SpeakerDialog File Audio FileLine
MOSELYE099125L992.YAKA099125L.992 Right here, Duffus. Why?
MOSELYE099125L994.YAKA099125L.994 No. What do they say?
MOSELYE099125L996.YAKA099125L.996 Right. Well Maddy already told us to keep 'em handy, but thanks so much for your concern.
MOSELYE099127K292.YAKA099127K.292 Sure!
MOSELYE099127K293.YAKA099127K.293 (CHEWING) Thanks.
MOSELYE099127K295.YAKA099127K.295 They're fat free!
MOSELYE099127K6R2.YAKA099127K.6R2 Okay.
MOSELYE0996L3WC61.YAKA0996L3W.C61 Now what is it, Knight?
MOSELYE099DC20C62.YAKA099DC20.C62 Yeah, get outta here ya wanker.
MOSELYE09C1202J62.YAKA09C1202.J62 I bet! Huh? Huh? The two of you . . . alone in the Alps . . .
MOSELYE09C1202J64.YAKA09C1202.J64 WHAT? Did it get chewed off on your last case or what?
MOSELYE09C1202J66.YAKA09C1202.J66 You're startin' to worry me, Bud.
MOSELYE09C1202J68.YAKA09C1202.J68 Why don't you just marry her, Knight?
MOSELYE09C1202J6A.YAKA09C1202.J6A I forgot you're allergic.
MOSELYE09C1202J6E.YAKA09C1202.J6E Well, Bud. I hate to say it, but you'd better start cooking or get outta the kitchen. You keep farting around and *somebody* might just beat you to it.
MOSELYE09C120IEO2.YAKA09C120I.EO2 Hmmm. The guys you saw on the train both had long hair pulled back in ponytails, and they had this trunk with airholes.
MOSELYE09C120IEO3.YAKA09C120I.EO3 Nope. Haven't seen anything like that since I got here.
MOSELYE09C120IO42.YAKA09C120I.O42 Wilkes and I were in the van on the drive up here. Neither one of us had a trunk, though. And I didn't even see Baza and Buchelli come in.
MOSELYE09C120IO43.YAKA09C120I.O43 What's this about anyway?
MOSELYE09C120SPF2.YAKA09C120S.PF2 I read about it in a travel magazine.
MOSELYE09C120SPF4.YAKA09C120S.PF4 What, like you're the only one who can run off to Europe? I'm pretty cosmopolitan myself, you know.
MOSELYE09C120SPF6.YAKA09C120S.PF6 Oh, ha-ha. Go write some dialogue, smart ass. Get it outta your system.
MOSELYE09C12282A2.YAKA09C1228.2A2 Nah, Bud. I ain't heard one, I ain't seen one. Sorry.
MOSELYE09C1228O42.YAKA09C1228.O42 A baby? What the hell're you talking about, Knight? I ain't heard no baby.
MOSELYE09C122EI62.YAKA09C122E.I62 Really? The kidnappers said *that*?
MOSELYE09C122EI64.YAKA09C122E.I64 Yeah.
MOSELYE09C122EO42.YAKA09C122E.O42 The holy grail? No. Not really.
MOSELYE09C122EO43.YAKA09C122E.O43 Why? What do *you* know about the holy grail?
MOSELYE09C122NJ63.YAKA09C122N.J63 Yeah, I've seen your book, 'The Brutal Beast'. God, what a sick freaking mind you've got.
MOSELYE09C122NJ65.YAKA09C122N.J65 Uh-huh. And I've noticed you're looking a little toned there. Huh?
MOSELYE09C122NJ67.YAKA09C122N.J67 Oh ha-ha. Glad to see you haven't lost your butt-stupid sense of humor.
MOSELYE09C122NJ68.YAKA09C122N.J68 So did ya ever find out how your family got into this whole thing in the first place?
MOSELYE09C122NJ6B.YAKA09C122N.J6B Why don't ya?
MOSELYE09C122NJ6D.YAKA09C122N.J6D I see what you mean. No point in getting all *serious* about it.
MOSELYE09C123FPF4.YAKA09C123F.PF4 Wow! This is really interesting.
