SpeakerDialog File Audio FileLine
GRACEE02O6D2Z282.YAKA02O6D2Z.282 Crap! I hope the link comes up soon!
GRACEE07F2M1BPF1.YAKA07F2M1B.PF1 Gabriel! Are you all right?
GRACEE07PA239291.YAKA07PA239.291 How are you feeling, Mr. Baza?
GRACEE07PA239293.YAKA07PA239.293 It was quite a shock wasn't it?
GRACEE07PA239295.YAKA07PA239.295 Um . . . the two dead men?
GRACEE07PA239297.YAKA07PA239.297 You know, you're the first person who's asked me that.
GRACEE08B561J291.YAKA08B561J.291 Wow! This place is *rigged*.
GRACEE08B561J292.YAKA08B561J.292 I wonder if that's a *bad* thing?
GRACEE08B6L4RL51.YAKA08B6L4R.L51 Oh my god . . .
GRACEE08B6L4RL52.YAKA08B6L4R.L52 That's *great*! I think.
GRACEE0DP1A170G1.YAKA0DP1A17.0G1 I was reading about the Magdalen statue in the church pamphlet . . .
GRACEE0DP1A170G3.YAKA0DP1A17.0G3 So . . . were they related to the local Magdalen cult?
GRACEE0DP1A1G0G1.YAKA0DP1A1G.0G1 The church pamphlet talks about a 'sunrise line' on July 22nd. Does that really happen?
GRACEE0DP1A1G0G3.YAKA0DP1A1G.0G3 Was that intentional, do you think?
GRACEE0DP1A1G0G5.YAKA0DP1A1G.0G5 But that would mean . . . Someone had to *choose* the location of Blanchefort quite deliberately. It is *younger* than the church, isn't it?
GRACEE0DP1A4W411.YAKA0DP1A4W.411 Do *you* think there's a buried treasure around here?
GRACEE0DP6L3W292.YAKA0DP6L3W.292 Hi. I was looking around town tonight. It's a beautiful church.
GRACEE0DPBC20PF1.YAKA0DPBC20.PF1 I'd better get going. Thanks, Abbé Arnaud.
GRACEE0DPBH1B291.YAKA0DPBH1B.291 Is he a friend of yours?
GRACEE0DPBH1B293.YAKA0DPBH1B.293 I've *heard* of it.
GRACEE0DPMD44291.YAKA0DPMD44.291 You have a lot of books on the area.
GRACEE0DPMD44293.YAKA0DPMD44.293 No, I wasn't . . . er, fine.
GRACEE0E17639291.YAKA0E17639.291 Having fun?
GRACEE0E17639293.YAKA0E17639.293 That's what it says on my birth certificate.
GRACEE0E17639295.YAKA0E17639.295 Mosely?
GRACEE0E17639297.YAKA0E17639.297 I've seen him.
GRACEE0E17639299.YAKA0E17639.299 You mean, 'did he dig up the treasure last night'? I doubt it.
GRACEE0E1763929B.YAKA0E17639.29B Uh, excuse me. What was that?
GRACEE0E1763929D.YAKA0E17639.29D Sure. I'll get right on that.
GRACEE0F75P4Y291.YAKA0F75P4Y.291 Excuse me?
GRACEE0F75P4Y293.YAKA0F75P4Y.293 Do you know anything about an envelope taped to your door last night?
GRACEE0F75P4Y295.YAKA0F75P4Y.295 A large manila envelope?
GRACEE0F75P4Y297.YAKA0F75P4Y.297 That must be it. Thanks.
GRACEE0FQ5P4YQS1.YAKA0F75P4Y.291 Excuse me?
GRACEE0FQ5P4YQS3.YAKA0F75P4Y.293 Do you know anything about an envelope taped to your door last night?
GRACEE0FQ5P4YQS5.YAKA0F75P4Y.295 A large manila envelope?
GRACEE0FQ5P4YQS7.YAKA0F75P4Y.297 That must be it. Thanks.
GRACEE0G61239PF1.YAKA0G61239.PF1 Hey, Mose.
GRACEE0G61239PF3.YAKA0G61239.PF3 Sure. Great.
GRACEE0G68Y1BPF1.YAKA0G68Y1B.PF1 How are you, Signore Buchelli?
GRACEE0G68Y1BPF3.YAKA0G68Y1B.PF3 Absolutely. I find this whole treasure enigma really fascinating.
GRACEE0HB121IOO2.YAKA0HB121I.OO2 I thought I heard something.
GRACEE0HB121IOO4.YAKA0HB121I.OO4 Nothing. I mean, it was just a wine press.
GRACEE0HB121IOO6.YAKA0HB121I.OO6 You were *occupied*.
GRACEE0HB121IOOB.YAKA0HB121I.OOB Thanks a lot, Mose.
GRACEE0HB6L181G1.YAKA0HB6L18.1G1 Oh my God! It sounds like a baby crying!
GRACEE0KD6L3WGV2.YAKA0KD6L3W.GV2 No thank you.
GRACEE0KD6L3WGV4.YAKA0KD6L3W.GV4 You left that copy of 'Le Serpent Rouge' at the museum for me, didn't you?
GRACEE0KD6L3WGV6.YAKA0KD6L3W.GV6 And the little notes at the center of the circle and the arms of the hexagram . . .
GRACEE0KD6L3WGV8.YAKA0KD6L3W.GV8 I don't get it. If you wanted to help Gabriel and I, why didn't you just be open about it?
GRACEE0KD6L3WGVA.YAKA0KD6L3W.GVA You're part of the Secret Brotherhood, aren't you? You and Mesmi?
GRACEE0KD6L3WGVC.YAKA0KD6L3W.GVC No. I mean, yes. Sit.
GRACEE0KD6L3WGVE.YAKA0KD6L3W.GVE And Montreaux . . . he's one of the others -- the ones who steal the blood?
GRACEE0KD6L3WGVG.YAKA0KD6L3W.GVG I don't understand. Why doesn't the Brotherhood just stop the vampires?
GRACEE0MD6L3WJS4.YAKA0MD6L3W.JS4 Huh. So where'd Dr. Wen find these artifacts, anyway?
GRACEE0MD6L3WJS6.YAKA0MD6L3W.JS6 His accident?
GRACEE0MD6L3WJSB.YAKA0MD6L3W.JSB I'm not surprised. That cosmic alien logic's a bitch. Can I . . . just look at the pictures, please?
