be goin' right now. *Shouldn't* we, 'Mose'?
GABRIELE1LK6L3WMU2.YAKA1LK6L3W.MU2 Don't worry about it.
GABRIELE1LK6L3WQA2.YAKA1LK6L3W.QA2 Hey. Just because I keep walking in here mindlessly doesn't mean . . . doesn't mean I don't have somethin' on my mind!
GABRIELE1LK6L4RIY1.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY1 Was there anythin' else I should know about the book?
GABRIELE1LK6L4RIY4.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY4 The Stewarts! Prince James is a bloodline descendent?
GABRIELE1LK6L4RIY6.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY6 It *does* kinda change the whole picture, dunnit?
GABRIELE1LK6L4RIY8.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY8 You catchin' a train?
GABRIELE1LK6L4RIYC.YAKA1LK6L4R.IYC There's somethin' up with him.
GABRIELE1LN1710MG1.YAKA1LN1710.MG1 What's the manuscript say about the bloodline?
GABRIELE1LN1710MG3.YAKA1LN1710.MG3 Unicorn?
GABRIELE1LN1710MG5.YAKA1LN1710.MG5 No wonder the Catholic Church had a conniption. But . . . is there any way this bloodline thing could be legit?
GABRIELE1LN1710MG7.YAKA1LN1710.MG7 That's just the line I feed Catholic girls, but go on.
GABRIELE1LN1710MG9.YAKA1LN1710.MG9 That explains how it might be possible, but it's hardly proof.
GABRIELE1LN172EMG1.YAKA1LN172E.MG1 Does Sinclair mention the holy grail in the manuscript?
GABRIELE1LN172EMG6.YAKA1LN172E.MG6 Sang real? What's that mean?
GABRIELE1LN172EMG8.YAKA1LN172E.MG8 Wow. I wonder if that's what they were saying on the train. 'It's royal blood.'
GABRIELE1LN172EMGA.YAKA1LN172E.MGA Kinda brings the whole vampire theory back onto the playin' field, dunnit?
GABRIELE1LN172FPV1.YAKA1LN172F.PV1 Guess what I found today?
GABRIELE1LN172FPV3.YAKA1LN172F.PV3 Wilkes' corpse.
GABRIELE1LN172FPV5.YAKA1LN172F.PV5 I found him at L'Homme Mort. Looks like they took him right out of his room last night.
GABRIELE1LN172FPV7.YAKA1LN172F.PV7 Creepy, innit? They were in the hotel. Weird, 'cause I was dreamin' about 'em. That's why I . . . um . . .
GABRIELE1LN172FPV9.YAKA1LN172F.PV9 Just like Prince James' men. Throat cut, blood drained into a pool.
GABRIELE1LN172FPVB.YAKA1LN172F.PVB What *was* his big theory, anyway?
GABRIELE1LN172FPVD.YAKA1LN172F.PVD Sure. You keep workin' on that. I've got some ideas of my own to follow up.
GABRIELE1LN1731MG1.YAKA1LN1731.MG1 Did you get the impression that the manuscript was tryin' to set Prince James up for somethin'?
GABRIELE1LN1731MG3.YAKA1LN1731.MG3 What about rulership? Did it mention anythin' about a throne?
GABRIELE1LN1731MG5.YAKA1LN1731.MG5 Position the house of Stewart as monarchs over the EU? Yeah. I think that's *exactly* what they're tryin' to do.
GABRIELE1LN173QPV1.YAKA1LN173Q.PV1 Did you check out the Bloodline manuscript?
GABRIELE1LN17490F1.YAKA1LN1749.0F1 Is there . . . is there anythin' more in there about the unicorn imagery?
GABRIELE1LN17490F3.YAKA1LN1749.0F3 Yeah.
GABRIELE1LN17490F5.YAKA1LN1749.0F5 Oh.
GABRIELE1LN175IMG1.YAKA1LN175I.MG1 I'm still not sure I see the connection between Sinclair and Prince James' men.
GABRIELE1LN177YMG1.YAKA1LN177Y.MG1 What's the manuscript say about the Freemasons?
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP51.YAKA1LN6L4R.P51 That doesn't sound like a moped.
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP53.YAKA1LN6L4R.P53 Damn! It's Prince James!
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP54.YAKA1LN6L4R.P54 Where's the manuscript? I've got to get it back to Larry before he runs to his boss and complains.
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP56.YAKA1LN6L4R.P56 Oooohhh. Don't tell me that, Grace. Grace?
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP58.YAKA1LN6L4R.P58 Shit! Okay. Let me think.
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP59.YAKA1LN6L4R.P59 It's about time I pinned down our old squirmy friend from the NOPD. I'll get him out of town for a bit.