MOSELYE09C123FPF6.YAKA09C123F.PF6 So what's all this about *vampires*? Or did I hear something funny?
MOSELYE09C123FPF8.YAKA09C123F.PF8 Oh! You don't believe in that crap, do you?
MOSELYE09C123FPFA.YAKA09C123F.PFA Well the kidnappers are real enough. So what're you gonna do?
MOSELYE09C123FPFC.YAKA09C123F.PFC I think you're swinging at an empty plate there.
MOSELYE09C123FPFE.YAKA09C123F.PFE You're right. It's possible.
MOSELYE09C123FPFG.YAKA09C123F.PFG So this is a real Schattenjäger case, huh? What's goin' on with that whole thing? And what about Grace?
MOSELYE09C124W242.YAKA09C124W.242 I don't know about that. Find out *about* it, maybe. Sure. It seemed like a lark.
MOSELYE09C124W244.YAKA09C124W.244 Speaking of Madeline, don't you love that kinda 'tough girl' thing she's got goin'? Man.
MOSELYE09C124W246.YAKA09C124W.246 Oh. Nice area though, isn't it?
MOSELYE09C124W292.YAKA09C124W.292 Not really.
MOSELYE09C124W294.YAKA09C124W.294 That Madeline, what a babe, huh?
MOSELYE09C6L3W401.YAKA09C6L3W.401 All right, ya hairball. What're you *really* doin' here? You didn't know anything about my trip!
MOSELYE09C6L3W404.YAKA09C6L3W.404 Hey, you don't know everything about me.
MOSELYE09C6L3W406.YAKA09C6L3W.406 Anyway, I was here first. So what's *your* excuse?
MOSELYE09C6L3WPS1.YAKA09C6L3W.PS1 What're ya *doin'*?
MOSELYE09CDC20NP2.YAKA09CDC20.NP2 'Kay. Come back later if ya want.
MOSELYE09CDC20PE2.YAKA09CDC20.PE2 This afternoon? Nah. I got some things to do.
MOSELYE09CDC20PE4.YAKA09CDC20.PE4 Ah . . . I brought some work with me. You know, 'a cop's work is never done'.
MOSELYE09CDC20PE6.YAKA09CDC20.PE6 Oh, by the way. Would you mind not . . . uh . . . not mentioning to anyone that I'm a cop?
MOSELYE09CDC20PE8.YAKA09CDC20.PE8 People just get kinda weird. I wanna be an average Joe for once. Come on!
MOSELYE09CDC20PEC.YAKA09CDC20.PEC Thanks. See ya around.
MOSELYE09L3K44HJ2.YAKA09L3K44.HJ2 Go to hell.
MOSELYE09LLZ44HJ2.YAKA09LLZ44.HJ2 Shut up, Knight. A guy can economize, can't he?
MOSELYE09LLZ44HJ4.YAKA09LLZ44.HJ4 Hey, everybody has a hobby.
MOSELYE09N1202412.YAKA09N1202.412 I knew it! You did, didn't you . . . Did you?
MOSELYE09N1202414.YAKA09N1202.414 Kee-*rist*!
MOSELYE09N1202416.YAKA09N1202.416 So what happened anyway? When she left here last night she didn't want anything to do with you.
MOSELYE09N1202418.YAKA09N1202.418 Right! You're the only guy I know who could 'accidentally' end up in bed with the most beautiful woman for fifty miles.
MOSELYE09N120241A.YAKA09N1202.41A What *about* Madeline? Sheez, ya know, you got kind of a reverse rose-colored glasses thing goin' on. It must be your fear of commitment effecting your optical nerves.
MOSELYE09N120241B.YAKA09N1202.41B Grace is beautiful -- she's nice, she's smart, she's funny. You oughtta have your head examined, and besides which, I oughtta break your neck for hurting her feelings! Did you get a look at her face this morning?
MOSELYE09N120241D.YAKA09N1202.41D Aaaah!
MOSELYE09N120241E.YAKA09N1202.41E Well . . . I s'pose you could try to *talk* to her about your feelings, get it all out in the open . . .
MOSELYE09N120241G.YAKA09N1202.41G Nah.
MOSELYE09N120241H.YAKA09N1202.41H I tell ya what, just pretend it never happened.