GRACEE0MD6L3WJSF.YAKA0MD6L3W.JSF Can I borrow the photograph? I promise I'll get it back to you.
GRACEE0MD6L3WJSI.YAKA0MD6L3W.JSI I'd better go. Good luck, Estelle.
GRACEE0PB1A39411.YAKA0PB1A39.411 Abbé Arnaud, what do you know about Château de Serres?
GRACEE0PB1A3N6E1.YAKA0PB1A3N.6E1 Do you know Monsieur Montreaux well?
GRACEE0RB6L18KV2.YAKA0RB6L18.KV2 Uh. . . Hallo. Bathroom? How you say. . .bathroom?
GRACEE0RB6L18KV4.YAKA0RB6L18.KV4 Me no speak. . . English, French, me no speak.
GRACEE0RB6Q2DHG1.YAKA0RB6Q2D.HG1 Oh my god. It's just a *doll*.
GRACEE0SB6L3WSZ1.YAKA0SB6L3W.SZ1 Geez! That was *weird*.
GRACEE0T77P39291.YAKA0T77P39.291 Hi.
GRACEE0T77P39294.YAKA0T77P39.294 Not exactly. You?
GRACEE0T77P39296.YAKA0T77P39.296 Oh! I'll just . . . run along.
GRACEE0V7E039292.YAKA0V7E039.292 You know, there was that funny revolution deal a while back. Have you heard? France is a free country now.
GRACEE0V7E04W411.YAKA0V7E04W.411 Finding anything, Estelle?
GRACEE0V7E04W413.YAKA0V7E04W.413 How'd you guys pick this spot anyway?
GRACEE0V7E04W417.YAKA0V7E04W.417 Dr. Wen, huh? He needs to get a computer.
GRACEE0Z61207LO1.YAKA0Z61207.LO1 Hey, Mose! Do you know anything about that document they were arguing about -- 'Le Serpent Rouge'?
GRACEE0Z61207LO3.YAKA0Z61207.LO3 Uh . . . You mean 'Moulin Rouge.' That was a cabaret, Mose. And a painting by Toulouse Lautrec.
GRACEE0Z6120QPF1.YAKA0Z6120Q.PF1 How'd you get into the Rennes-le-Château mystery anyway? I never heard of it.
GRACEE0Z6122JPF1.YAKA0Z6122J.PF1 So. You spent some time with your 'old pal' yesterday?
GRACEE0Z6122JPF3.YAKA0Z6122J.PF3 I figured. You know, Gabriel and I, we've been pretty close -- I mean, working together and everything.
GRACEE0Z6122JPF5.YAKA0Z6122J.PF5 What?
GRACEE0Z6122JPF7.YAKA0Z6122J.PF7 Did he say something about me?
GRACEE0Z6122JPF9.YAKA0Z6122J.PF9 Gabriel's changed a lot, Mose.
GRACEE0Z6124WPF1.YAKA0Z6124W.PF1 You never told me what you thought about the treasure.
GRACEE0Z6124WPF3.YAKA0Z6124W.PF3 Like what?
GRACEE0Z6124WPF5.YAKA0Z6124W.PF5 What?
GRACEE0Z6124WPF7.YAKA0Z6124W.PF7 What about Gabriel?
GRACEE0Z6124WPF9.YAKA0Z6124W.PF9 Okay. It's probably best not to talk around the others anyway.
GRACEE0Z61A07LO1.YAKA0Z6A207.LO1 Do *you* know anything about 'Le Serpent Rouge'?
GRACEE0Z63D07LO1.YAKA0Z63D07.LO1 Mr. Wilkes? You seem to know something about this 'Le Serpent Rouge' thing.
GRACEE0Z63D07LO3.YAKA0Z63D07.LO3 You don't seem too interested in it.
GRACEE0Z63D39LO1.YAKA0Z63D39.LO1 Good morning, Mr. Wilkes.
GRACEE0Z63D39LO3.YAKA0Z63D39.LO3 Yes. It's *Nakimura*, by the way. *Ms*.
GRACEE0Z63D4WJG1.YAKA0Z63D4W.JG1 You have it all figured out? You know where the treasure is?
GRACEE0Z63D5D311.YAKA0Z63D5D.311 You know, I'm not exactly *with* Mr. Knight.
GRACEE0Z63D5D313.YAKA0Z63D5D.313 That's right. I've *heard* you have some interesting equipment.
GRACEE0Z63D5D315.YAKA0Z63D5D.315 Oh? You . . . You don't know what you're missing.
GRACEE0Z63D5D317.YAKA0Z63D5D.317 Sure. You bet. Later.
GRACEE0Z63D5D318.YAKA0Z63D5D.318 Eeeeah!
GRACEE0Z67607LO1.YAKA0Z67607.LO1 So you *are* the tour guide, right? What is 'Le Serpent Rouge'?
GRACEE0Z67607LO3.YAKA0Z67607.LO3 And it's hard to find a copy. . . I take it ?
GRACEE0Z67639LO1.YAKA0Z67639.LO1 Hello Madeline.
GRACEE0Z67639LO3.YAKA0Z67639.LO3 You can call me Grace.
GRACEE0Z67639LO5.YAKA0Z67639.LO5 Interesting lecture.
GRACEE0Z68Y07LO1.YAKA0Z68Y07.LO1 Have you heard of 'Le Serpent Rouge' before, Signore Buchelli?
GRACEE0Z68Y39PF1.YAKA0Z68Y39.PF1 Hello, Signore Buchelli. Great view, huh?
GRACEE0Z6A207LO1.YAKA0Z6A207.LO1 Do *you* know anything about 'Le Serpent Rouge'?
GRACEE0Z6A207LO3.YAKA0Z6A207.LO3 Really? Do you have a copy?
GRACEE0Z6A239PF1.YAKA0Z6A239.PF1 It's a nice view, isn't it, Mr. Baza?
GRACEE0Z6A239PF3.YAKA0Z6A239.PF3 Have you been to this area before?
GRACEE0Z6A239PF5.YAKA0Z6A239.PF5 It's my first time in France.
GRACEE0Z6E007LO1.YAKA0Z6E007.LO1 I overheard you with Madeline. What is 'Le Serpent Rouge'?
GRACEE0Z6E007LO6.YAKA0Z6E007.LO6 Me? Of course not.
GRACEE0Z6E039LO1.YAKA0Z6E039.LO1 Good morning, ladies.
GRACEE0Z6E039LO6.YAKA0Z6E039.LO6 Oh, don't worry about me. Worst sort. Couldn't agree with you more. So . . .Are you enjoying the tour?
