This is an old version of the Browser. A newer version is available at

Gabriel Knight 3 Barn Browser

The Gabriel Knight 3 Barn Browser lets you open GK3 barn files (the .brn files) and view what's inside and export files! Want to extract all the music from GK3? Easy!
Browser screen shot


  1. Click File then Open barn...
  2. Select the barn you want to open and click Open
  3. Now there's a list of all the files inside that barn as well as some info about it. To extract a file you just highlight the file, click File then Extract selected files. The GK3 browser will then extract all the selected files!

NOTE: You'll need to make sure Decompress files is checked to decompress LZO compressed files. You'll also need to make sure that Convert bitmaps is checked if you want the bitmaps converted into regular Windows format (GK3 uses a different interal format for bitmaps).

To preview a file simply click on the file(s) you want to preview and then click File then Preview. If the GK3BB doesn't know how to open a file it will automatically use the text viewer to open the file. You can edit the file "gkbrowser.cfg" to add viewers for more files. Here is the format:


EXTENSION is the file extension this viewer handles. Any file with that extension will be opened using that viewer. VIEWER is the path to the viewer.

If the path has a space then quotation marks around the path might be required.

What works

Previewing! The GK3BB will automatically open a file using the proper viewer! The GK3BB can extract any file, no matter the compression type! You can open core.brn and it will list all the files in all of the barns, and if the browser can find the other barns, it'll automatically extract the files from the other barns.

What doesn't work (yet)

I may add a "find file" feature. Drag-and-drop extraction would be cool too. And maybe a menu that pops up when you right-click.


Trying preview a file in Notepad that is too big for Notepad causes the usual "Do you want to use Wordpad?" dialog box. After clicking OK Wordpad says it cannot open the file.
The GK3BB crashes on exit after an extraction or preview (Windows only).
Opening a barn, then opening another barn creates chaos and mayhem.

Download the GK3 Barn Browser!

Before you download the GK3BB, be sure you understand that this should be considered pre-alpha software, meaning it probably has lots of bugs and won't work right 100% of the time. I don't think it will destroy any of your property or loved ones, but I take no responsibility if it does.


This is an old version of the Browser. A newer version is available at

Last updated September 18, 2004 (v.0.2.0)
Windows: Download it now! (680KB)
Linux: Too lazy to post it ;)
Source: Download it! (25KB)

NOTE (2006-06-29): In the past couple years the code has gotten rather stale, and no longer compiles out of the box. You can download a newer copy of the code here that should compile, but some of the code was changed so it might have a few bugs.

Change Log

Changes in 0.2.0

Added ability to preview files!
Browser recognizes more file types

Changes in 0.1.0

Added ZLib support
Added sorting

Changes in 0.0.2

Fixed problem extracting odd width bitmaps
Fixed crash bug when extracting uncompressed bitmaps
Fixed crash bug after extracting a few files
Added "Extract To" feature
Added "Extract all files of type" feature
"Convert bitmaps" and "Decompress files" options are now default
Added status bar

Contact me!

If you have any problems you can email me at

If you want to learn more about the GK3 barn files or the files within, check out GK3 tech wiki page.
Want to know where to find your favorite line from the game? Check out this page.