MOSELYE09N120241J.YAKA09N1202.41J Really. Just act like nothing happened. Try it.
MOSELYE09N6L3W411.YAKA09N6L3W.411 I'm listening.
MOSELYE0E31239412.YAKA0E31239.412 (SCREAM)
MOSELYE0E31239413.YAKA0E31239.413 Goddamn it, Knight!
MOSELYE0E31239415.YAKA0E31239.415 I'm . . . Okay, see . . . Um, earlier . . .
MOSELYE0E31239416.YAKA0E31239.416 Okay. So I have a little theory.
MOSELYE0E31239418.YAKA0E31239.418 Yeah? Well we're *both* wrong. There's nothing here.
MOSELYE0E3123941A.YAKA0E31239.41A What, I can't think up my own damn theory?
MOSELYE0E3123941C.YAKA0E31239.41C Oh, like *you* passed.
MOSELYE0E3123941E.YAKA0E31239.41E None of your damn bee's wax.
MOSELYE0E3123941G.YAKA0E31239.41G Ha! *Real* stupid. We spent three hours talking about you. She knows exactly how you feel about her, in case you didn't know.
MOSELYE0E3123941I.YAKA0E31239.41I Yeah, right.
MOSELYE0E3123941K.YAKA0E31239.41K Ah . . . Forget it. I'm dead on my feet. I'll see ya.
MOSELYE0EA120HL22.YAKA0EA120H.L22 You know, go to hell! Somebody in the group screwed up or the moped guy screwed up . . . Anyway, he already had me checked off his list, can ya believe it?
MOSELYE0EA120HL23.YAKA0EA120H.L23 I was lucky to get anything. I'm gonna have a word with Madeline about it.
MOSELYE0EA120HL25.YAKA0EA120H.L25 Tell me about it. So . . . what're *you* driving?
MOSELYE0EA120HL27.YAKA0EA120H.L27 Yeah. Goddamn small towns.
MOSELYE0EA1239242.YAKA0EA1239.242 I saw the sign and it looked interesting, okay? 'The Dead Man'. Now doesn't that sound like something I'd find interesting?
MOSELYE0EA1239244.YAKA0EA1239.244 I saw it in a guidebook. Look, go catch some kidnappers, will ya?
MOSELYE0EA1239291.YAKA0EA1239.291 Oh, hi Gabe.
MOSELYE0EA1239293.YAKA0EA1239.293 Me? Just looking around.
MOSELYE0EA1239295.YAKA0EA1239.295 I *am* busy! I'm busy looking around! If I'd wanted my mother along I would have invited her, Knight.
MOSELYE0G61239PF2.YAKA0G61239.PF2 Hey, Grace. Fun times, huh?
MOSELYE0HB121IOO1.YAKA0HB121I.OO1 There you are! I couldn't figure out where the heck you went!
MOSELYE0HB121IOO3.YAKA0HB121I.OO3 Yeah? Like what?
MOSELYE0HB121IOO5.YAKA0HB121I.OO5 You shouldn't go check stuff out alone, Grace. 'Specially not when me or Gabe are around to go with you.
MOSELYE0HB121IOO7.YAKA0HB121I.OO7 What? You mean Maddy? No! I was just . . .
MOSELYE0HB121IOO9.YAKA0HB121I.OO9 Madeline! I was just telling Grace . . .
MOSELYE0HB121IOOC.YAKA0HB121I.OOC I didn't *do* anything!
MOSELYE0NK120IQP2.YAKA0NK120I.QP2 If so, they're a hell of a lot nastier than we thought. And weirder. This is no ordinary killing. *Look* at 'em.
MOSELYE0NK120SDA2.YAKA0NK120S.DA2 Hmmm. Madeline sure as hell didn't wanna leave. She looked like she was just itching to check things out.
MOSELYE0NK120SDA3.YAKA0NK120S.DA3 Fortunately, that Howard lady was throwing a hissy fit. Maddy didn't have much choice.
MOSELYE0NK120SDA4.YAKA0NK120S.DA4 Not sure why she'd be so interested in a couple of dead guys.
MOSELYE0NK120SDA6.YAKA0NK120S.DA6 I'm helping *you*!