GRACEE10LFP32PF1.YAKA10LFP32.PF1 Where was Osiris when the star shone over Bethlehem?
GRACEE10LFP32PF2.YAKA10LFP32.PF2 Who could know *exactly* where I'm going? Not even *Gabriel* knows what I'm doing. Or *cares*, for that matter.
GRACEE10LHZ32PF1.YAKA10LHZ32.PF1 Who were the Magi?
GRACEE1571O32411.YAKA1571O32.411 Who's *leaving* these things?
GRACEE17112390M1.YAKA1711239.0M1 Hey, Mose.
GRACEE17112390M3.YAKA1711239.0M3 No, thanks. I have a message for you. From Madeline. She'd *really* like to talk to you.
GRACEE17112395U2.YAKA1711239.5U2 No. I'm not really hungry.
GRACEE17112395U4.YAKA1711239.5U4 That's okay. I'm kind of . . . you know . . . getting some stuff done this morning.
GRACEE17112395U6.YAKA1711239.5U6 Sure.
GRACEE17112395U8.YAKA1711239.5U8 YES.
GRACEE17112395UA.YAKA1711239.5UA You want it back? 'Cause . . .
GRACEE17112395UC.YAKA1711239.5UC Oh. Okay.
GRACEE1718Y39291.YAKA1718Y39.291 Signore Buchelli, good morning.
GRACEE1718Y39293.YAKA1718Y39.293 Are you enjoying the tour so far?
GRACEE1718Y39295.YAKA1718Y39.295 Really? Well, you have quite an imagination then, seeing how we found two dead bodies yesterday.
GRACEE1718Y39297.YAKA1718Y39.297 Uh-huh. What makes you think those two were involved in conspiracy and subterfuge?
GRACEE171E039291.YAKA171E039.291 Good morning Lady Howard, Estelle.
GRACEE171E039293.YAKA171E039.293 Did you enjoy your bridge game last night?
GRACEE171E039296.YAKA171E039.296 Oh, no. You know what they say, a good night's rest can work wonders.
GRACEE176760SPF1.YAKA176760S.PF1 Hi. Are you Madeline Buthane?
GRACEE176760SPF3.YAKA176760S.PF3 I'm Grace Nakimura, a friend of Mosely's. I'd like to join your tour.
GRACEE176760SPF5.YAKA176760S.PF5 You must be talking about Gabriel.
GRACEE176760SPF7.YAKA176760S.PF7 Hmmm. You told him it would be two thousand francs?
GRACEE176760SPF9.YAKA176760S.PF9 What?
GRACEE176760SPFB.YAKA176760S.PFB Sure. Fine. Thank you so much.
GRACEE177E039292.YAKA177E039.292 Ah . . . no.
GRACEE17D8839292.YAKA17D8839.292 Hi. What are you guys doing?
GRACEE17D8839295.YAKA17D8839.295 Not the one you want though, huh? Oh well. Can't win them all.
GRACEE17D8839298.YAKA17D8839.298 I haven't heard from him. I'll let you know if I do.
GRACEE17P121IOO5.YAKA17P121I.OO5 No thank you.
GRACEE17P8Y39411.YAKA17P8Y39.411 Good evening, Signore Buchelli.
GRACEE17P8Y39413.YAKA17P8Y39.413 Have you quite recovered from this afternoon?
GRACEE17PE0393C1.YAKA17PE039.3C1 How are you feeling, Lady Howard? Better I hope?
GRACEE17PE0393C4.YAKA17PE039.3C4 I'm sorry. Um . . . how's dinner? That tomato sauce smells divine.
GRACEE17PE0393C8.YAKA17PE039.3C8 Sure. Sorry. Bye.
GRACEE18PBC4HZI1.YAKA18PBC4H.ZI1 Hello? Abbé Arnaud?
GRACEE19B661B411.YAKA19B661B.411 Excuse me?
GRACEE19B661B413.YAKA19B661B.413 You . . . don't speak English, do you? I'll just . . .
GRACEE19B661B415.YAKA19B661B.415 Let go. I don't know what you're saying. Let GO.
GRACEE19B661B417.YAKA19B661B.417 Stop it!
GRACEE19B6L3WPF1.YAKA19B6L3W.PF1 Oh, great!
GRACEE19B6L3WPF2.YAKA19B6L3W.PF2 It's just a wine press.
GRACEE1A69C4HN91.YAKA1A69C4H.N91 Mose? It's time for the tour!
GRACEE1A6CQ32PF1.YAKA1A6CQ32.PF1 There's a poem in here!
GRACEE1A6CQ32PF2.YAKA1A6CQ32.PF2 "The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine, Both the blood in the arteries and the blood in the vein, Both the source of grace and the clear fountain."
GRACEE1A6CQ32PF3.YAKA1A6CQ32.PF3 "The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine, And the same artery and the same vein, And the same blood and the troubled fountain . . ."
GRACEE1ADBW4HGV1.YAKA1ADBW4H.GV1 I think it's time we had a talk, Mr. Baza.
GRACEE1B16932411.YAKA1B16932.411 Where did the bloodline of the Pharaohs go? Look to he who is legendary for his wisdom to find the answer.
GRACEE1B16932412.YAKA1B16932.412 How bizarre! Who would leave such a thing? And why?
GRACEE1E6401IMN2.YAKA1E6401I.MN2 I heard you were booked. It's all right. I'm staying in Mr. Knight's room.
GRACEE1E6401IMN4.YAKA1E6401I.MN4 No. See, we *work* together, and with the couch the room's really large enough . . . Well, I'd prefer my *own* room, naturally, but there isn't one, so . . .
GRACEE1E6401IMN6.YAKA1E6401I.MN6 Fine.
GRACEE1E7401IFC5.YAKA1E7401I.FC5 Hello, James. It's nice to see you again.
GRACEE1E7401IFC7.YAKA1E7401I.FC7 Um . . . He's out in the valley I think. Working on the case.
GRACEE1E7401IFC9.YAKA1E7401I.FC9 I think so. But he'd better tell you himself.
GRACEE1E7401IFCB.YAKA1E7401I.FCB Of course.
GRACEE1E7A239RW1.YAKA1E7A239.RW1 Hello, Mr. Baza. Have you . . . been out today?
GRACEE1ED1Y2JPF1.YAKA1ED1Y2J.PF1 Hi, Simone. Have you seen Mr. Knight?