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP5B.YAKA1LN6L4R.P5B Tell him I'm out workin' on the case. I can't see him til I've got that manuscript, or he'll have my head on a platter.
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP5D.YAKA1LN6L4R.P5D Yeah, the bum. But do me a favor and look around here. Just in case I'm wrong.
GABRIELE1LN6L4RP5H.YAKA1LN6L4R.P5H I don't believe this.
GABRIELE1OJ6L3W292.YAKA1OJ6L3W.292 If I'd known what Mr. Sinclair here was up to, I wouldn't have taken it in the first place.
GABRIELE1OJ6L3W295.YAKA1OJ6L3W.295 Absolutely.
GABRIELE1OJ6L4RQ82.YAKA1OJ6L4R.Q82 I've narrowed it down to a few suspects. In fact, I was gonna follow up on that right now.
GABRIELE1OJ6L4RQ84.YAKA1OJ6L4R.Q84 Absolutely. And . . . try not to worry.
GABRIELE1OJ6L4RQ86.YAKA1OJ6L4R.Q86 Yeah? I've had shots for that but it . . . uh . . . never mind. I'll see ya.
GABRIELE1OJFX10Q81.YAKA1OJFX10.Q81 Do you consider yourself to be a bloodline descendent, Prince James?
GABRIELE1OJFX35S31.YAKA1OJFX35.S31 You're tryin' to get permits to excavate out here, aren't you?
GABRIELE1OJFX373L1.YAKA1OJFX37.3L1 Does the grapevine motif mean anythin' to you? Viticulture in general?
GABRIELE1OJFX373L6.YAKA1OJFX37.3L6 Oh, it's . . . uh . . . it's in the church.
GABRIELE1OJFX3QQ81.YAKA1OJFX3Q.Q81 So you think the kidnappin' is a response to Sinclair's manuscript -- to it's positionin' you as the head of the bloodline.
GABRIELE1OJFX3QQ83.YAKA1OJFX3Q.Q83 Have you received any demands from the kidnappers or . . .
GABRIELE1OJFX3QQ87.YAKA1OJFX3Q.Q87 Perhaps it's not political.
GABRIELE1OJFX3QQ89.YAKA1OJFX3Q.Q89 I'm sorry. I know how awful this is.
GABRIELE1OJFX5TQ81.YAKA1OJFX5T.Q81 What are these negotiations between the Freemasons and the Priory about?
GABRIELE1OJFX5US31.YAKA1OJFX5U.S31 What kind of 'property' do the Freemasons have?
GABRIELE1OJFX5US33.YAKA1OJFX5U.S33 Like what? The arc of the covenent? Somethin' like that?
GABRIELE1OJFX5VS31.YAKA1OJFX5V.S31 What about the Priory? What do they have that *you* want?
GABRIELE1OJFX5VS33.YAKA1OJFX5V.S33 The treasure of Rennes-le-Château?
GABRIELE1QE6L3W296.YAKA1QE6L3W.296 Stop whinin'! Look at this place.
GABRIELE1QE6L3W298.YAKA1QE6L3W.298 What -- you wanna lead?
GABRIELE1QEGA63DD2.YAKA1QEGA63.DD2 Hey, I got one open!
GABRIELE1QEGB62TI1.YAKA1QEGB62.TI1 We're in this big room. The floor reminds me of the floor in the church -- black and white tiles. Mean anythin' to you?
GABRIELE1QEGB62TO1.YAKA1QEGB62.TO1 Any more 'tidbits' on the chessboard thing?
GABRIELE1QEGB62TO3.YAKA1QEGB62.TO3 I'm about the size of a playin' piece in relation to it.
GABRIELE1QEGB62TP1.YAKA1QEGB62.TP1 You've got to have more hermetical wisdom than that.
GABRIELE1QERY7M291.YAKA1QERY7M.291 Do these two pillars do somethin'?
GABRIELE1QERY7M293.YAKA1QERY7M.293 Okay. But do they *do* anythin'?
GABRIELE1QEV57M291.YAKA1QEV57M.291 Those words at the other end of the hall . . .
GABRIELE1QEV57M293.YAKA1QEV57M.293 Meanin' . . . ?
GABRIELE1QEV57M295.YAKA1QEV57M.295 Like the map maybe?
GABRIELE1REGB62TV1.YAKA1REGB62.TV1 Gracie? Can you give me a run down on the meanin' of the circle?
GABRIELE1SEH362UH1.YAKA1SEH362.UH1 Grace? I'm in some kinda maze. Got any ideas?
GABRIELE1SEH362V11.YAKA1SEH362.V11 Grace? I think I've got a handle on this place. It's square-shaped and in each corner is a kind of . . . well, some kind of vent or spigot or somethin'.