MOSELYE0NK120YQP2.YAKA0NK120Y.QP2 Yeah? Not the kind what's-his-face wrote about.
MOSELYE0NK120YQP4.YAKA0NK120Y.QP4 Thank you. Not the kind Stoker wrote about. Take a look at these guys.
MOSELYE0NK1239292.YAKA0NK1239.292 Christ! Did you do that on purpose?
MOSELYE0NK1239294.YAKA0NK1239.294 So what the hell's up with this? I'm guessing these are Prince James' men. Am I right?
MOSELYE0NK1239296.YAKA0NK1239.296 So how'd they end up grinning with their larynxes?
MOSELYE0NK1239BC1.YAKA0NK1239.BC1 Let's look around and talk about stuff as we find it.
MOSELYE0NK124VQP2.YAKA0NK124V.QP2 Too bad. Look around. Maybe something will come up.
MOSELYE0NK124VQP3.YAKA0NK124V.QP3 An idea or your breakfast. One of the two.
MOSELYE0NK1252QP2.YAKA0NK1252.QP2 He mentioned something on the tour about not having a car.
MOSELYE0NK1252QP4.YAKA0NK1252.QP4 Could be. But he doesn't look strong enough to handle these two. They're not exactly lightweights.
MOSELYE0NK1252QP6.YAKA0NK1252.QP6 That quickly? I s'pose it's possible. Take a look around and see if you spot any clues.
MOSELYE0NK2K0LT03.YAKA0NK2K0L.T03 But there're no prints! There should be *some* sign of a struggle, or at least the footprints of the assailants. The victims wouldn't just kneel down to be cooperative!
MOSELYE0NK2K0LT05.YAKA0NK2K0L.T05 Huh, Knight? What about the assailants?
MOSELYE0NK2K0LT16.YAKA0NK2K0L.T16 Man, you're even weirder than you were back in New Orleans, you know that?
MOSELYE0NK2K44292.YAKA0NK2K44.292 Footprints?
MOSELYE0NK2K44294.YAKA0NK2K44.294 So what are they?
MOSELYE0NK3X0LFN2.YAKA0NK3X0L.FN2 That's 'cause they've been drained like a couple a cans of tuna.
MOSELYE0NK3X0LFN4.YAKA0NK3X0L.FN4 I know what you're thinking, but if it was vampires, why the long gash? It'd be like trying to drink from the lip of a mixing bowl.
MOSELYE0NK3X0LFN6.YAKA0NK3X0L.FN6 Sure. A vampire cult founded by Mick Jagger. This all makes perfect sense to me now.
MOSELYE0NK4M0L292.YAKA0NK4M0L.292 And deep. They knew what they were doin' all right.
MOSELYE0NK6L22332.YAKA0NK6L22.332 Sounds good to me.
MOSELYE0NK6L22333.YAKA0NK6L22.333 I'm surprised the cops haven't shown up yet.
MOSELYE0NK6L22335.YAKA0NK6L22.335 Hey Madeline.
MOSELYE0NK6L2233A.YAKA0NK6L22.33A Shuddup, ya hoser.
MOSELYE0NK6L2233D.YAKA0NK6L22.33D Knight, ya animal!
MOSELYE0NK6L2233O.YAKA0NK6L22.33O See ya, Madeline.
MOSELYE0NK9B0L292.YAKA0NK9B0L.292 Yeah. Weird, huh? Throats opened like a Christmas package and not a drop of the red stuff anywhere.
MOSELYE0NKAK0L292.YAKA0NKAK0L.292 Yup. Maybe even all of it.
MOSELYE0NKAK0L294.YAKA0NKAK0L.294 Yeah, but . . . geez! I thought the Voodoo Murders were strange. What do you make of *this*? Neat little piles . . . Like Felix Unger meets Freddy Kruger.
MOSELYE0NKAK0L296.YAKA0NKAK0L.296 At least it rules out *vampires*.
MOSELYE0NKAK44292.YAKA0NKAK44.292 What is it?
MOSELYE0NKAK44293.YAKA0NKAK44.293 Is that what I think it is?
MOSELYE0NKAK56411.YAKA0NKAK56.411 What's it smell like?