GRACEE1ED1Y2JPF3.YAKA1ED1Y2J.PF3 Missing? Oh, no! I just . . . uh . . . didn't know if he'd gotten back yet. Thanks.
GRACEE1ED5M01I71.YAKA1ED5M01.KE1 I heard Lady Howard mention some Egyptian artifacts that were found here.
GRACEE1ED5M01I73.YAKA1ED5M01.I73 Hmmm. All right. I'll show you my copy of 'Le Serpent Rouge' if you tell me. But it *better* be good.
GRACEE1ED5M01KE1.YAKA1ED5M01.KE1 I heard Lady Howard mention some Egyptian artifacts that were found here.
GRACEE1ED5M0CCI1.YAKA1ED5M0C.CI1 If I show you my copy of 'Le Serpent Rouge,' will you tell me about the Egyptian artifacts?
GRACEE1ED5M0CH91.YAKA1ED5M0C.H91 Estelle, I've been meaning to ask -- you didn't lose this, did you?
GRACEE1ED5M0CH94.YAKA1ED5M0C.H94 Don't you *know*?
GRACEE1ED5M0CH96.YAKA1ED5M0C.H96 No! You left this riddle for me just like you left the book and all those notes . . . didn't you?
GRACEE1ED5M0CH9A.YAKA1ED5M0C.H9A I'll think about it.
GRACEE1EL1Y39I31.YAKA1EL1Y39.I31 How are you this evening, Simone?
GRACEE1EL1Y39I33.YAKA1EL1Y39.I33 Oh, just peachy.
GRACEE1EL1Y39I41.YAKA1EL1Y39.I41 Anything new, Simone?
GRACEE1EL1Y39I43.YAKA1EL1Y39.I43 Ah, well. Never mind.
GRACEE1EOCU393M1.YAKA1EOCU39.3M1 How's everything?
GRACEE1EOCU396N1.YAKA1EOCU39.6N1 Anything new, Jean?
GRACEE1EOCU39981.YAKA1EOCU39.981 This may sound weird, but have you noticed anything . . . unusual lately?
GRACEE1EP1Y36411.YAKA1EP1Y36.411 Have you seen anything . . . oh, I don't know . . . 'curious' around town lately?
GRACEE1EP1Y36413.YAKA1EP1Y36.413 What?
GRACEE1EP1Y36416.YAKA1EP1Y36.416 Ah, well. It happens to the best of us.
GRACEE1EP1Y4WPF1.YAKA1EP1Y4W.PF1 Do you know anything about the treasure, Simone?
GRACEE1EP1Y4WPF3.YAKA1EP1Y4W.PF3 Yeah. I know. Thanks anyway.
GRACEE1EP401IHO2.YAKA1EP401I.HO2 I bet he did.
GRACEE1EP6L3WEVA.YAKA1EP6L3W.EVA No thank you. Why don't you ask . . .
GRACEE1EQCU4W291.YAKA1EQCU4W.291 Jean, I've been working on the location of the treasure. Do you have any insight?
GRACEE1EQCU4W293.YAKA1EQCU4W.293 Okay! Thanks.
GRACEE1F11A39291.YAKA1F11A39.291 Hi there, Abbé Arnaud.
GRACEE1F11A39293.YAKA1F11A39.293 How's the view today?
GRACEE1F11A39295.YAKA1F11A39.295 You haven't seen any more dead bodies, have you?
GRACEE1F11A39297.YAKA1F11A39.297 Oh. I suppose that's a good thing.
GRACEE1F61A34PF1.YAKA1F61A34.PF1 Excuse me?
GRACEE1F61A34PF3.YAKA1F61A34.PF3 This place is open to the public, isn't it?
GRACEE1F61A34PF5.YAKA1F61A34.PF5 Oh? The scenery's not bad either. Are you with the tour group?
GRACEE1F61A34PF7.YAKA1F61A34.PF7 Oh, I'm with the tour. That is, I will be after this morning. We're taking a tour of the valley.
GRACEE1F61A34PF9.YAKA1F61A34.PF9 You'll have to ask Madeline Buthane if you want to go with us. She's the tour group leader.
GRACEE1F61A34PFC.YAKA1F61A34.PFC Nakimura.
GRACEE1F77639291.YAKA1F77639.291 Well, well, well. Looking for fresh meat?
GRACEE1F77639293.YAKA1F77639.293 It's quite a drop, isn't it?
GRACEE1F77639295.YAKA1F77639.295 I guess *you* wouldn't have to worry much about heights, would ya?
GRACEE1F77639297.YAKA1F77639.297 They're around.
GRACEE1H84Y4PHB2.YAKA1H84Y4P.HB2 Just wondering what Gabriel is up to.
GRACEE1HB4Y4PN81.YAKA1HB4Y4P.N81 Is anything the matter, Mr. Baza?
GRACEE1HB4Y4PN83.YAKA1HB4Y4P.N83 Should I get Madeline?
GRACEE1HB4Y4PN85.YAKA1HB4Y4P.N85 Are you sure? I don't think Madeline would mind driving you back to the hotel.
GRACEE1HB4Y4PN8C.YAKA1HB4Y4P.N8C In a minute. I want to look around first.
GRACEE1HD4Y4PNU7.YAKA1HD4Y4P.NU7 So Jesus *was* the Kenosh Kania?
GRACEE1HD4Y4PNUF.YAKA1HD4Y4P.NUF What about the vampires? Where do they come in?
GRACEE1HD4Y4PNUJ.YAKA1HD4Y4P.NUJ Jesus was immortal?
GRACEE1HD4Y4PNUL.YAKA1HD4Y4P.NUL So what happened with the young initiate?
GRACEE1HD4Y4PNUR.YAKA1HD4Y4P.NUR So Sinay's group -- the Adepts -- are still after the blood?
GRACEE1HD4Y4PNUU.YAKA1HD4Y4P.NUU Now the window is open again.
GRACEE1HD4Y4PNUW.YAKA1HD4Y4P.NUW Is the baby -- Charlie -- the Kenosh Kania?
GRACEE1HD4Y4PQY1.YAKA1HD4Y4P.QY1 They've been mixing the blood as you have, but in their own bodies.
GRACEE1HD4Y4PQY4.YAKA1HD4Y4P.QY4 So what will happen if they take his blood?
GRACEE1HD4Y4PQY7.YAKA1HD4Y4P.QY7 It's Gabriel! Thank heaven.
GRACEE1HD4Y4PSF2.YAKA1HD4Y4P.SF2 Where could he be?