GABRIELE1SEH362V16.YAKA1SEH362.V16 Uh-huh. Right. I'll keep tryin'.
GABRIELE1TEHC6D291.YAKA1TEHC6D.291 Gracie? What's 'Elige unum' mean?
GABRIELE1TEHD6D291.YAKA1TEHD6D.291 Grace? Can you translate 'Elige magistrum'?
GABRIELE1TEHP6D291.YAKA1TEHP6D.291 Here's another one for you. "Agnosce Naturam Corporas Tui."
GABRIELE1TEHP6D293.YAKA1TEHP6D.293 Well it ain't Kansas. I'll buzz ya later.
GABRIELE1TEHQ6D291.YAKA1TEHQ6D.291 Ready for another one? "Agnosce Naturam Mentis Tuae."
GABRIELE1TEHQ6D293.YAKA1TEHQ6D.293 Ah . . . no. Thank you.
GABRIELE1TEHR6D291.YAKA1TEHR6D.291 Grace? I've got another one. "Elige viam."
GABRIELE1TEHR6D293.YAKA1TEHR6D.293 Okey-dookey.
GABRIELE1UE6L3WQ84.YAKA1UE6L3W.Q84 Glad I could help.
GABRIELE1UE6L3WQ85.YAKA1UE6L3W.Q85 I guess we have to pick one of those.
GABRIELE1UE6L3WQ87.YAKA1UE6L3W.Q87 I don't mean to be rude, but I thought *you* were s'posed to be the expert.
GABRIELE1UEI222Q81.YAKA1UEI222.Q81 I'm gonna try this one.
GABRIELE1UEI422VX1.YAKA1UEI422.VX1 All right. Guess we'll try this funky one.
GABRIELE1UEI422VX3.YAKA1UEI422.VX3 No, no! *I'll* go first. I insist.
GABRIELE1UEI565W03.YAKA1UEI565.W03 *You* hate it? I was the one who . . . Uh-oh.
GABRIELE1UEI565W06.YAKA1UEI565.W06 I'm ready if you are.
GABRIELE1UEI565W08.YAKA1UEI565.W08 Are you sure?
GABRIELE1VE6L3W412.YAKA1VE6L3W.412 I'm a liar and you're a blood-suckin' vampire. Now that we've got that straight . . .
GABRIELE1VE6L3W413.YAKA1VE6L3W.413 Give me the kid.
GABRIELE1VE6L3W415.YAKA1VE6L3W.415 You . . . uh . . . you can't do that. You've gotta have time to savor a good vintage.
GABRIELE1VE6L3W417.YAKA1VE6L3W.417 Yeah? Why don't you come out of there and give it your best shot -- old man.
GABRIELE1VE6L3W41A.YAKA1VE6L3W.41A *Not* good.
GABRIELE1VE6L3W41D.YAKA1VE6L3W.41D Ooooh. Definitely not good.
GABRIELE1VEI662291.YAKA1VEI662.291 Grace? Um . . .What can you tell me about fighting a demon?
GABRIELE1VEI662295.YAKA1VEI662.295 Got ya. Better run.
GABRIELE1W99Y5N401.YAKA1W99Y5N.401 Hey, how ya doin'? I wanna rent a bike.
GABRIELE1W99Y5N404.YAKA1W99Y5N.404 Nope. I'm on my own.
GABRIELE1W99Y5N406.YAKA1W99Y5N.406 What?
GABRIELE1W99Y5N409.YAKA1W99Y5N.409 *This* piece of crap? Ah, come on!
GABRIELE1W99Y5N40A.YAKA1W99Y5N.40A I was kinda hopin' for this baby. What is this, a WWII army issue?
GABRIELE1W99Y5N40C.YAKA1W99Y5N.40C Well, who gets the Harley?
GABRIELE1W99Y5N40E.YAKA1W99Y5N.40E Oh yeah. Like *that's* gonna happen.
GABRIELE1WHJX4H411.YAKA1WHJX4H.411 Hey! Anybody in there?
GABRIELE1WHJZ4HPF1.YAKA1WHJZ4H.PF1 Anybody home? I wanna rent a bike!
GABRIELE2IE6L3W411.YAKA2IE6L3W.411 Damn it! Could we *stop* with the fallin' stuff already?
GABRIELE2IEGB62VC1.YAKA2IEGB62.VC1 Hey Gracie -- I've just entered a new area, and there's a statue of Solomon here. Ring any bells?
GABRIELE2IEHB6D291.YAKA2IEHB6D.291 Grace, I need a translation. I think it's Latin. "Pentum initiantibus sacrourum signi superesse licet."
GABRIELE2IEHB6D294.YAKA2IEHB6D.294 Piece of cake.