MOSELYE0PB6L3W403.YAKA0PB6L3W.403 Hey! I saved ya a seat, Gr . . .
MOSELYE0PB6L3W405.YAKA0PB6L3W.405 Uh . . .
MOSELYE0PB6L3W409.YAKA0PB6L3W.409 Well . . . Have some wine, Madeline.
MOSELYE0T77P1I361.YAKA0T77P1I.361 Knight! That's no way to talk about Ken Williams!
MOSELYE0T77P1I3A2.YAKA0T77P1I.3A2 So that's what you call it!
MOSELYE0T77P39292.YAKA0T77P39.292 Hey, Grace.
MOSELYE0Z61207LO2.YAKA0Z61207.LO2 'Le Serpent Rouge'? Never heard of it. Wasn't there something about 'Moulin Rouge'?
MOSELYE0Z61207LO4.YAKA0Z61207.LO4 Oh. Probably not related then.
MOSELYE0Z6120QPF2.YAKA0Z6120Q.PF2 I saw the ad for the tour. Just kinda jumped up and bit me.
MOSELYE0Z6122JPF2.YAKA0Z6122J.PF2 We talked.
MOSELYE0Z6122JPF4.YAKA0Z6122J.PF4 I know you have. But if I were you, I wouldn't . . .
MOSELYE0Z6122JPF6.YAKA0Z6122J.PF6 You know Gabe. He's such a . . . he's kinda of a . . .
MOSELYE0Z6122JPF8.YAKA0Z6122J.PF8 No! I just know Gabe, that's all. There are *lots* of really great guys out there. *Nice* guys.
MOSELYE0Z6122JPFA.YAKA0Z6122J.PFA Really? Great, then. That's . . . uh . . . that's good.
MOSELYE0Z6124WPF2.YAKA0Z6124W.PF2 As a matter of fact, I do have a *few* ideas.
MOSELYE0Z6124WPF4.YAKA0Z6124W.PF4 Well, I . . . I have some really *insightful*. . . but maybe I shouldn't. . .
MOSELYE0Z6124WPF6.YAKA0Z6124W.PF6 Nothing final, that is. Say, why don't we have dinner tonight? Just, you know, you and me. We could, you know, talk about it.
MOSELYE0Z6124WPF8.YAKA0Z6124W.PF8 Gabe? Gabe's not into the treasure thing.
MOSELYE0Z6E01IOOD.YAKA0Z6E01I.OOD How would *you* know, Vee-tori-oh?
MOSELYE11K6L3W681.YAKA11K6L3W.681 Hey, could you . . .
MOSELYE11K6L3W682.YAKA11K6L3W.682 Shit. Give me a ride, will ya?
MOSELYE11K6L3W684.YAKA11K6L3W.684 You used to be a lot funnier, you know that?
MOSELYE17112390M2.YAKA1711239.0M2 Oh. Hi! Ready for some breakfast?
MOSELYE17112390M4.YAKA1711239.0M4 Ah, shit.
MOSELYE17112395U1.YAKA1711239.5U1 Hey, Grace! You wanna join me?
MOSELYE17112395U3.YAKA1711239.5U3 Coffee? Have a seat.
MOSELYE17112395U5.YAKA1711239.5U5 Are you okay?
MOSELYE17112395U7.YAKA1711239.5U7 Really?
MOSELYE17112395U9.YAKA1711239.5U9 Oh. Okay. You still got my key?
MOSELYE17112395UB.YAKA1711239.5UB No! No, go ahead and keep it. In case you want to, you know, get away somewhere private. Since you're sharing a room and all.
MOSELYE17112395UD.YAKA1711239.5UD 'Kay.
MOSELYE174AY0W5Z5.YAKA174AY0W.5Z5 Gabriel Knight! You wanker!
MOSELYE174AY0W5Z7.YAKA174AY0W.5Z7 No, it's my evil twin! What the hell're you doin' here, Knight?
MOSELYE174AY0W5Z9.YAKA174AY0W.5Z9 I'm, uh, I'm on vacation. I'm here with a tour group.
MOSELYE174AY0W5ZB.YAKA174AY0W.5ZB You know, the touring kind.