GRACEE1HD4Y4PSRN.YAKA1HD4Y4P.SRN Oh my God. What is going *on*?
GRACEE1HE4Y4PTF6.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TF6 I've been trying to tell you. SIDNEY helped me find it.
GRACEE1HE4Y4PTFI.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TFI What about . . . the treasure?
GRACEE1HE4Y4PTFL.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TFL It's not what you think.
GRACEE1HE4Y4PTFO.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TFO Here. The first shape I put on was the circle, then the tilted square . . .
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV81.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V81 I don't hear anything -- just walking.
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV82.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V82 There's something I've been wondering. I read about the vampires looking for the Wandering Jew. He exists, doesn't he? And it has something to do with the blood of Jesus?
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV84.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V84 But it's not the way the legends claim, is it? Jesus cursing someone to 'go on'.
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV86.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V86 The *vampires* didn't get the blood of Jesus, but someone else *did*.
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV8H.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V8H Your fingertips are worn smooth!
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV8I.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V8I But . . . I don't get it! If *you've* got the power of the Kenosh Kania why didn't you stop the vampires a long time ago!
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV8L.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V8L *Never*? Not for *anything*?
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV8O.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V8O But that must be . . . That must be . . .
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV9J.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9J God, why doesn't he *say* something!
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV9L.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9L They are? Are you sure?
GRACEE1HE4Y4PV9M.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9M Where are you going?
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P0P2.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.0P2 Sure! Of course we can. We have solid proof on all three of you.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P161.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.161 And the *third* thief disposed of it by . . .
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P4X6.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4X6 I think I have an idea where it might be.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P4XA.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XA I saw a moped parked off the road. It was south of Blanchefort near a big orange rock.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P4XC.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XC And I've made some real progress with SIDNEY.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P4XE.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XE You certainly do.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P591.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.591 What's up?
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P854.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.854 Why do I have the feeling that could have gone better?
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P856.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.856 Hmmm . . . I did see a moped parked off the road. It was just south of Blanchefort, near a big orange rock.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P858.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.858 And we *really* need to talk about SIDNEY and the treasure.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4P85A.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.85A If you say so.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PFY1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.FY1 . . . burning it!
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PFY2.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.FY2 . . . burying it!
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PFY3.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.FY3 . . . selling it!
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PHY1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.HY1 Uh . . . yeah. He *can* prove it. Every one of you left prints.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PIQ5.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQ5 God, Mose. Congrats!
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PIQU.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQU I thought you needed excavation permits to do any serious digging.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PLJ1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.LJ1 I think he *can*.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PO84.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O84 And I always thought the idea of chastity belts was cruel and sexist. I finally get it.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PO87.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O87 Buchelli buried it out in the valley. I saw his moped from Blanchefort.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PO89.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O89 Prince James is at the Villa Bethania. He wants to see you.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PO8B.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.O8B And there's some real progress on the treasure. With SIDNEY I was able to . . .
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PQK2.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.QK2 Well, at least I found the manuscript.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PTD5.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQ5 God, Mose. Congrats!
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PTDQ.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQU I thought you needed excavation permits to do any serious digging.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PTE5.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4X6 I think I have an idea where it might be.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PTE9.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XA I saw a moped parked off the road. It was south of Blanchefort near a big orange rock.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PTEB.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XC And I've made some real progress with SIDNEY.
GRACEE1HJ4Y4PTED.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4XE You certainly do.
GRACEE1HL4Y4P1U4.YAKA1HL4Y4P.1U4 Something's buried out there. And I think I know where.
GRACEE1HN4Y4PKC7.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KC7 No, but I think I'll go down.
GRACEE1HN4Y4PKC8.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KC8 I mean, while you shower and all that. I'll get out of your hair, so…
GRACEE1HN4Y4PKCF.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCF I was going to ask you about that. Where'd you find it?
GRACEE1HN4Y4PKCI.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCI It's about the Stewart bloodline.
GRACEE1HN4Y4PKCK.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCK Just skimmed it. I've been working on the treasure map.
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLY1.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LY1 Way to go, kid.
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLY4.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LY4 Of course. She's under my bed.
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLYB.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LYB All right. I'll change and meet you downstairs.
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLYE.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LYE Quit it! Knock it off!
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLYI.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LYI You said you'd explain it to me. I just don't understand all these technical things!
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLYK.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LYK Come on, I'm dying to hear your theory.
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLYM.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LYM Now, you . . . uh . . . said this was taken by satellite?
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLYR.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LYR So the radar bounces off the earth and the 'echo' is recorded.
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLYV.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LYV What's this dark area here?
GRACEE1HP4Y4PLYX.YAKA1HP4Y4P.LYX So you think this is where the treasure is?
GRACEE1HP4Y4PQW4.YAKA1HP4Y4P.QW4 NONE of your business.
GRACEE1HP4Y4PQW5.YAKA1HP4Y4P.QW5 And don't wait up. I'm sure *Mosely's* back too and we *do* have that catching up to do.
GRACEE1L76L4RIL1.YAKA1L76L4R.IL1 I've only got one more stanza -- Capricorn.
GRACEE1L76L4RIL2.YAKA1L76L4R.IL2 I am aware of the scent of the perfume which impregnates the sepulchre of the one I must release. Cursing the profane in their ashes and those who follow their ways, I returned from the darkness while making a gesture of horror at the abyss into which I had plunged.
GRACEE1L76L4RIL3.YAKA1L76L4R.IL3 Here is the proof that I knew the secret Seal of Solomon, and had visited the secret places of the Queen who watches over the King.
GRACEE1L76L4RIL4.YAKA1L76L4R.IL4 They must be talking about going down into the cave!
GRACEE1L76L4RIL5.YAKA1L76L4R.IL5 Take Heed my friend, do not add or take away one iota; think and think again. The base lead of my words may contain the purest gold. LET HE WHO HAS THE UNDERSTANDING USE IT WITH WISDOM.
GRACEE1L76L4RIL7.YAKA1L76L4R.IL7 Hey, Mose. You're back.
GRACEE1L76L4RILB.YAKA1L76L4R.ILB Huh. Is Gabriel here? I've had some real break-throughs with SIDNEY!
GRACEE1L76L4RILD.YAKA1L76L4R.ILD A *meeting*? *This* ought to be interesting.
GRACEE1LF442V292.YAKA1LF442V.292 It's for good luck.
GRACEE1LF6L3W3UH.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UH You too. Thanks for the lift.
