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JESUSE1HE4Y4PV8F.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V8F Why hast thou forsaken me?
JESUSE1HE4Y4PV9U.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9U You are already forgiven.
JESUSE1HE4Y4PV9W.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9W Yes. I will need a service from one of your descendants, if you will allow it. Will you be a servant for the light?
JESUSE1HE4Y4PV9Y.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9Y Then raise the end of your sword to my lips.
JESUSE1HE4Y4PV9Z.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9Z Carry the gold with you. It will protect you from evil. Now go in peace and love God.