MOSELYE174AY0W5ZD.YAKA174AY0W.5ZD Well, it's kind of a special, um, a special treasure-hunting tour group.
MOSELYE174AY0W5ZF.YAKA174AY0W.5ZF Look, read the bro-sheers, okay? I'm not the freaking tour guide!
MOSELYE174AY0W5ZH.YAKA174AY0W.5ZH So what are YOU doin' here again?
MOSELYE174AY0W5ZL.YAKA174AY0W.5ZL Right! Of course! I forgot I mentioned it. Well, great to see ya.
MOSELYE174AY0W5ZN.YAKA174AY0W.5ZN If you want to join the tour you'll have to talk to Madeline Buthane. She's around here somewhere.
MOSELYE174AY0W5ZO.YAKA174AY0W.5ZO And come up to the room later, would ya? I'm in room 33.
MOSELYE174AY0W5ZQ.YAKA174AY0W.5ZQ And, thanks for surprising me. Old pal.
MOSELYE1766L3WIA2.YAKA1766L3W.IA2 Excuse me. Sorry. Excu . . . Sorry.
MOSELYE17D8839291.YAKA17D8839.291 Hi, Grace.
MOSELYE17D8839297.YAKA17D8839.297 Uh . . . Where *is* Gabe, by the way? Any . . . um . . . news?
MOSELYE17D8839299.YAKA17D8839.299 'Kay.
MOSELYE17P121IOO1.YAKA17P121I.OO1 Hey, Grace.
MOSELYE1A96L1IOO1.YAKA1A96L1I.OO1 Hey, dufus.
MOSELYE1AN6L3WPL1.YAKA1AN6L3W.PL1 Christ, ya retard. This better not be about what I *think* it's about.
MOSELYE1AN6L3WPL2.YAKA1AN6L3W.PL2 Ah, shit! I'm goin' to my room. Come by later if ya wanna talk about it.
MOSELYE1AN8220IJ3.YAKA1AN8220.IJ3 I was, uh, just gonna talk to Grace but . . . she's in the shower.
MOSELYE1AN8220IJ5.YAKA1AN8220.IJ5 So . . . See ya.
MOSELYE1EP6L3WEA3.YAKA1EP6L3W.EA3 What about Grace?
MOSELYE1EP6L3WEA8.YAKA1EP6L3W.EA8 Uh . . . maybe I'll hang out too.
MOSELYE1EP6L3WEAB.YAKA1EP6L3W.EAB All right. Grace -- see ya.
MOSELYE1EPC71I661.YAKA1EPC71I.661 . . . What do you care, anyway? You said you weren't interested.
MOSELYE1EPC71I664.YAKA1EPC71I.664 Oh? And what kinda guy *would* she like?
MOSELYE1EPC71I666.YAKA1EPC71I.666 Which explains her alleged attraction to you.
MOSELYE1EPC71I668.YAKA1EPC71I.668 Yeah, I tried not bathing myself once, but my co-workers got a little upset about it.
MOSELYE1EPC71I66A.YAKA1EPC71I.66A No, it was how you *screwed* with women that I couldn't stand.
MOSELYE1EPC71I66C.YAKA1EPC71I.66C Yeah. Guess we'd better talk about something else before I get worked up.
MOSELYE1EPC71I66M.YAKA1EPC71I.66M Man, is she hot for you! Where did that come from?
MOSELYE1EPC71I66O.YAKA1EPC71I.66O Christ! You gonna go for it?
MOSELYE1EPC71I66Q.YAKA1EPC71I.66Q But *Grace* is in your room.
MOSELYE1EPC71I66T.YAKA1EPC71I.66T Well . . . go for it. I guess.
MOSELYE1H84Y4PHB1.YAKA1H84Y4P.HB1 Whatcha thinking about?
MOSELYE1HB4Y4PN8B.YAKA1HB4Y4P.N8B Are you coming, Grace?
MOSELYE1HB4Y4PN8D.YAKA1HB4Y4P.N8D Okay. I'll see ya inside.
MOSELYE1HE4Y4PTF9.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TF9 Gabe's read a lot of mysteries. Haven't ya, Bud?