GRACEE1LF6L3W3UJ.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UJ Damn! I thought we had a case!
GRACEE1LF6L3W3UL.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UL Prince James let you go!
GRACEE1LF6L3W3UN.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UN But . . . if the kidnappers weren't the night visitors . . .
GRACEE1LF6L3W3UP.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UP What about the 'san greal' thing? What would *vampires* want with the holy grail?
GRACEE1LF6L3W3UR.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UR MacDougall and Mallory seemed to know. Maybe Prince James has the grail, and the kidnapping is an attempt at blackmail.
GRACEE1LF6L3W3UV.YAKA1LF6L3W.3UV All right. Do you mind waiting 'til tomorrow morning on the research thing? I have to get SIDNEY configured and . . . I'm pretty beat.
GRACEE1LF6L3WKW1.YAKA1LF6L3W.KW1 What's going on?
GRACEE1LF6L3WQ51.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q51 Finally! There you are! You didn't tell me Mosely was here! What a bizarre coincidence.
GRACEE1LF6L3WQ53.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q53 I'm still not quite sure how it . . .
GRACEE1LF6L3WQ56.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q56 The treasure's got to fit into the case somehow.
GRACEE1LF6L3WQ59.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q59 Gabriel! The kidnappers were talking about the grail. Plus, they came *here*. Why would they come here unless they were connected to the treasure?
GRACEE1LF6L3WQ5C.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q5C Well *I'm* going to figure it out.
GRACEE1LF6L4RGO2.YAKA1LF6L4R.GO2 Masonic! As in Freemasons?
GRACEE1LF6L4RK11.YAKA1LF6L4R.K11 Why don't we go down and have dinner? Mosely was trying to talk me into it before you came back. Are you hungry?
GRACEE1LF6L4RK13.YAKA1LF6L4R.K13 Cheer up. Between the Freemasons, the Order, and the night visitors, there's got to be a case in here somewhere.
GRACEE1LF6L4RM33.YAKA1LF6L4R.M33 Freemasons?
GRACEE1LFB50TJK3.YAKA1LFB50T.JK3 Who's Madeline?
GRACEE1LFB552II4.YAKA1LFB552.II4 Dolphins?
GRACEE1LFB552II7.YAKA1LFB552.II7 Why would the Vatican kidnap a baby?
GRACEE1LFB57YPP3.YAKA1LFB57Y.PP3 What? Prince James is a Freemason?
GRACEE1LFB57YPP6.YAKA1LFB57Y.PP6 Prince James *did* say he thought the kidnapping was political. Could it have something to do with the Freemasons?
GRACEE1LJ173FS62.YAKA1LJ173F.S62 Of course.
GRACEE1LJ173FS64.YAKA1LJ173F.S64 Right. Buchelli is Vatican, Madeline is French Internal Secret Service, and Mosely is -- God help us -- CIA.
GRACEE1LJ173FS66.YAKA1LJ173F.S66 I've survived Gingrich, I can survive this. But *anyway*, it's starting to feel like the end of "Ten Little Indians". There's hardly anybody left.
GRACEE1LJ173FS68.YAKA1LJ173F.S68 Come on! They're harmless! Well . . . not exactly, *harmless*, from a sociological standpoint, but certainly not kidnappers.
GRACEE1LJ173FS69.YAKA1LJ173F.S69 There's also Montreaux. I deciphered 'Le Serpent Rouge' and it showed a red serpent on the map -- with its tail wrapping right around Château de Serres.
GRACEE1LJ173FS6A.YAKA1LJ173F.S6A It really . . . well, it's pretty creepy.
GRACEE1LJ173FS6C.YAKA1LJ173F.S6C All right. But be careful.
GRACEE1LJ173FS72.YAKA1LJ173F.S62 Of course.
GRACEE1LJ173FS74.YAKA1LJ173F.S74 Yeah, that dining room conversation could have gone better.
GRACEE1LJ173FS76.YAKA1LJ173F.S76 I agree.
GRACEE1LJ173FS78.YAKA1LJ173F.S78 Whoa! Big word.
GRACEE1LJ173FS7A.YAKA1LJ173F.S7A So that leaves, who? Emilio?
GRACEE1LJ173FS7E.YAKA1LJ173F.S69 There's also Montreaux. I deciphered 'Le Serpent Rouge' and it showed a red serpent on the map -- with its tail wrapping right around Château de Serres.
GRACEE1LJ173FS7F.YAKA1LJ173F.S6A It really . . . well, it's pretty creepy.
GRACEE1LJ173FS7H.YAKA1LJ173F.S6C All right. But be careful.
GRACEE1LJ173QEK2.YAKA1LJ173Q.EK2 I saw a moped parked by a big orange rock south of Blanchefort. I'm not sure if it's related to the manuscript or not.
GRACEE1LJ173QRY2.YAKA1LJ173Q.RY2 Great! Thank God you found it.
GRACEE1LJ175X412.YAKA1LJ175X.412 Yeah, I did. *Several* times.
GRACEE1LJ175X414.YAKA1LJ175X.414 Lots of stuff you probably don't care about -- but it *did* help me find an entrance to an underground cave. I think Wilkes was onto it before he died.
GRACEE1LJ175X416.YAKA1LJ175X.416 Sure.
GRACEE1LK1710CG3.YAKA1LK1710.CG3 Whether it's *true* or not isn't the point. The point is, these *secret societies* believe it -- in a big way. Okay look, Mary Magdalen came here, right? After the crucifixion?
GRACEE1LK1710CG5.YAKA1LK1710.CG5 Okay, so she brings the kids, or maybe she's pregnant. Her descendents intermarry with local nobility and become the Merovingian dynasty.
GRACEE1LK1710CG7.YAKA1LK1710.CG7 Yes! And the Catholic Pope betrayed and murdered them, but some of their line survived.
GRACEE1LK1710CG9.YAKA1LK1710.CG9 Sorry, Mose, I'm on a roll. Okay so the Merovingian survivors hid in this region and had backers here.
GRACEE1LK1710CGA.YAKA1LK1710.CGA Well, it could explain why so many heretics kept cropping up in the Languedoc, like the Cathars and the Templars. And Rome kept trying to wipe them out -- to bury the secret of the bloodline.
GRACEE1LK1710CGD.YAKA1LK1710.CGD Fine. I'll shut up now.
GRACEE1LK1710FF2.YAKA1LK1710.FF2 They're all *supporters* of the bloodline; dedicated to getting the bloodline back on the throne.
GRACEE1LK1710FF3.YAKA1LK1710.FF3 The Templars were probably founded to find proof of the bloodline's genealogy. That's why they were excavating under the Temple of Solomon. The Crusades would have been the perfect cover.
GRACEE1LK1710FF5.YAKA1LK1710.FF5 Jesus *was* of the royal House of David. If he had children, it would have been in the temple records.
GRACEE1LK1710FF7.YAKA1LK1710.FF7 I don't know. Maybe they had a falling out.
GRACEE1LK171XHI2.YAKA1LK171X.HI2 All right, all right. I was almost done anyway.
GRACEE1LK171XHI8.YAKA1LK171X.HI8 Talk about *wild*. It ties together Freemasonry, the Templars, this group called the Priory of Sion, and, like, this bizarro theory about the holy grail.
GRACEE1LK171XHI9.YAKA1LK171X.HI9 What do you want to hear about first?
GRACEE1LK172ELI2.YAKA1LK172E.LI2 Okay. The grail. Are you ready for this?
GRACEE1LK172ELI4.YAKA1LK172E.LI4 The grail is supposed to be a vessel, right, like a cup? And it contains the blood of Jesus.
GRACEE1LK172ELI6.YAKA1LK172E.LI6 The book suggests that the grail is an *allegory* for an esoteric secret -- a secret so heretical that it had to go underground throughout the middle ages. It was passed along as the legend of the grail.
GRACEE1LK172ELI8.YAKA1LK172E.LI8 That Jesus had descendents! The grail itself is an allegory of the womb of Mary Magdalen. In other words, her womb -- the cup -- contained his blood or, rather, *bloodline*, his heirs.
GRACEE1LK1739242.YAKA1LK1739.242 Of course I'm excited! But I almost feel guilty about it, to tell you the truth. Poor little Charlie! I just hope that when we find him, it's not too late.
GRACEE1LK1739292.YAKA1LK1739.292 Fine. Good.
GRACEE1LK1739294.YAKA1LK1739.294 I still don't think it would have hurt you to wake me up.
GRACEE1LK1739296.YAKA1LK1739.296 Fine. Whatever.
GRACEE1LK1739IG2.YAKA1LK1739.IG2 Huh? Let me just finish this part here.
GRACEE1LK1739K62.YAKA1LK1739.K62 Yeah. Soon as I'm done.
GRACEE1LK174W6L2.YAKA1LK174W.6L2 The authors think Saunière found the Templar treasure all right, but it wasn't gold -- it was ancient genealogy charts from the Temple of Solomon.
GRACEE1LK174W6L3.YAKA1LK174W.6L3 Which Saunière then used to blackmail the Catholic church. Or maybe he sold the documents to people like the Priory or the Masons.
GRACEE1LK1752QT2.YAKA1LK1752.QT2 Maybe . . . But, I was thinking that Montreaux might be Priory.
GRACEE1LK1752QT4.YAKA1LK1752.QT4 Yeah, he's the owner of the local winery, Château de Serres. There was just somethin' weird about that place.
GRACEE1LK1752QT7.YAKA1LK1752.QT7 I don't think they're that friendly, Mose. They may have started out in bed together, but that doesn't mean they always agree.
GRACEE1LK1752QTC.YAKA1LK1752.QTC All right already!
GRACEE1LK175OKJ2.YAKA1LK175O.KJ2 It has to do with this whole weird grail theory.
GRACEE1LK175OLI2.YAKA1LK175O.LI2 The Priory of Sion is an offshoot of the Templars. They split off *before* the Templar persecution -- way back in 1188.
GRACEE1LK175OLI3.YAKA1LK175O.LI3 The Priory returned to France from the Holy Land and set up a bunch of monasteries here.
GRACEE1LK175OLI5.YAKA1LK175O.LI5 The Priory still exists and they seem to have some kind of major agenda going on with Rennes-le-Château.
GRACEE1LK175OPK2.YAKA1LK175O.PK2 I'm not sure exactly. Whatever it is, it probably has something to do with the bloodline.
GRACEE1LK177Y4G2.YAKA1LK177Y.4G2 According to the book, the Templars were the *founders* of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. When they were persecuted some of them fled to Scotland and changed their name.
GRACEE1LK177Y4G4.YAKA1LK177Y.4G4 Only that whatever's going on here, the Freemasons are obviously still involved. Some secret knowledge must have been passed down through the organization.
GRACEE1LK1H59411.YAKA1LK1H59.411 Uh . . . What the hell are you doing?
GRACEE1LK1H59413.YAKA1LK1H59.413 Okay. Stupid question. *Why* are you taking Mosely's prints?
GRACEE1LK1H59415.YAKA1LK1H59.415 Hmmm. He's not on SIDNEY's suspect list.
GRACEE1LK1H59417.YAKA1LK1H59.417 *Meaning* that you can't scan that print in. Leave it on the desk and I'll add him in later.
GRACEE1LK6L3W3G2.YAKA1LK6L3W.3G2 In a minute.
GRACEE1LK6L3W611.YAKA1LK6L3W.611 I thought you were going somewhere.
GRACEE1LK6L3W622.YAKA1LK6L3W.622 Turn that down, please.
GRACEE1LK6L3W6S2.YAKA1LK6L3W.6S2 Prince James' men. We just found their bodies.
GRACEE1LK6L3W6S4.YAKA1LK6L3W.6S4 The Devil's Armchair.
GRACEE1LK6L3W6S5.YAKA1LK6L3W.6S5 Can I come?
GRACEE1LK6L3W6S9.YAKA1LK6L3W.6S9 Everyone seemed pretty surprised. Particularly Lady Howard.
GRACEE1LK6L3W6SA.YAKA1LK6L3W.6SA It was quite a performance now that I think about it.
GRACEE1LK6L3W6SC.YAKA1LK6L3W.6SC No. I guess that would be smart.
GRACEE1LK6L3WCL2.YAKA1LK6L3W.CL2 Just put the pizza on the table.
GRACEE1LK6L3WE62.YAKA1LK6L3W.E62 No thanks.
GRACEE1LK6L3WIL1.YAKA1LK6L3W.IL1 So where's Mosely?
GRACEE1LK6L3WIL4.YAKA1LK6L3W.IL4 Don't start, you two. I want to hear what happened.
GRACEE1LK6L3WIL6.YAKA1LK6L3W.IL6 Hrmph. I say *anyone's* who's involved with these secret societies is a *big* suspect.