MOSELYE1HE4Y4PTFF.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TFF Hell yeah, I'll go! Gotta gun in my room. But . . . uh . . . there aren't really any vampires down there . . . Are there?
MOSELYE1HE4Y4PTFS.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TFS She said it was . . . (SEES HOLE) Yup. She was right.
MOSELYE1HE4Y4PTFU.YAKA1HE4Y4P.TFU Here goes nothin'.
MOSELYE1HE4Y4PV99.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V99 Christ. Is he it? Is that the last of 'em?
MOSELYE1HE4Y4PV9E.YAKA1HE4Y4P.V9E Un-frickin-believable. Those guys out there -- they were like . . . *vampires*!
MOSELYE1HE4Y4PVA3.YAKA1HE4Y4P.VA3 Was that . . .
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4P4X4.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.4X4 Cough it up, Padre, or you'll be singing in the boy's choir.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4P852.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.852 Sorry, Bud.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PIQ1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQ1 *I* admit it. I did take the manuscript. But I didn't do it for my own personal gain or anything.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PIQX.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQX The CIA thinks there's something goin' on over here with the Freemasons, the Priory, and the Knights of Malta, you name it. We have to make sure *our* interests are being protected. You know, the good ol' U.S. of A.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PIQY.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQY They . . . uh . . . they sent me on the tour as kind of an 'audition', I guess. They didn't want anybody with legit CIA credentials, anyone who could be traced.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PIQZ.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQZ But I'll probably be starting full-time when I get back.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PQX2.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.QX2 Oh. Intelligence got that tip from somewhere. I was just s'posed to check it out.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PQX5.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.QX5 I sure didn't find anything.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PTD1.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQ1 *I* admit it. I did take the manuscript. But I didn't do it for my own personal gain or anything.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PTDT.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQX The CIA thinks there's something goin' on over here with the Freemasons, the Priory, and the Knights of Malta, you name it. We have to make sure *our* interests are being protected. You know, the good ol' U.S. of A.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PTDU.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQY They . . . uh . . . they sent me on the tour as kind of an 'audition', I guess. They didn't want anybody with legit CIA credentials, anyone who could be traced.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PTDV.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.IQZ But I'll probably be starting full-time when I get back.
MOSELYE1HJ4Y4PTE3.YAKA1HJ4Y4P.TE3 Cough it up, Buchelli.
MOSELYE1HN4Y4PKCA.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCA Hel*lo*? Did somebody die?
MOSELYE1HN4Y4PKCD.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCD Does anyone else hear Twilight Zone music, or is it just me?
MOSELYE1HN4Y4PKCH.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCH Sinclair, huh? Sonofabitch.
MOSELYE1HN4Y4PKCM.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCM Say, I'll read it. If you're busy with the map that is.
MOSELYE1HN4Y4PKCO.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCO Just trying to be helpful! Geez! Fine, I'll just go.
MOSELYE1HN4Y4PKCQ.YAKA1HN4Y4P.KCQ God! Get a grip, Knight.
MOSELYE1L76L4RIL8.YAKA1L76L4R.IL8 Yup. Gabriel and I . . .*SNIFF* we had it out.
MOSELYE1L76L4RILA.YAKA1L76L4R.ILA Uh-huh. Guess my little secret is . . . uh . . . out in the open now.
MOSELYE1L76L4RILC.YAKA1L76L4R.ILC Yeah, he wanted me to come get ya. He's holding a meeting in the dining room.
MOSELYE1LF6L3WQ52.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q52 Yeah. Heh-heh. Coincidence.
MOSELYE1LF6L3WQ54.YAKA1LF6L3W.Q54 Hey, we were just talkin' about the tour tomorrow. Grace is goin'. Are you?
MOSELYE1LF6L4RGO1.YAKA1LF6L4R.GO1 Wow. Good eyes, Bud. It's Masonic.
MOSELYE1LF6L4RGO3.YAKA1LF6L4R.GO3 That's right, Grace.
MOSELYE1LF6L4RGO5.YAKA1LF6L4R.GO5 Oh. You know. As a cop you learn things.
MOSELYE1LF6L4RK16.YAKA1LF6L4R.K16 Shut up, Knight.
MOSELYE1LF6L4RM32.YAKA1LF6L4R.M32 It sounds like Masons.
MOSELYE1LF6L4RM34.YAKA1LF6L4R.M34 That's right.
MOSELYE1LF6L4RM36.YAKA1LF6L4R.M36 Hey! I'm a cop! You learn a lot out there on the mean streets.
MOSELYE1LFB552II2.YAKA1LFB552.II2 Someone the Masons don't trust.
MOSELYE1LFB552II5.YAKA1LFB552.II5 I don't think the Masons are exactly chummy with the Vatican, if you know what I mean.
MOSELYE1LFB552II9.YAKA1LFB552.II9 I agree. There's gotta be more to the Abbé than that -- if Prince James' men acted the way you *say* they acted.
MOSELYE1LFB55IPF2.YAKA1LFB55I.PF2 Yeah? What'd they do?
MOSELYE1LFB55IPF6.YAKA1LFB55I.PF6 What kinda handshake?
MOSELYE1LFB57YPP5.YAKA1LFB57Y.PP5 Well . . . he sent Freemasons down here, didn't he?
MOSELYE1LK1710CG2.YAKA1LK1710.CG2 It sounds pretty looney tunes to me.
MOSELYE1LK1710CG8.YAKA1LK1710.CG8 You're losin' me.
MOSELYE1LK1710CGC.YAKA1LK1710.CGC Maybe it's those funny hats -- you know, all that weight up there on their heads.
MOSELYE1LK1710FF6.YAKA1LK1710.FF6 If the Priory and the Templars were both supporters of the bloodline, how come they split up?
MOSELYE1LK1710FF9.YAKA1LK1710.FF9 Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.
MOSELYE1LK171XHI4.YAKA1LK171X.HI4 Hey, kids!
MOSELYE1LK171XHI6.YAKA1LK171X.HI6 What? You guys weren't about to discuss the case, were you?
MOSELYE1LK172ELI9.YAKA1LK172E.LI9 Get outta town!
MOSELYE1LK1752QT6.YAKA1LK1752.QT6 'Sides, if the Priory and Freemasons are both supporters of the bloodline, why would they be ripping each other's throats out?
MOSELYE1LK1752QT8.YAKA1LK1752.QT8 Oh! Kind of like the US and England.
MOSELYE1LK1752QTA.YAKA1LK1752.QTA Hardcastle and McCormick.
MOSELYE1LK6L3WIL2.YAKA1LK6L3W.IL2 Hey, guys. It's five.
MOSELYE1LK6L3WIL8.YAKA1LK6L3W.IL8 Who's this? Chester?
MOSELYE1LK6L3WILE.YAKA1LK6L3W.ILE Well . . . um . . . actually Grace and I had talked about catching up . . .
MOSELYE1LK6L3WILG.YAKA1LK6L3W.ILG I can wait 'til later if you . . .
MOSELYE1LK6L3WILJ.YAKA1LK6L3W.ILJ Um . . . see ya Grace. Maybe after . . .
MOSELYE1LK6L4RIY5.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY5 Holy genealogies, Batman!
MOSELYE1LK6L4RIY7.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY7 I really need to go.
MOSELYE1LK6L4RIY9.YAKA1LK6L4R.IY9 No. I just . . .
MOSELYE1QE6L3W292.YAKA1QE6L3W.292 Aeeeiiii!
MOSELYE1QE6L3W295.YAKA1QE6L3W.295 Was that really necessary?
MOSELYE1QE6L3W29A.YAKA1QE6L3W.29A Sounds good to me.
MOSELYE1QEGA63DD4.YAKA1QEGA63.DD4 Be careful, Bud!
MOSELYE1UE6L3WQ82.YAKA1UE6L3W.Q82 There you are! Did you see that huge pendulum thingy? What was up with *that*?
MOSELYE1UE6L3WQ89.YAKA1UE6L3W.Q89 We're here for ya, Bud.
MOSELYE1UEI222Q83.YAKA1UEI222.Q83 Damn! That sucks!
MOSELYE1UEI565W02.YAKA1UEI565.W02 Man! I *hate* that kind of thing.
MOSELYE1UEI565W05.YAKA1UEI565.W05 Right. Useful. You bet.