GRACEE1LK6L3WILA.YAKA1LK6L3W.ILA Interesting. I'll get started on the treasure angle -- check out the museum and church tonight. That book really got my juices flowing.
GRACEE1LK6L3WILF.YAKA1LK6L3W.ILF That's okay, Mose. I want to stick with my research for a while. Why don't you and Gabriel go?
GRACEE1LK6L3WMU1.YAKA1LK6L3W.MU1 What is it with you? Forget your breath mints?
GRACEE1LK6L3WQA1.YAKA1LK6L3W.QA1 Look, why don't *I* go check out the crime scene if you're too squeamish?
GRACEE1LK6L3WQA3.YAKA1LK6L3W.QA3 Okay! When you get done testing the door, make sure it's shut tight on your way out.
GRACEE1LK6L4RIY2.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY2 Just one small thing. Listen:
GRACEE1LK6L4RIY3.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY3 "Many of the prominent familes in Europe today claim Merovingian descent, including the Hapsburg-Lorraines, Wittelsbachs, Plantards and Montesquious in France, the Sinclair family in Britian, and the Stewarts of Scotland."
GRACEE1LK6L4RIYA.YAKA1LK6L4R.IYA *I* still want to read a bit more. Let's meet back here at five, shall we?
GRACEE1LN1710MG2.YAKA1LN1710.MG2 The bloodline thing is *major*. The descendents of Jesus are called 'Desposyni'. Their symbol is the unicorn.
GRACEE1LN1710MG4.YAKA1LN1710.MG4 Uh-huh. Supposedly the horn represents the male phallic symbol and the unicorn itself represents the 'fertile Jesus'.
GRACEE1LN1710MG6.YAKA1LN1710.MG6 Well . . . There's no reason why Jesus *shouldn't* have married and had children, unless you believe any kind of sex is a sin. Personally, I don't -- and you *certainly* don't.
GRACEE1LN1710MG8.YAKA1LN1710.MG8 And it's the kind of thing the early church might have suppressed. If for no other reason than to make sure the bishops of the church had all the power and *not* the descendents.
GRACEE1LN1710MGA.YAKA1LN1710.MGA True, but if it's all a myth, it's a very *old* myth. The royal arms of Scotland show a Davidic lion of Judah, Desposynic Unicorn, and Jewish fleur-de-lis. SO they've *believed* they were Desponsyi from the middle ages at least.
GRACEE1LN172EMG2.YAKA1LN172E.MG2 The grail represents the bloodline and a kind of 'noblese oblige' duty to serve mankind.
GRACEE1LN172EMG3.YAKA1LN172E.MG3 But *also*. . . remember what you heard on the train? You heard the kidnappers say 'san grael'.
GRACEE1LN172EMG5.YAKA1LN172E.MG5 The manuscript says the words 'holy grail' were actually a mistranslation. The original phrase wasn't 'san grael' or 'holy grail' but '*sang* *real*'.
GRACEE1LN172EMG7.YAKA1LN172E.MG7 'Blood royal' or 'royal blood'. The holy grail *is* the bloodline, Gabriel, that's what's so creepy!
GRACEE1LN172EMG9.YAKA1LN172E.MG9 That's what *I've* been wondering.
GRACEE1LN172FPV8.YAKA1LN172F.PV8 Well . . . How was Wilkes killed?
GRACEE1LN172FPVA.YAKA1LN172F.PVA God! What am I, cursed or something? I spent the entire day in the car with Mallory and MacDougall, then last night I had dinner with Wilkes . . .
GRACEE1LN172FPVC.YAKA1LN172F.PVC He had a seismic survey done. They show hollow areas and he'd uncovered a *big* one. It makes sense, actually, because I've been working with this riddle called 'Le Serpent Rouge' . . .
GRACEE1LN1731MG2.YAKA1LN1731.MG2 It certainly went to great lengths about his pedigree. I guess these royal families find that terribly relevant.
GRACEE1LN1731MG4.YAKA1LN1731.MG4 Yeah, actually. It talked about the European Union a lot. How any system of government ideally has both a parliament *and* a monarchy. You don't think they're tryin' to . . . No. No, no, no.
GRACEE1LN1731MG6.YAKA1LN1731.MG6 God! No wonder Sinclair is hiding out here.
GRACEE1LN173QPV2.YAKA1LN173Q.PV2 Yeah. Pretty interesting. Where do you want me to start?
GRACEE1LN17490F2.YAKA1LN1749.0F2 Um . . . A bit. You know all those medieval tapestries that show a unicorn in a garden or a unicorn being hunted?
GRACEE1LN17490F4.YAKA1LN1749.0F4 Supposedly they all represent the Desposyni being suppressed by the Church.
GRACEE1LN175IMG2.YAKA1LN175I.MG2 The manuscript did mention Prince James. It traced the various branches of the bloodline all the way down to the present day.
GRACEE1LN175IMG3.YAKA1LN175I.MG3 It was obviously making the point that the Stewarts have the largest, purest, amount of the blood. Prince James is mentioned as the current Stewart heir.
GRACEE1LN177YMG2.YAKA1LN177Y.MG2 The manuscript came right out and said that the original split between the Templars and the Priory of Sion was over the bloodline.
GRACEE1LN177YMG3.YAKA1LN177Y.MG3 The Priory wanted to support certain French families of Merovingian descent, while the Templars supported the emerging Stewart dynasty.
GRACEE1LN177YMG4.YAKA1LN177Y.MG4 I think it's pretty clear that the Freemasons and the Priory are still fighting over the same issue.
GRACEE1LN6L4RP55.YAKA1LN6L4R.P55 It was right here! I left it on the table when I went to take my shower!
GRACEE1LN6L4RP57.YAKA1LN6L4R.P57 Somebody must have taken it.
GRACEE1LN6L4RP5A.YAKA1LN6L4R.P5A What about Prince James?
GRACEE1LN6L4RP5C.YAKA1LN6L4R.P5C You really think Mosely . . . ?
GRACEE1LN6L4RP5E.YAKA1LN6L4R.P5E Leave me the bike, will you? You can ride with Mosely.
GRACEE1LN6L4RP5G.YAKA1LN6L4R.P5G Come on! How can I keep an eye on the others if you leave me stranded? Please?
GRACEE1N7I0323L1.YAKA1N7i032.3L1 'The ones who wove the vine in the Pharoahs days weave it still. The ones who would steal the sacred wine long ago seek it still.'
GRACEE1N7I0323L2.YAKA1N7i032.3L2 Oh my God! It's talking about the vampires!